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Vehicle Review Mirei Class Racers

Baifa Monü Zhuan
  • Intent: To create a base model jet swoop for racing and civilian/military use
  • Image Source: Anime Corps
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: My Subs
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • High Speeds
  • Lightweight design
  • Overcharged Boosters
  • Experimental Speeds: The swoops use lightweight frames and high powered engines with internal boosters. The design is meant to give them incredible speeds exceeding most vehicles at four thousand five hundred kilometers per minute with a straightaway with its booster activated.
  • Kyber crystals: Using the design of the finalizer and enhancing the power of the engines with crystals gives the swoop a secondary effect as the crystals used for engines and boosters can be explosive if cracked.
  • Sleg: A powerful energy enhancer, the sleg absorbs and channels the excessive heat generated by the chassis of the speeder. Making them maintain a stronger level of power but also increases the chances that they could explode from the heat.
  • Armament: Designed with no weapons except what the gunner can carry with them.
Designed by Saotome for Atrisian jet racing bbbut after the work was done there was a prototype that could be used for other methods. With the shielding system they designed for it the swoops could effectively be used underwater and they were able to survive in the air when it came to moving. So different models for different uses were made with a basic one sold to the jedi for their water worlds and as a means for getting around. A military model with ablative armor for additional protection but it would not be as much and a civilian model for racing competitions. With its design for a jetter and a gunner as well as the variances in its frame that can be done for different racers. The line of Mirei class swoops provide one of the fastest swoop bikes in the galaxy in a straightaway with one of the better engines that have been designed.
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Factory Judge
Junko Ike Junko Ike

Hello! I'll be your judge today! I really love if someone using their other submissions to create a new one. And I really like the design. I found only a little misspelling.
  • You wrote "four thousand five hundred kilometers per minute" This means 1,4M-1,8M km/hour, even a spaceship would envy this. I think you wanted to write km/hour here. If not, I suggest to chose a smaller number.