Populate threads are cultural expansion threads that represent the indirect growth of a Major Faction and allow Major Factions to claim entire hexes by highlighting or providing additional content to momentous occasions.

  • At any point, a Major Faction may acquire an adjacent SWRP Chaos Map hex by completing a Populate thread, posting to the Map Update thread, and receiving Staff approval.
  • Populate threads are classified as Player Vs Environment (PvE) threads.
  • A Populate thread’s title must include the name or acronym of the Major Faction, and the name of a planet visible in the hex.
  • A Populate thread must include links to a minimum of two or more referenced non-Invasion, non-Rebellion threads in the first post of the thread.
  • A Populate thread may only be started on a hex adjacent to the Major Faction’s influence cloud.
  • A hex lost as the result of an Invasion may not have a Populate thread started on it by the defeated faction for 30 days after the announcement of the Invasion result.


Once a Major Faction has posted a completed Populate thread to the Map Update thread, an Admin will assign an RPJ to judge whether the thread meets the following criteria. The RPJ will sign the ‘Approval’ field in the Map Update template, or will contact the submitter if further work is needed.

  • STORY - Does the Populate thread have a story (or group of stories), highlight another thread's story, or provide additional content that makes sense and that comes to a reasonable conclusion?
  • REPRESENTATION - How well is the Faction represented in the Populate thread? For example, if two members post the bulk of the thread back-to-back, the Populate thread is unlikely to be approved without more work from other Faction members.
  • EFFORT - How much effort has the Faction put into the thread? As a general guideline, 30 minimum posts is an acceptable effort. A lower number of posts may be acceptable if clear effort has resulted in solid stories that reach a natural conclusion. Spammed posts with minimal effort will count against the Faction.

Hex Gained: (Please specify exact Hex coordinate)
Name Of The Faction: (Fully name the Faction correctly)
Link To Populate: (Insert Populate Thread URL)
Number Of Posts The Populate Thread Has At The Current Time: (Insert Post Count Here)
RPJ Approval: (Leave this blank, an RPJ shall insert their name when it has been approved)