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Approved Tech Power Blade MK II presented by Baktoid

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Classification: Crescent Dagger

Size: One-handed

Length: 0.25400m

Weight: 680.39g

Other Features: Crescent shaped with a super heated line of plasma along the edge.

Intent: To upgrade a stealth weapon for Atrisian use and mass production by Baktoid

Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Praestigiae Shop

Model: Knife

Affiliation: The Republic

Modularity: No

Production: Mass Produced

Material: Durasteel, Duralumin, Fiber cord,

Description: Diatium with a weave along the edge that is much like a lightwhips to form the blade. It last for 10 seconds (previously 20) at a time and requires the weave to cool down of 8 minutes. The power cell has enough juice before needing to be replaced for 7 (previously 5) uses per. An indicator on the hilt shows a set of bars that are dimmed. It is strong against most armors being able to slice through them quickly like butter... only lightsaber resistant and heavy armors (6 or above [previously 8]) truly pose an issue. The blade is not for long time use it does not have containment like a lightsaber for the beam to remain intact and unlike a lightwhip it isn't knotted with crystals to string the energy and give it its look. With Baktoid the power blades energy has been altered to allow for more uses at the cost of temperature to the blade. This lowers how many things it can slice through but allows it to be used more often and have less activation time.
Not open for further replies.