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Approved Tech Optical implants from Baktoid

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Intent: To upgrade one of our parent companies products to fit the needs of the Inquisition

Development Thread: ( Can Do it)

Manufacturer: Baktoid Industrial Systems/Praestigiae Shop

Model: XR-06

Affiliation: The Republic

Modularity: None

Production: Mass produced

Material: Circuits, Mythra, Duralium, permacrete explosive, GPS tracker

Description: Based on the XR-06 optical implant developed by Baktoid a parent company of Praestigiae Shop that fund innovation and upgrades. The chip has been designed for the needs of the Inquisition with connectivity to the ESSEX visor, remote connection to computers that codes have been programmed for it. GPS locator for the Grand Inquisitor and a tiny permacrete explosive the can be activated in the event of capture, rebellion or insubordination. The small innovations presented to Baktoid's owner Alli Wren showed its connection to the visor and the computer wristpads. As this is an inquisition near exclusive the explosive charge is not known beyond the Emperor, Grand Inquisitor and Bellalika.
Not open for further replies.