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Basaba Willamina

A'den and Alor be aliit Willamina
Intent: To create a new series of smaller armed weapons for the mandalorians
Development Thread: N?A
Manufacturer: Chai La Armory
Model: Quarter staff
Affiliation: Open Market
Modularity: None
Production: Minor
  • Beskar Alloy
  • Durasteel
Classification: Staff
Size: One handed (compacted) Two handed (extended)
Length: .5(minimum), 1, 1.5, 3(maximum) meters depending on level of extension
Weight: 12kg
Other Features: Telescopic, minimum length of .5 meters, maximum length of 3 meters, tri-headed tips
Description: Created for hunting on Dxun and by the Blade sisters. A quarterstaff using Echani style molecular compression telescoping to create a multipurpose weapon. Fashioned after the traditional mandalorian spear and affixed with a tri headed spearhead. The shortest form, extending the weapon to a total of 1.5 meters, was not explicitly meant for combat. In this form, the weapon was meant to be used as a stun weapon., The next form extended the weapon to three meters in length. This form was commonly called the 'quarterstaff' form as that was precisely what it was. At three meters long it was the average length of an Echani Quarterstaff and could be used as such. The spear heads able to pierce light armors normally.

The longest form of the weapon extended the weapon to a length of three meters and acted as a spear. Unlike the other forms which were achieved by the molecular compression/decompression extending the shaft of the weapon outward from both ends of the handle this form extended in only one direction. In this form the weapon was best utilized as a thrusting or wide sweeping weapon. In practice it was like a pike or a spear. Commonly used to keep opponents at bay it was considered a 'short ranged' weapon, instead of a melee weapon. Due to the nature of molecular compression technology the weapon could be utilized to catch an opponent off guard. The strength of the weapons composition and strength it could be used by the user to pole-vault themselves into a higher position or over an obstacle.
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