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Approved Species Xiāntáo

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Junko Ike

Baifa Monü Zhuan
  • Intent: To detail the crystal plums that grow within the Agora valley
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  • Links: Hayflick Limit
  • Name: Xiāntáo
  • Origins: Atrisia codex Atrisia wookiee
  • Other Locations: N/A
  • Classification: fruit
  • Average Growth Cycle: 10 years for the tree, six months for the fruit
  • Viability: Steady supply of water and force energy
  • Description: Large for plums, the average size is the size of a small melon usually meant to be held in both hands. The crystalline ski of the fruit looks like it is sugar coated and sweet but the exterior is more akin to a rock candy that adds a sweetness to the overall fruit itself. The interior has a pit where another seed could grow from it within the fores or be cracked open by the creatures of the valley and eaten to nourish them.
  • Average Height: .33m
  • Average Length: .33m
  • Color: Dark purple exterior with slightly crystalline exterior
  • Nutritional Value: Very nutritious to eat and a steady diet of it can extend a beings life.
  • Toxicity: Toxic to darksiders as the lightside aura of the fruit can cause severe sickness and irritable effects.
  • Other Effects: When eaten the fruit alters the halflick limit of cells within the body allowing them to divide exponentially more without entering a senescence phase where cellular division stops.
  • Distinctions: Found only in the kyberite forests of the Agora valley, the fruits are exceptionally rare to find and the further away from the forest or a force user the quicker they start to lose their effects.
  • Extends the hayflick limit in cells allowing them to divide expoentially longer and gives the outward appearance of longer life as aging of cell populations can correlate to physical aging of an organism. (slows down aging but doesn't make one immortal nor invincible just able to maintain their youthful looks.)
  • Lightside Aura: Naturally grown within the kyberite forests of the agora the plums are repellent to darksiders.
  • Force Signature: A bright source of the lightside deep within the Agora valley, the fruits can only grow there where conditions are rare and perfect within the forest to grow fruits. Anywhere else on Atrisia or offworld will simply produce a plum tree.
  • Force Presence: Being a force sensitive fruit exposure to vong biotechnology, void stones/steel or things that nullify the force can revert them back to normal fruits.
  • Force Potency: While they are notably strong and impressive, the fruits as soon as they are plucked start to lose their potency. Without a strong force user to keep them infused with the lightside of the force the plums can become inert and just become regular fruit within seven days.
  • Rapid Aging: A nasty side effect as prolonged exposure and ingestion of the fruits can extend ones life but the body can become dependant upon the fruit. Without it the cells and body can begin to age quickly to catch back up to where it was.

Relatively unknown until the Agora valley was rediscovered thanks to information from Chitei. The forests where it grow is comparably small but isolated with its own river of waters that come from the north and run up through an undeground lake. The Xiāntáo fruits as they were called in ancient legends have secretly been sought after but could never be found as the legend of fruits granting immortality were a welcome distraction in times of war or suffering.

However the fruits upon analysis don't actually make one immortal... they do alter the body but require an almost daily ingestion of the fruit to truly slow down the hayflick limit and stop the shortening of telomere at the end of chromosomes. The research into it also showed that as soon as the fruit was plucked from the tree or fell off from its own weight it began to lose its potency without a force users exceptionally strong in the lightside of the force able to keep it infused with energy.

The Atrisian royal family mostly set up for it a protection area to prevent destruction of the forest and over harvesting of the plums. Assuming they were the fruits from legends and the story was embellished over the thousands of years then some would realize an almost daily diet of them is required to maintain the slower aging effects to the body. The fruits were also seen to not be enjoyable to darksiders making them sick when eaten.

That small revelation worked to also let them find ways to stop infiltration and random darkside spies appearing in their midst as the most trusted and loyal would be invited to parties and given a glass of the rarest vintages of plum wine. It was a measure implemented because of the seemingly constant appearance of them from no where so actions needed to be required as Atrisia would remember its history and adapt constantly.
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