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Approved Tech NTM-01

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  • Name: NTM-01; NanoTech Medical - Designation Model 1
  • Manufacturer: Mordulla Manufacturing
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market
  • Homeworld (optional): N/A
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Modularity: No
  • Legal Status: Legal
  • Ingredients: Nanites
  • Classification: Injection/Body-Replacement
  • Method of Consumption: Specialized Injection
  • Average Life: Up to a Year, Annual checkups to either replace or repair the Nanites (This of course depends on the usage of the user)
  • Nutritional Value/Allergies/Side Effects/ Purpose: With the replacement of important cartilage with a much more durable and easily replaceable Nanites, the user will never not need such medication if they wish to continue to have functional limbs and joints, at least no without intensive medication elsewhere.
  • Regenerative tissue for important cartilage in the joints
  • Reinforces the joints and allows users to withstand further punishment on their joint areas
Age brings about wisdom, experience and a lot of joint pain. As the body continues to fix itself with less consistency than from the time of one's youth, with key injections of the NTM-01 the return of joint function and superior motor function to bring back memories of one's youthful prime. While initially thought of for the elderly and assisting them in their old age, the prospect of increasing the capabilities of younger patients soon brought in new possibilities and customers.

While giving the elderly and comfortable end to their lives, the youth wish to extend their prime of their life for as long as possible and the NTM-01 can do just that and more. The injection will allow the patient to push their body further and feel the repercussions on their joints greatly diminish, and where sprains and injuries might render the average person unable to move some of their joints; NTM-01 does not succumb to damage easily will allow the patient muscle through these injuries with ease.

Any danger posed to the joints will be minimal thanks to the use of NTM-01, but if a patient wishes to overuse the injections on every part of their body where bones move (The spinal column, etc.) a severe dependency will ensue and without further injections the patient's body will no longer be able to operate without them and with specialized treatment the patient will ultimately suffer the pains of any elderly, at best. At worst, the body will no longer be able to produce any cartilage and joint and limb movements would be nearly impossible and only with tremendous pain (Osteoarthritis but a lot worse).

  • Cartilage becomes resistant to wear and tear
  • Joint pain is greatly reduced and strengthen to withstand the type of motion required from soldiers serving on the front lines to athletes wishing to lengthen their prime
  • Overdose possible, creates dependency to the injections of NTM-01
  • Cartilage becomes replaced with these Nanites, the body may not be able to replace it normally after the patient decides to stop using
  • The procedure can be painful at first
Seto Du Couteau said:
Manufacturer: Mordulla Manufacturing
This needs to be hyperlinked.

Seto Du Couteau said:
Production: Limited
Seto Du Couteau said:
Ingredients: Nanites
Unless the company in question is a tier 6 company with a specialty in Nanotechnology, the production here will have to be lowered to semi-unique or below.

Seto Du Couteau said:
Affiliation: Open-Market
This needs to be changed to reflect the limited amount of this being created. Closed market would work. Keep in mind that Semi-unique means only 10 characters may use this, and limited is only for smaller groups (i.e; portions of factions, a part of an organization)
The Company is Hyperlinked.

Changed Production to Unique and set the Market to a Closed-Market.

Also added Experimental, as to better reflect the early Stages of development for the technology. Akin more to a Prototype if anything, or rather an early model.

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Hopes this fixes everything!
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