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Approved Tech Saotome Commando Droid: Magnus

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The Mother of All Psy-Pires
Intent: To create a unique security guard droid and pilot for the Saotome Light Frieghter Nine Lives purchased.


Image Source: Pinterest, BloodRayne: Betrayal

Canon Link:

Restricted Missions: N/A

Primary Source: Battle Droid


Manufacturer: Saotome Foundry ( Nine Lives.

Model: Modified Saotome Commando Droid

Production: Unique

Affiliation: Nine Lives

Modularity: N/A

Material: Durasteel, droid components, Ooglith Masquer


Classification: Fourth Degree Droid

Weight: 70kg

Height: 1.8m

Movement: Bipedal

Armaments: Integrated modular weapon mounts, concealing blaster cannons of the type used by the B-2 Super Battle Droid. Two heavy blaster pistols. Defensive Ooglith Masquer for skin. Vibro Talons concealed in fingers. Concealed forearm blades

Misc. Equipment: Ranger Shotgun. Ranger SMG. Night Vison, Telescopic Vision. Thermal Vision.


Ooglith Masquer enables Limited Disguise and provides significant energy Resistance. Disguise transition rate significantly enhanced.

Limited vampiric self repair system

Concealed Vibro Talons in hands, enabling easy shearing of weak armors.

Retractable forearm blades.

Enhanced Servos allow for improved speed and superhuman strength.

Specialized Circuitry integrated with cloned filiaments of Nine's nervous system and strategically placed at certain armor hard points enable droid to control the masquer.

Illegal Database of Psychological Warfare

Enhanced Targeting.

Limited repair system based on feeding off of blood to repair Ooglith rapidly.

Unusual Defensive Parameters aimed more at provoking fear when guarding the ship. Dubbed "Haunt Mode."

Programmed to Defend vessel and occupants to the death

Illegally modified Hueristic Processors based on the IG-100 Magna Guard

Programmed to seek out and acquire ship resources when low on supplies.

Programmed to defend persons Nine needs alive.

Extensive medical database, programmed to Nine's specific needs.

Piloting database.

Personality: Unlike Nine's biot Vera, whose design and mandate leaves it murderous and lacking in humanity, Nine was forced to concede that she was going to have this thing personally care for her if necessary while on that ship, she was going to have to give it a genuinely helpful manner, and some concept of humility and mercy, since its mandate is not the same as her biot, and it has the ability to be assigned to protect others. It is generally friendly to people, but can develop quiet the fowl mouth when upset or angered. When in Haunt mode it seems to take immense pleasure just scaring people...including its owner. Nine in particular despises that last aspect of it but tolerates it as the droid must be allowed to express itself. It knows how many illegal mods have been made to it, and has a keen sense of self preservation in public, making sure not to act too intelligent, though it will overdo it and embarrass Nine on occasion.


Limited Self Repair: The Droid, like the biot, maintains a parasitic function where drinking the blood of a suitable creature can rapidly repair the Masquer. But only the Masquer.

Quick Change: The droid is able to use the Ooglith at a much faster rate than Ni-Ne's biot, as the ooglith does not need a middle man having the organic circuits slaved directly to the droid brain, though like with her biot, its functions are tied to the Form it uses, limiting its utility in certain instances, though not nearly to the same degree as her biot.

Combat Form: The one most often seen when security around the ship threatens to be breached. Combat protocols are focused on melee and blaster fire. Piloting database, and Medical Data base are disabled.


Doctor Form:

The Form it takes when using Its medical protocols. Combat and psychological warfare databases disabled. Due to difficulties in processing power, it takes longer to transition into or out of this form than the others, nearly five minutes in time.


Pilot Form:

The Form it takes when piloting the vessel and gathering supplies. No combat capabilities. Deliberately maintains a chipper, friendly demeanor to lower guard of potential hostile.


Melee Master: It is generally very unwise to get close during combat mode, unless you are particularly good at melee

Fright Night: The droid has a curious, experimental security protocol that Nine developed. It is nearly always on when Nine is away from the Envoy. It causes the droid to shift into the form of a statue. It never moves when anyone is looking at it. In the Gargoyle state, the Ooglith stiffens secreating more enzymes across its surface to make it better resist energy. Its Masquer becomes very difficult to penetrate with energy weapons. When Nine leaves It will often be stationary but when intruders are detected it will began a scare protocol based on the level of weaponry of the invader. If it determines it lacks superior weaponry, it will lock down the vessel, and procede to restrict the invader'a access with force fields, turning off all lights. It will never move unless the invader's back is turned, and even if the the invader lets off a few panicked shots with a pistol or minor rifle, it may actually decide to take the hit to improve the chance of creating fear in a target. It won't move unless target tries to close at melee range. It may even hold certain frightening poses to elicit fear. The usefulness of this is dubious, even by Nine's admission...Any invader foolish enough to try and knowingly steal a vessel they knew belonged to her certainly could be assumed to have brought reasonably powerful tools to help in the task. In such instances it would usually be best to just go fully aggressive and deal with the problem quickly. Still its kept for the occasional hapless thief, and all outcomes are recorded, which allows Nine to refine this functions ability to induce fear.

Example of Gargoyle form in "Haunt Mode".


Heavy Defense: This version of the masquer, unlike Nine's biot, has energy resistance capabilities comparable to duraplast, and in haunt form can actually survive up to three blows from a lightsaber before needing to retreat and avoid a forth. A forth will usually break it at this point.

Acrobat: In Combat Form. The droid is capable of sophisticated acrobatics, such as cartwheels and backfilps while either shooting or attacking in melee.

Doctor: Containing an advanced surgical database along with knowledge of therapeutic chemicals in place of common pharmaceuticals that would otherwise be toxic to Nine.

Strong Smash!: The enhanced servos, give it a degree of strength two times that of a human weight lifter in peak condition.

Ace: Many of its piloting programs were scavenged from ancient confederacy droid starfighters. Give it a light corvette or frieghter, or even a starfighter, and it will give veteran human pilots a run for their money.


Un-Masquer: Exposing it to a Vong Unmasquer will cause the masquer to completely rip itself off the droid. And rendered useless until repairs could be made if at all. The feedback to the specially developed nueral circuitry would not shut down the droid or destroy it. But many of its hueristic processors would deactivate to reboot, leaving it drastically reduced in intelligence while fighting for about fifteen minutes, barely smarter than an old B-1, and easily destroyed.

Severe Baffer Pollen Vulnerability: The modifications done to the masquer have rendered its masquer extremely vulnerable to baffer pollen. Upon it exposure, the masquer dies and begans to harden, turning into a concrete like substance in seconds. The droid will still be active underneath but unable to move. This enables easy destruction.

Ion Vulnerable: Being hit with an ion weapon will cause it to shut down completely, and be unable to reboot for two hours. To say it would be at an opponents mercy at this point is an understatement.

Microwave Vulnerable: Microwave weapons will kill the masquer almost instantly, and completely wipe the brain, rendering it a dead hunk of metal.

Sonic Vulnerable: Exposure to sonics will disorient the masquer, causing it to deform temporarily, this feedback also causes pain to the droid, linked to the masquer. It swoons leaving its defense open.

Overspecialized: Nine's approach to this droid, as it was with her biot, was to limit its full capabilities. It is only good at its programmed abilities, nothing else.

Kinetic damage: Despite the superior qualities of its energy resistance, its completely poor at resisting slug throwers. Slugs will tear through the masquer easily, and since much of the chassis was replaced with lighter weight polymers, through the droid also.

Vibrodamage: Ha ha ha no vibroresistance at all. A vibrosword will go through it effortlessly, no matter where its hit.

You don't belong in this world!: Magnus is in a situation much like Nine's biot Vera if the full extent of its modifications were publicly known beyond the fact it is a body guard droid, it would be condemned as a particularly dangerous and abhorrent weapon and its destruction would likely be ordered.


Taking the lessons learned from the creation of her biot, Nine decided that she would employ much more conventional technologies in her next creation, but the result would be anything but conventional. This heavily modified commando droid is geared for either close or long range and can disguise itself in limited fashion, though as with Nine's biot, its abilities are tied to its current form. However it maintains the distinct advantage of being able to switch between most of these form near instantaneously with the exception of the doctor form, which requires five minutes of database reconfiguring in or out.

Base: Droid.

Nine started by replacing the plating on the frame with lightweight, but high strength polymers. This reduced its ability to resist conventional damage, but left it more agile. Next, the servos were enhanced with parts left over from the creation of Nine's biot, parts from much stronger droids such as the IG-100, dramatically increasing its strength. Retractable, cortosis weave blades were taken from scraps of BX Commando Captain Vibroswords, melted down then recast and redesigned from the ground up. Many of its Hueristic processors also came from Magna Guard brains. The result was a flexible, fast, strong and deadly guard droid. A small, simplistic nervous system based off tissue from Nine herself has been implanted at key points within the droid in special chambers grafted to special circuits for interaction with the Masquer. In addition, like with Vera a primative, parasitic self repair system for the Masquer, this one designed and added by Nine on her own

Special: Ooglith

Learning from her process in creating Vera, Nine vowed to make its shapeshifting process faster in order to throw off or surprise would be intruders to its vessel. To that end when she ordered changes to the Masquer, she had it grown to respond to artificially grown neural tissue based off of Nine's own nervous system. The neural tissue is blended with mechanical circuitry slaved to the droid brain that allows it to give orders to the Masquer directly. In the growth process she specified to Sasori scientists that it was to have considerable energy resistance. While this was succesful, the level of its resistance is dependant on the form it uses.


Nine did not desire an unfeeling weapon in this machine as she did with Vera. This droid is designed to be at least friendly, if obnoxious. That said, its hueristic processors ARE taken from Magna Guards. It is very ruthless at its duty. Eight Hueristic processors in all, Two are for its personality. The rest cover everything else. These processors, though as illegally modified by Nine as they were with Vera, have much more simple goals in mind. Thus the droid, while having human grade intelligence is not as smart as her Biot. But its processing power enables it to use the Masquer much faster than the biot.

All in all a powerful tool but as with Nine's previous creation there were gaps in the result. It cannot resist kinetic or vibroweapons if they connect and it has a severe baffer pollen vulnerability as a result of these changes as well as intense microwave vulnerabilities. These are acceptable to Nine, in case it ever becomes necessary to destroy it.
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