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Approved Tech Naast beskar'gam

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Allison Willamina

Dangerous Flower
  • Classification: Other
  • Weight: Extremely Heavy
  • Resistances:
    • Energy: High
    • Kinetic: High
    • Lightsabers: High
    • Other:
      • Sonic: High
      • Radiation: Average
      • EMP/ION: High
    • Elemental:
      • Fire: High
      • Cryo: High
      • Acid: High
    • Force:
      • Lightside: None
      • Darkside: None
    • Vacuum: High
  • Kirano Interface: Standard technical interface for operations.
  • Refined Sleg Ultracapacitors: Designed to improve the power of the suits and augment the shielding for radiation and heat in space or protect them when boarding other ships.
  • Advanced Regulator System: Designed to recycle oxygen and filter poisons for the pilot.
  • Seeker Drone: Companion to compliment in the event of combat as well as affect small repairs around then ship as needed. Can work together with an astromech.
  • Heavy Praestigiae's Luminous Overlaid Technological Shields: Protective shielding designed to be used with the pilot suit in the event of out of ship combat scenarios.
  • Advanced Micro Thrusters: Designed to increase movement speed of the jedi while moving around.
  • Strength/Speed Enhancement: Enhancing the body to increase the pilots natural state. In the event they are without their ships they can defend themselves.
  • Temperature control/heat reflection: Designed for additional protection when eva and in space.
  • Locator beacon: For emergencies to be retrieved with rescue ships.
  • Ablative Plating: Designed with the standard robes and armor plating itself in a combination. When in combat mode the armored plating can encase the wearer.
  • Toolkit MK II: One of the few built in weapons of the platform a powered and robust weapon system built into the gauntlets of the armor. With mandalorian included equipment to augment them.
  • Saotome Armor Field Kit: Standarrd field kit for repairing and patching armor.
  • K'uur jurkadir: Shoulder Cannon designed for the armor and able to fire different shots for situations
  • Protection: The hypermembrane provides a robust degree of protection so it can be used.
  • Self Repairing: Designed with the hypermembrane for protection but also the ability to repair itself over time with small damage being a few minutes to hours and sections of the suit being days.
  • Overly Engineered: Designed to give the bladesisters a distinct advantage in combat and in majority of situations. They have developed it to function in space or in the depths of the ocean with high pressure situations.
  • Self repairing: While it can repair its own micro stress fractures the capabilities can take days to hours depending on how damaged they become from use.
  • Exotic Particles: Largely unknown and not seen in the galaxy before. It isn't invincible nor is it really strong but it reacts violently near dark and anti-matter which can disrupt and destroy it or even cause it to rupture and disintegrate.
  • Gravity field: The repulsors only function within a gravity field.
Crafted by the blade sisters for the Yokukashi a mandalorian contingent on Atrisia. While they hold many of the ideals that are very much some of the outcast mandalorians. THeir armor is designed like many atrisian standards but it was given thanks to Chai La and Sasori the improved materials that could be used. The armor allows them to move around their island and works with their basilisk war droids the cerberus which was another gift from the bladesisters. Improved models and improved armors not withstanding they have managed to give a newer lease on it as the Yokukashi serve within the Atrisian military and can act as shocktroopers giving them a vanguard to strike with as well as a means to soften up harder targets by sending in battle hardened soldiers trained in the ways of war for thousands of years.
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