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Sasori Research and Design

Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist

Founded as a research and development branch of the jedi and later expanded to make some equipment that could benefit the order. The researchers
at Sasori Research have begun working hard in their endeavors to design equipment for force orders and sects instead becoming something not bound to a single order.... however in the end they will always side with the ones who shelter them. The small pairing and merger with Praestigiae Shop a small scale developer of equipment and weapons has provided larger resources and a division that crafts and designs equipment for others.

As it has built up and acquired Phenex Industries as well as several smaller companies to expand itself and the products it could create. Over time the company has continued to expand spreading across the galaxy and forming stronger foundations by getting larger contracts to develop technology to colonize new planets paving the way, reconstructing cities with new technology. As Sasori has continued to grow it has expanded its efforts with the massive beast of a company expanding to some fo the largest tiers of galactic business. New products and new projects coming forward.

As the company itself has continued to develop and provide a service for jedi a large number of new and exciting products have come from them including new isotope five powercells for lightsabers to enable them to have the power against lightsaber resistant materials and being one of the only companies in the galaxy to produce its own wintrium a rare substance found on only one planet in the galaxy. It continues to grow through the use of colonization and discovery ships that venture out into the unexplored systems of the galaxy to meet new and unknown species. Document worlds and bring the teachings of the jedi to them.

Additional work and efforts going into developing self sustaining methods and ships with an emphasis on non combative technology. Yes their ships and weapons can be used for it but they would prefer an alternative method first and foremost going some of the ideals with new and improved medical technology as well as the largest hospital ships and stations manned by some of the most impressive bio-organic droids that function being able to be taught. Further research into different forms of stealth technology as well as force enhanced, lightweight, highly protective meshes that can be synthweaved into products.

Sasori expansion into a galactic juggernaut in size allowing it to be galaxies spanning with bases in companion galaxies as well as its own. Their exploration and vessel research within the void itself as well as otherspace and the different pocket dimensions as improved. Their progress at building up a number of jedi locations and restoring others might have caught negative attention from ones who prefer sites that will be destroyed instead of trying to restore them but Sasori has stopped trying to make people happy. Instead they are wanting to set up a number of the different places. Acquiring different companies for itself that were being brought under the massive umbrella that was Sasori.

Their large efforts and works across the galaxy have continued for years now. Giving them the technology to be at the forefront of everything, experiments with some of the strongest navigational computers and technologies that use their mapping relays, ships and stations to have a continuous network for navigation. Making Sasoti's ships generally faster and their knowledge of history and other technologies that they have developed. Massive medical advanced, super soldiers and factory ships. Stations that dwarf most anything else in the galaxy compared to many more of the other stations. Advanced in Quintessence research and using the technology to advance all of their facilities.

Over the years the company has continued to grow, gaining a number of companies and subsidiaries under its massive belt that serve to expand its interests. Never straying from its mandate to provide services to all regardless of their economic status. Even going so far as to make free and affordable housing units that can be built easily for them. The recent acquisition of Meran mechanics as one of its newest groups from a friend to keep it safe while she was away. Another workshop created by a young Artisan that was being taught by Matsu herself in Kiriko with Howlingfjord

There was also a need to take on some others, Anaara who works more like a business manager to make contracts and work with the people. The ones who make sure all operations are running smoothly while Matsu gets a chance to pursue interests in exotic technologies and force sects. Working with the Aing-Tii to produce a hybrid hyperdrive that allows a ship to enter sub-hyperspace to pass through the galaxy instead of needing to go around. Creating a fast and strong war droid for defense of the temples able to get around and lay siege to enemy positions. Even a massive mobile platform that serves as a command carrier and fortress in its own rite.

Hosting a vast slew of new improvements, Sasori through its divisions has also strived to push forward with some fo the more exotic technologies, employing and getting the specifications for things such as hyperspace tracking, mobile siege cannons, quintessence power, predator drives to make their engines and ships capable of interdiction abilities, new construction methods and means of improving everything. THey have worked to make new personal equipment like cloaks and robes for different jedi, clay that can be used to create new statues and guardians.The work of the jedi, the work of Sasori continues to expand outwards.

With groups such as Medical Minds, Meran Mechanics and Sasori Advancement being used to construct new pieces and artifacts that can be expanded on. Their signature material was designed as something they could use and offer services. The synthmesh, soemthing few others in the galaxy can offer along with skylar... a form fitted material superior to many of the things that they have managed to create. From training force aids to Nanny droids built like war droids to protect children. THe works kept on coming as she had worked to allow them to create a medical weave for armor freezing in stasis the soldiers.

Sasori Research



    • Sasori Telchek: A synthetic healing crystal of fire designed for jedi healers or healers in general.
    • Sasori Amulet: A lightside shield amulet designed for jedi to use and can protect them from danger or lightsabers.
    • Sasori Tora'Yor: Model Discontinued stocks rare
    • Sigil of Hope: A powerful symbol of the lightside of the force providing a strong mental shield, nullification of darkside force powers and creates a level of serenity and harmony and communication over long distance with other sigils in addition to vongsense.
    • Sasori Tora'yor Henkan-Ki:A powerful piece of equipment designed for giving a jedi options. From creating force batteries to firing force blasts or capturing darkside spirits.
    • Kagami Mirror: A harder to find mirror on worlds that has been enhanced and made to function for only lightsiders allowing them to use the ancient technique of image so that they can look upon planets.
    • Blades of Sorrow: Crafted for Sasori's highest valued customers and smithed by mandalorians usng the synth mesh and alusteel. The blades are designed to have the highest level of cutting capability in the galaxy.
    • Silver jedi Life Day Rings: A gift for the silver jedi and able to be used as currency across the galaxy should they need it.
    • Sasori Cracken: An updated version of General Crackens field guide, this survival pack is hip mounted for a jedi or anyone to use and comes complete with food and water supply, rebreather and environmental equipment.
    • Youngling FIeld Kit: A great starter kit for young jedi that compliments the cracken field kit.
    • Sasori Training/Restraing Cuffs: Advanced gravity cuffs able to be used for training and building muscle or for restraining prisoners under an intense gravity well.
    • Sub-Hyperdrive Upgrade: A highly experimental hyperdrive upgrade for entering otherspace and sub hyperspace letting you go through the galaxy instead of around. Cimbines kingdom and Aing-Tii technology
    • Sasori Kojie: A training aid and tool designed to teach a force technique but also function as a shoulder bag.
    • Artisan Field Kit: A small case designed for jedi artisans. Able to cut and polish crystal for a saber in the field or exract materials.
    • The Healer's Chalice: Created by a friend of Sasori, the chalice is a powerful tool for a jedi healer.
    • Sasori Shadex: Force based constructs housing shard crystals. Designed to be companions and unique walkers for jedi.
    • Sasori Xorn: Matter transportation chambers able to go from orbit to planetside or across planets between two chambers.
    • Sasori Vaotossa: Advanced training aid for channeling and focusing the jedi's mind. Wth directions and lessons for exotic force techniques engraved on the blade.

    • Sasori Guard Armor: Elite armor designed for the guards within the Spirit prison. Phrik and self repairing plates for itself that will be able to protect more people.
    • Sasori Toolkit: Comes with the thigh sheaths providing a very versatile multi weapon wrist system. You can work with it and provide your armor a level of customization.
    • Ranger's Sheath: The excess sheaths that are made for the toolkit to be used with. Modular wrist weapon system on the sheaths.
    • Sasori Scalemail: Armor plating using self repairing metal with fireworm scales. For anti lightsaber fighting.
    • Sasori Glove: Phrik synthweaved crushgaunts designed for a jedi or force users. The crystals work to provide high levels of force channeling and the levels of connection to the force.

    • Sasori Bracer: A pure cortosis bracer designed for armor to protect from lightsabers and deactivate sabers that strike it.

    • Sasori Harper: Armored Gauntlet designed with shockwave generators and or ion pulses.

    • Sasori Bugstompers: Armored boot meant for creating gravity tubes to smash and slam targets arond.

    • Sasori Maurel: Force enhanced gunatlets designed for teaching electrc judgement. Thegauntlets are able to regulate the amount of energy.

    • Sasori Beamer: A universal paddle beamer, designed for use with weapons and wrist systems that can fit in the hands easily of humans.
    • Sasori Underbarrel Crystal: A crystal designed for firing off the force with those inclined to use it, the ammo for it is tied to the force and the one using it.
    • Laufeyson Bracelet: A taozin amulet designed for the original jedi council under Selena but changed to being sold to the ones who try to sense them.
    • Sasori Saw: Designed primarily as equipment that the jedi and Ranger's as able to use. The chainsaw is made to handling the majority of materials in the galaxy.

    • Sasori Joshū: A production line molecular converter that has been upgraded over time to provide superior levels of breaking down and creating new materials.
    • Sasori Gincho: A special reactor and powercell that can be used in ships, the field or for those who wish a lightsaber increasing the power output and duration enough to increase the cutting power for handling beskar.
    • Sasori Coating: An optical camo cloak that can be applied to clothing and armor, the work that went into it allow the designers at Sasori to have purpose with it giving a production line of optical camo few other companies offer.
    • Sasori Maturation Chamber: Designed to age materials artificially for construction purposes.
    • Sasori Loom: A key component in synthweaving within Sasori, the loom is designed to work with the spindle and other weaves that Sasori has created.
    • Sasori Agena:Lightside organic circuits allowing a jedi to connect and control their own ship like never before.
    • Sasori Inth: A small scale alloy designed with the Sasori synthweave built into it allowing a jedi to attune and augment the metal with the force as well as provide a high level of protection.
    • Sasori Nnth: A large scale alloy that is overall protective compared to most and provides a custom look to Sasori ships overall.
    • Baptiste Metal: A highly organic biomechanical armor able to make its own melee weapons. Designed to be for lightside super soldiers called heralds.

    • Kinetic Weave: Designed to protect from kinetic impact and functions as modular plating for armor and clothing
    • Sound Dampening Enhancement: Designed to reduce sonic weapons impact on armor and clothing
    • Crystal Weave: Force augmentation at its simplest to allow easier imbuing techniques
      Sasori Synthweave: A lightside force mesh providing focus and serenity to jedi when they use it while being unable to be used by darksiders and even recoiling or making them sick.
    • Sasori SynthMesh: A new product designed by Sasori using wintrium and constructed with a very clear intent. To give the jedi wearing it the most advanced levels of protect they can reach while being unusable to darksiders.

    • Healing Underlay: A healing underlay designed to enhance the force users healing capabilities and allow them superior levels of skill even if they do not normally possess it.

    • Smokestone Underlay: Fashioned from smokestones, the underlay is designed for mentalist jedi allowing them to project their thoughts and abilities over a larger range while also reading and receiving mental thoughts from others.

    • Sasori Logistical Suite: A smaller version fo the astrometrics lab designed for use on ships bridges and in smaller ships where a full holographic suit cannot be designed within the space. Functions the same just smaller.
    • Kawakami Vault: Designed with a modular interior that can be used for protection of artifacts and equipment or treasures.
    • Astrometrics Lab: Highly advanced holographic navigational suit constructed to work with mapping relays released and setup by seeder ships.
    • Training Holosuites: Holographic hardlight suites designed for environmental training and variable areas.
    • Temple Cloak: Stationary cloaks designed to protect locations and areas from scans and visuals.
    • Resource Chip: A null chip able to reduce the gravity and weight of equipment around a person in a small field.


    • Sasori Light Armor: Lightweight armor with superior levels of protection compared to standard armor. Lightsaber resistant, formfitted and designed to be worn under clothing.
    • Sasori Medium Armor: Slightly heavier and offering the same level of protection with additional features. Comes with optical camo coating to the armor itself and presents a more regal look.
    • Sasori Heavy Armor: The heavier and most advanced with superior protection, built in flight, oxygen and optical camo systems. Defensive systems.
    • Sasori Masquer Suit: Protective and lighter weight, the masquer suits are designed for operatives to work in the galaxy with the new tech based force equipment. Lightweight duraplast plating provide emp, ion, kinetic and lightsaber protection while a built in powerblade allow a powerful blade to slice through walls or doors.
    • Sasori Inquisitors Armor: Regal looking with an air of authority and minor protection from high grade duraplast plates. It is less designed for daily use and more for dress outfits. Commissioned by the Vitae
    • Sasori Ranger Armor: Designed for the Antarian Ranger as a lightweight armor made for the field. Using the lightweight blast resistant plates so it can protect them.
    • Sasori Armored Robes: Very protective robes designed for jedi on a mission and able to survive in vacuum for a time. Duraplast plating allows for emp/ion protection along with lightsaber and kinetic.
    • Sasori Attire: Lightweight undercloak clothing designed for jedi to wear with duraplast protective bracers.
    • Sasori Divesuit: A sleek, compacted underwater aquatic suit with a rebreather for extended periods of time under the water.

    • Jedi Kimono's (standard): Regal and protective outfits for jedi allowing them to have a comfortable outfit to wear around ships or temples.
    • Jedi Kimono MK II: An upgraded version of the original kimono and designed for comfort as well as more everyday use.
    • Sasori Essex Visor MK III: A tech visor designed for use by jedi and others, access to information as well as lists or updates when roaming around.
    • Jet Robes: Special padawan robes designed and created as a reward for a team of padawans who discovered Sangral. Valae, Joza, Zak, Sorel and Orihime.

    • Sasori PowerBlade MK III: A telescopic blade emitter that creates a quick burning line of super heated plasma for slicing through doors, walls, walker legs and droids.
    • Sasori LZR MK III: Field back up pistol designed for prolonged use with energy recycling to provide more then average standard blaster shots. A great backup weapon if power cells are scarce.
    • Sasori Incineration Unit: Handheld flame thrower able to be quickly used and produced against targets. Far less bulky compared to others but it does fit for people in the field.
    • Ranger's Field Brazier: Heating unit designed as a small longer laster device. Able to work in the field and not start wildfires while requiring no fuel or continued debris to keep the heat on.
    • Tangler Grenade: Monofiliment liquid that when detonated cover an area in quick hardening goo to stop others.
    • Grav Grenade: Timed high gravity grenades for non lethal takedowns and tossing around heavily armored opponents.
    • Pheromone Grenade: Made for distraction purposes and set up to be able to use different pheromone lures to lure in animals
    • Ranger's Hardlight Decoy: Designed to project images as needed and create decoys for the ranger's or different locations. As a mobile and easier means of practicing or bringing out recorded messages.
    • Ranger's Security Baton:

    • Murr Earrings: Force enhancing earrings designed for lightside users and given out for jedi.
    • Sasori Circlet: An environmental protection circlet designed for force users to protect from the elements.

    • Sasori Plushies Set II: Collectable plushies for your room.
    • Sasori Starter Pack: Learn the basics of the force and what it means to be a jedi.
    • Sasori Booster Pack: First of several booster packs to learn about some fo the more advanced skills with the force.
    • Force Fertilizer: Designed for the agricorps and able to with force enhanced microcrystals to produce larger yields of crops as well as lightside infusion.
    • Fire Glass Brazier: Heating brazier designed for temples and training purposes. Produce heat without fire and risk of it spreading using a renewable power source.
    • Sasori Fireglass: Glass shards made to conduct heat without spreading fire.
    • Senator's Favor: Concealable monofiliment wire for protection disguised as lip balm or lipstick.
    • Jarcrete: Construction material using the remains of Hijarna stone, retains some levels of the main stones capabilities.
    • Sasori Heater: A mini heater designed by Matsu's padawan and widely available.
    • Lifeblood: An experimental feature created by the jedi for different species. using the holocron from Rave about using lightside users blood it is for those jedi and beings who use alchemy but are not specifically darksiders or sith.
    • Meditation Chamber: A prototype chamber to work on trying to make a chamber much like a meditation sphere's design. To augment and amplify force powers being used within it from the massive holocron chair for teaching others.
    • Asherian Shield: A specialized weaponized shield that is designed to be highly useful and built with utility purposes. The shield is lightweight and functions like a Zeizon disc blade.
    • The Ravenloft: A recovered asset, a large stationary holocron chair able to teach and observe in ships and stations or temples. It is not special beyond being able to hold vast amounts of information.
    • Anti Orbital Cannon: Prototype design of a surface to space cannon designed by the sith empire to protect fortress worlds and recovered by the jedi.
    • Gnat Runner: SMall, fast moving tanks designed for soldiers and scouts to move around and out preform on the battlefield
    • Sleg Ultacapacitors: Energy recycling equipment using sleg that adds weight as well as more energy increasing effects to equipment

    • SHG-001- Ranger's Field Pistol: A superior shatter gun designed for use by the rangers and using mag pellets. Comes with chance to use special pellets additionally and a biometric grip locking out others from using it.
    • SSM-002- Ranger's SMG: A high grade sub-machine gun designed for use with extra ammo and standard biometric grip.
    • SSG-003- Ranger's Shotgun: Sonic calibration for bypassing and use againt force users as well as others, standard biometric grip as well as lightweight compacted design.
    • SAR-004- Ranger's Assault Rifle: High ammo, high velocity and rate of fire. A powerful caster with energy wrapped mag pellets that travel at fire speeds to impact the target. Biometric grip as well as powerful cooldown systems.
    • SSR-005- Ranger's Sniper Rifle: Long range, lightweight and designed with a large clip for silent takedowns.
    • SGL-006- Ranger's Launcher: Buckshot style micro grenade launcher that fires per shot twenty seven micro grenades with a sixteen round clip.
    • SCK-007- Ranger's Combat Knife: Ballistic compressed gas knife designed to take down dangerous and larger targets from a distance and up close. Once in the flesh can release a bubble of gas that pops causing severe damage.
    • SJB-008- Ranger's Jar'kai Blades: Interconnected atrisian style swords made for those who enjoy using two blades, the lightside and wish to combat saber wielders.
    • SRL-009- Ranger's Laucher: Duel loaded lightweight rocket launcher for anti everything needs with the rangers.
    • SMC-010- Ranger's Mortar: Ion and plasma mortar that is lightweight and designed to be portable.
    • RFU-011- Rager's FLame Unit: A heavy duty flamethrower designed for the ranger's to clear caves and trenches
    • RPG-012- Ranger's Pulse Rifle: A heavy grade emp launcher ideal for handling vehicles, droids and anything electronic.
    • RHP-013- Ranger's Aquatic Assault Rifle: Designed for underwater use as a rapid fire rifle with a mixture of energy and mini harpoons.
    • BFG-014- Ranger's heavy Plasma Projector: Big, bulky and designed to melt anything in its path that is useful for heavy ranger units
    • Ranger's Flachette Shotgun:

    • Ranger's Utility Boots: Sophisticated and highly protective boots designed for combat and normal functions. The superior levels of protection are noted and it is one of the more common pieces given to Ranger's, Soldiers and Jedi for the field
    • Sasori Harness: Combining the modular equipment packs with a gravity leveler to make moving in areas easier. The harness is a stple of ranger armor allow for multi directional combat
    • Sasori Bodysuit: High grade, high protection bodyglove that serves as the base for the majority of sasori armor products due to its ability to host different plating styles
    • Ranger's Compacted Pack: A compact jet pack for moving around quickly
    • Ranger's Aerial to Aquatic Assault Frame: A high altitude combat drop frame that allows moving through the air and if needed under water. When used in combat it might not be the best but for moving around quickly to get to areas it is superior
    • Micro Thrusters: Armored thrusters to allow faster movement around the battlefield for yourself
    • Multi-Spectral Shielding: High quality shielding unit designed to protect from several types of damages and attacks. Making it comparable to the highest quality armor
    • Oxygen Regulator: Armor and suit component designed to extend and recycle oxygen tanks. Making internal suit oxygen supplies last substantially longer.
    • Ranger's Aquatic Tent: A high tech and small portable underwater tent able to be moved and function for days.


FACTION Exclusives


Sasori Research
Praestigiae Shop
Chai La Armory
Wey'lan Dyu'tani
Shinra Disposal
Satochi Preserve
Sakura Welfare
Saori Hostesses
Sato Hardlight Technologies
Shion Resort and Casino
Seimei Reclamation
Shatory Countermeasures
Saeko Extracts
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Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
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Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
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Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
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Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
Saotome Foundry
[*]Saotome Artisan Droid: A highly specialized crafting droid able to build, repair and upgrade ships as well as offer insights on lightsaber construction.
[*]Saotome War Droid: A very dangerous and heavily armored war droid, able to move around the battlefield with thrusters compared to others and features long, mid and short range weapons.
[*]Saotome Advanced Drone "Rekali Sphere": An advanced training and defensive remote created for the jedi based off of the ancient darrow sphere.
[*]Saotome Jade Class Nanny Droid: Designed to be a caretaker and protector for children. The refashioned Saotome War droid is a beast of power and capability in a nanny droid frame.
[*]Veil Seeker Drone:
[*]Repair Droid:
[*]Saotome Biot: A mass produced, customizable biot droid able to function and work for areas appearing human, humanoid or alien depending on what is wanted or needed.
[*]Saotome Biot Mark II: A more highly advanced model of the Saotome Biot with advanced systems, built in defenses and higher levels of intelligence.
[*]Saotome Guardian Droids: Designed as a more advanced protector and fighting model. The guardian droids hold a slew of advanced systems and use dark energy to power themselves.
Shield and Upgrades
[*]Saotome Gravimetric Sensor:
[*]Saotome Solar Shielding:
[*]Saotome Hydro Shielding:
[*]Ship Suites/Packages
[*]Components and upgrades
Air Support:
[*]Saotome Derry Carrier:
[*]Saotome Pocket Carrier:
[*]Omnipotence Class Dreadnought:
[*]Jedi Shadow:
[*]Takama-Ga-Har Academy:
[*]The Dragon's Fang:
[*]Cherry Blossom Station:
[*]The Kiyomi:
[*]Hapan War Dragon:
[*]Advanced Hapan War Dragon:
[*]THe Magdalena:
Saotome Base Model Project:
Advanced Jedi Star Fighter:
Saotome Bomber:
Saotome Interceptor:
Saotome Multi-Role Fighter:
Light Freighter-Freighter:
Saotome Light Freighter:
Saotome Freighter:
Saotome Nualia:
Saotome Turtle:
Saotome Seeker:
Saotome Envoy:
Saotome Zoomer:
Saotome Light Corvette:
Saotome Yacht:
Saotome Andrasta:
Saotome Mynock:
Saotome Exploration Craft:
Saotome Hammerhead:
Saotome Forgeship:
Saotome Praxeum:
Second Fleet:
Warsongs AI:
Windsor Station
Bugeisha Escort Fighter
Shinobi Class Fortress
Kappa Class Troop Transport
Ashigaru A-Wing
Saotome Tengu:
Olympus Mauler:
Oni Slash and Run Fighter
Inu Superheavy Fighter
Ferisi Class Fighter Support
Shinigami Heavy Striker
Sharu Class Sapper Support
Kitsune Fighter Hunter
Saotome LAAT/S
Lowwy Class Boarding Ship
Saotome Superheavy Cruiser
Rtas Class Destroyer
Saotome Firekiln
Mazzoc Picket Ship
C'baoth Class Superheavy Dreadnought
Jinzler Class Core Ship
Aralani Station
Expansionary Station
Wasp Class Heavy Cruiser
Saotome AT-TE/S
Advanced Recon Walker
Ranger War Wolves
Shielding Grenade
Abyssal Autocannons
Saotome Defensive Cannon
Saotome Gara
Saotome Mora
Saotome Brun
Saotome Nyeto Launcher
Silver Shield/Shroud
Saotome Resonator Model K
Saotome Resonator
Saotome Shielding Lattice
Saotome Kitik
Recovered Assets:
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Aedan Miles

Pirate King
[member="Matsu Ike"]

The credtis are being wired to you now i look forward to trying these items out and farther purchases from Sasori.

Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
[member="Darth Vyrassu"] we do not make a habit of selling to darksiders sorry.

[member="Mara D'Lessio Merrill"] we have two items not generally sold to the public
Sasori Telchek - A force healing cube able to suspend a room while empowering a force healer
Sasori Crystal - A healing crystal able to store energy and emit it around a room