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Approved Tech Kal Alor Beskar'gam

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Basaba Willamina

A'den and Alor be aliit Willamina
  • Classification: Other
  • Weight: Extremely Heavy
  • Resistances:
    • Energy: High
    • Kinetic: High
    • Lightsabers: High
    • Other:
      • Sonic: High
      • Radiation: Average
      • EMP/ION: High
    • Elemental:
      • Fire: High
      • Cryo: High
      • Acid: High
    • Force:
      • Lightside: None
      • Darkside: None
    • Vacuum: High
  • Kirano Interface: Standard technical interface for operations.
  • Cracken Survival Kit: Standard field kit
  • Refined Sleg Ultracapacitors: Designed to improve the power of the suits and augment the shielding for radiation and heat in space or protect them when boarding other ships.
  • Advanced Regulator System: Designed to recycle oxygen and filter poisons for the pilot.
  • Seeker Drone: Companion to compliment in the event of combat as well as affect small repairs around then ship as needed. Can work together with an astromech.
  • Heavy Praestigiae's Luminous Overlaid Technological Shields: Protective shielding designed to be used with the pilot suit in the event of out of ship combat scenarios.
  • Advanced Micro Thrusters: Designed to increase movement speed of the jedi while moving around.
  • Strength/Speed Enhancement: Enhancing the body to increase the pilots natural state. In the event they are without their ships they can defend themselves.
  • Temperature control/heat reflection: Designed for additional protection when eva and in space.
  • Locator beacon: For emergencies to be retrieved with rescue ships.
  • Ablative Plating: Designed with the standard robes and armor plating itself in a combination. When in combat mode the armored plating can encase the wearer.
  • Toolkit MK II: One of the few built in weapons of the platform a powered and robust weapon system built into the gauntlets of the armor.
  • Saotome Armor Field Kit: Standarrd field kit for repairing and patching armor.
  • K'uur jurkadir: Shoulder Cannon designed for the armor and able to fire different shots for situations
  • Protection: The hypermembrane provides a robust degree of protection so it can be used.
  • Self Repairing: Designed with the hypermembrane for protection but also the ability to repair itself over time with small damage being a few minutes to hours and sections of the suit being days.
  • Overly Engineered: Designed to give the bladesisters a distinct advantage in combat and in majority of situations. They have developed it to function in space or in the depths of the ocean with high pressure situations.
  • Self repairing: While it can repair its own micro stress fractures the capabilities can take days to hours depending on how damaged they become from use.
  • Exotic Particles: Largely unknown and not seen in the galaxy before. It isn't invincible nor is it really strong but it reacts violently near dark and anti-matter which can disrupt and destroy it or even cause it to rupture and disintegrate.
  • Gravity field: The repulsors only function within a gravity field.
Designed and refined by the bladesisters of the Willamina clan. The armor has been crafted to mandalorian standards with some additional features. Namely the inclusion of several knife and weapons sheaths. The plates are thinner using desh and bronzium materials in the smelting process to make lighter, thinner plates that can cover and protect more area's of the body. The normal sections of vulnerability becoming under the armpits, at the joints and just constant slashes that will slice through the armor with a lightsaber. Armorplast sheaths have been designed for a cross section on the back that allows twin hunting spears to be held in place. More for show then combat but trophies can be kept on them.

The emphasis and mentality of the bladesisters is something some of the other clans have been learning and with some work to show respect. They have made a place, the Alor's crushgaunts were changed over instead of the standard to better suit her rapid dog fighting style. With Katarn style commando vibro plate knucklers being set along the top of her fists. A holder for her bes'bev that few have seen her play but much like the Mand'alor is something of a signature, a single weapon holster for a ripper was put at her thigh and on her right gauntlet an old model energy shield. Finally there is a sheath for the staple of the sisters and their main weapon. A beskad sword to cut into enemies.

Basaba has with the seclusion brought by a dozen or so different mandalorian groups all claiming the worlds.. her siters were divided but they were also united in their goal to protect the clan from any threats. So they worked on engineering the armor... the blade sisters beskar'gam armor is overly engineered and overhauled to become a superior model that they can base many of their advanced armored suit off of. WIth high protection all around, the abilityu to survive in most conditions and built in weapons, gadgets and shielding it allows their clan members and few who buy from the smaller clan access to one fo the only forms of self repairing beskar.
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Sargon Vynea

Spencer's guard unicorn
up the weight @[member="Basaba Willamina"] I'd honestly like to see a Dev thread putting it all together for approval... it's good stuff just a bit too hardcore without a dev

Basaba Willamina

A'den and Alor be aliit Willamina
@[member="Sargon Vynea"] weight has been upped but I don't understand what kind of dev thread you want? Sorry and I wouldn't usually speak like this but the armor is standard I just detailed the equipment that goes on me.

http://starwarsrp.net/topic/11238-aliitgam-clan-skin-standard-npc-and-initiate-armor/ is the standard armor with space for equipment. As it is a piece of already approved technology with nothing being modified. In fact I am taking off since I am not using a jet back but two spears.
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