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Approved Tech Bastion Anti Orbital Prototype Cannon

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Balaya Praelior

Balaya Zambrano, One of Many

Image Credit: http://static2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111005180753/hellcat/images/3/30/Big-a--_Cannon.png
Classification: Planet Based Orbital Cannon
Size: Planetary
Status: Legal
Length: 52 meters
Weight: 10 tons
Ammunition Type: Concentrated beam of ionized neutrons
Ammunition Capacity: 1 shot
Effective Range: 50,000km (planetary exosphere)

Intent: To create a planetary defense cannon
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Sasori Research | Santhe-Seinar (Original)
Model: Planetary Defense cannon
Affiliation: Order of the Silver Jedi
Modularity: None
Production: Minor (prototype only 3 exist)
  • Durasteel (shell)
  • Quadranian Steel (frame)
Description: Designed to deter ships in orbit of the planet by firing past the exosphere the prototype neutron cannon fires an extremely concentrated beam of ionized neutrons with an average destructive power of 223,500 terawatts (TW) or the equivalent of 53 megatons on the point of impact. Made as a deterrent more so then a practical weapon due to the extremely high power draw from the reactors. The prototype requires extensive testing further and refinements to its power draw. Balaya used what knowledge she had of technology and some minor sith technology to develop three cannons for her then Lord Kaine. After he ascended to Emperor she decided to try and test them in a practice field. The success was decent, a concentrated beam that was able to pierce and cut delivering on the point of impact and able to slice like a warm knife through butter. After the taking of Bastion from the commander placed in charge by the sith master Kara and with the help of Sith Lord Krag and his graug. The forgemaster zeltron began to properly churn out weapons of war and to work on testing what they had. The cannon is to impractical for a ship requiring its own generator which would keep it planet based and its use for an invasion could be destructive but once it was used it would be both known and unable to fire again. The power required is exceeds the 223,500 terawatts needed to fire by a factor of five (the beam and the power to operate the gun), draining a hemisphere of its energy for a time and making the deterrents single shot from the cannon a one time use for days.
Not open for further replies.