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Approved Tech Arukirī Armor

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Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist


  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Very Heavy
  • Resistances:
    • Energy: Very High
    • Kinetic: High
    • Kinetic Impact: Low
    • Lightsabers: Very High
    • Other: How much protection does the armor provide against this type of damage?
    • Sonic: Low
    • EMP/ION: Very High
    • Elemental Acid: Low
  • Healing Augmentation: Designed to improve the healing capabilities and be a non-lethal set of armor with restraints and stun weapons to protect the wearer. The crystals augment force capabilities while the technology improve the medical capabilities.
  • Retractable Anti-Grav Wings: More for style and astetic then function, the wings act like frills coming off of the anti-grav pack that allows the Arukirī to fly around and descend or ascend across a battlefield or disaster area.
  • Built in Equipment:
    • Sato Interface: Hardlight interface for scanning medical patients and observing an area of operation.
    • Micro Thrusters: Designed for quick movements and getting around in the skies or on the ground.
    • Oxygen Regulator: Part of the armor built in to recycle osygen allowing for sustained operation in hazard zones.
    • Saotome Resonator: Energy Shielding that absorbs blaster shots and protects in a small bubble around the wearer to shield a patient if they are transporting them. Adds more power to the armor and stores excess energy for then nullification bubble.
    • Sasori Resource Chip: Made for transportation, the null mass chip can reduce the weight of the armor, patient being transported and equipment drastically for a period of time with power systems.
    • Repulsor Packs: For movement and operation strictly in a gravity well.
    • Saotome Heat Sink: Armors heat build up is converted through a tobal lens into additional power.
    • Saotome Resonator Model K: Designed kinetic shielding that using the energy and impact to build up additional power and protect the wearer.
    • Second Fleet Tactical Lash: A gift from the second fleet, a tactical lash that can be used to movement as well as defense.
  • Protective Qualities: Designed with Inth and Reinforced synthmesh. The armor is made to be some of the most protective to keep the jedi medics safe when in a battlefield but it still has some downsides.
  • Nullification Bubble: Designed with a devastating area of effect field. The armor houses a slightly scaled down Saotome Supression System/Saotome Concussion System that is able to build a charge using the suits power and shielding system. To create a five meter domed bubble with an anti concussion and anti energy field that won't disable all weapons but it does for a brief period of time (120 seconds) reduce their effectiveness allowing the jedi medics to try and get away quickly.
  • Force Connection: The armor is layered with force enhanced and protected materials. It requires a connection to a force user and becomes normal duraplast when in force nullification bubbles.
  • Repulsor Packs: Designed for sustained flight and use but with the drawback that it is based on antigrav technology requiring a gravity well for function.
  • Kinetic Impact: The materials used as strong against tearing and being pierced but do little to soften the impacts that goes through it. Concussions can still happen even if a blade wouldn't go through the metal.
Designed by Sasori and Matsu's Jadeite for a new class of jedi healers. A more robust design that would protect and allow them to get into an area and out of it without requiring heavy protection. The Arukiri armor started simple for the jedi teams that would be researching and preserving the purposes at the columbarium. A small base of operations set up to let them train there while preserving the purpose. The second was developing equipment that could be used by them and the overall design taken from mythological creatures. Repulsor packs and shielding that would let them descend and ascend into an area and protective materials.

The armor itself though didn't have a grand design or testing phase... if anything they went through testing other materials that had been used within it and knew they would and could work. The design much like the stronger jedi armors for jedi brutes or the force warriors, the Jadeite have been developing and increasing their artisans skills. The visual design of the armor with its built in equipment so that they can defend themselves and will have food or medical equipment. The quick capability to pull an injured patient out of combat and have a protective shield or field to disable for a handfl of seconds allowing them to get away.
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