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Choushin Class Generation 5 Interdiciton Cruiser

Susanoo Tsukuyomi

Atrisia's Western Wolf
1000m Base: 1
  • Hangar Allocations:
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: Low (Whammy Drive)
  • Hyperdrive: Yes
  • Hyperdrive Class: 1.0
  • Interdiction field's and Gravity well projector's are installed to patrol ad create chokepoints by deploying Pulse-gravity interdiction mines to saturate areas.
    Seven Points: Throughout the ship, the amnioid fluid flows like a bloodstream throughout it which is duel edged. It it like a circulatory system that keeps the techno-organic systems of the ship flowing and feeds into the seedlings that are being grown for children ships. It shares a mitochondrial cell connecting the ships to the mother and are organelles that will take in nutrients then break them down and create energy rich molecules for the ship. The seven main points are points that can be accessed to connects with the ship so it is always running smoothly.
    Arboretum: A strange feature of a ship but something special to the Choushin. A garden that grows the uneti trees that function as command stations and semi living brains within the interior of the ships. The main garden of the first generation vessel grows seedlings that become the later generations and bond with their captains. Like Senoma is is connected to all of its children and its childrens children creating a hive mentality with the main as the queen. Allowing the vessels to find each other if under attack, share pain and information in a way that is difficult to hack or interpret by other computers and with the life stream Amnioid fluid is it much like a living being at the heart of the ship with an immune system of internal defenses designed to respond to threats.
    Sleg - Quintessence Power Source: A heavier battery designed to give off high levels of heat and energy. The sleg makes the repulsors highly explosive if they don't have an advanced heat sink installed.
    Synthetic Tobal Lens: An advanced heat sink, designed to convert heat at high efficiency into extra energy. For the train to gain increased levels of speed and use its advanced systems that have been installed and built into it.
    Bonding: deep within the central Uneti tree is a chamber filled with seedlings... where ship seeds are bonded with the captains of their ships and chosen. Thousands of seeds are there at a time and monthly the choosing process is able to be done with the seeds before they become inert and are absorbed back into the ship itself.
    Duel structure: Designed two fold, the first is the exterior exoskeleton that gives the appearance of a standard starship. The interior itself usually measuring a kilometer of the ship itself is techno-organic with the tree. Encased in the framework and superstructure of the exoskeleton for protection.
    Kyber Enhancement: Using methods of the first orders finalizer kyber crystals to enhance the energy output of the weapons and systems
  • Power Draw: Designed to be a newer model with emphasis on its advanced systems. The power draw from the reactors can be massive and the time delay with the regulator means the Choushin can be vulnerable for a time when switching modes.
  • Heat generation: Internally a very big thing. With the amount of weapons to power and repulsors the engines run hot. Easier to pick up on thermal and more visible in visual scans. The synthetic tobal is designed as the main heat sink converting excessive heat into energy but if fractured the internal systems can start to melt. The sleg itself when exposed to high heat can become unstable and highly explosive. Making each of the trains a potential bomb.
  • Size and Speed: Massive and locked in place. Being on a rail even with its excessive speed for moving around means little as it cannot go everywhere... it can only go where there are tracks.
  • Weapons: Designed on train cars, the large gun count on it is halved and distributed across the sides or top of the train itself. Reducing full coverage and spreading it out.
  • Hive Minded: A benefit in some ways allowing the ships to heal each others internal systems itself but it also means that they share pain.
  • Limited Armament: Something taken from the design of the Song of War, guide tracks and rotating weapons. Allowing guns to fire in more rapid succession by rotating and keeping them fresh instead of having to wait. This does mean that at any given time the War Dragon is not using 100% of its weapons instead cutting them down by a third. The first generation and precursor feels the pain of all its children which can damage the systems.
  • Organic: With the amnioid a skilled force user is able to properly stun and stop the functions in their tracks. As Satele Shan showed the fluid produced by the circuits can be manipulated and used to calm or disable the bodies for a time as long as there is concentration and knowledge of the fluid. Like a blood flow in the body it can be constricted and have build up of waste or gunk that damages the ship like a heart attack or even stroke.
In a continuing effort to expand and improve the designs of the Atrisian navy... the first of frontline interdiciton cruisers were set up. A later generation of the Choushin that is able to have more captains and while it isn't a carrier... this is meant to saturate with mines and gravity wells areas within the security network around Atrisias system. Its purpose to protect and bottleneck the areas. The ancient design using magnite crystals to improve the tractors and kyber for power generation so that the ships will be able to better pull in and in some cases repel with powerful pressors. The Commonwealth have been trying to push it as the new line of starfighters are able to work and operate out of the ships with usually heavy cruisers for defensive support and shield cruisers to plug in many of the gaps.
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