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Approved Tech Chai La Jackel Handguns

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Levy Willamina

The screw up

Classification: Slugthrower

Size: Handheld

Status: Limited (Chai La Amrory, Omega, Mandalorian)

Length: 0.25400m

Weight: 1kg 814.37g

Ammunition Type: Explosive powder

Ammunition Capacity: 12 slugs

Effective Range: 12.192m

Intent: To create a semi custom handgun for the sisters of Chai La and Mirshen

Development Thread: If needed

Manufacturer: Chai La Armory

Model: Handgun

Affiliation: Chai La

Modularity: No

Production: Minor

Material: Durasteel

Description: Designed by Chai La armory and used as a personal defense weapon, the the slugs are preferred over blasters because they cannot be deflected back by lightsabers wielders. The slugs can still be destroyed by the blade of a lightsaber. The effect on non jetii is a decent sized hole where they get hit. The draw backs is a moderate ammo count compared to blasters and zero ability to upgrade, the clips take several seconds to reload and they can jam if not well maintained.
Not open for further replies.