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Approved Tech Sasori Materia

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Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
  • Advanced Raw Materia: Designed to be a new form of the raw matter for Sasori equipment and their deplicators.
  • Laminanium: Designed to repair itself when used in a material or structure. At the molecular level it can reattach itself and over time depending on the damage be able to reconstruct itself.
  • Forming: Designed to be able to be programmed to different shapes and forms from metal, to clothing at the molecular level from the raw matter.
  • Signal: While it is able to create different shapes it requires a signal. Low frequency but it can be blocked with specialized equipment.
  • Self Repairing: Built with a protective layer to patch the vehicle in the event of damage. The time table is dependent upon the amount of damage with smaller tears being easier and faster to repair then gashes which can take hours to reform.
    • Note: Only the layer can repair not the full plate armor itself the plating can be damaged still but the underlayer of Laminanium can reform and remain.
  • Not Protective on its own: While able to be maade into armor it requires a proper signal and source (submissions using it to have the protective qualities)
Designed by Sasori as the next generational leap in their fabrication technologies. Raw programmable matter that can become anything needed to serve a function. From creating the raw matter into food, metal, air or water. There is almost nothing it can't be used to create and with the connect signal and charge it can be moldable or even permanent. Sasori's researchers looked for ways to vastly improve their top of the line materials and this was the next step after their experimentation with the Baptiste metals. THe Commonwealth funded the research so that they would be able to improve on designs and give it to them as well as a means to rebuild within the Silver jedi.... but these are not nanomachines they do not self replicate they are just unassigned matter that can be turned into anything that is needed. THe expansion of their molecular technologies and fabrication as it allows them to store the raw matter to be used to make armaments or ablative equipment.
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Matsu Ike Matsu Ike

It is very cool, but I cause many questions. I don't see the technology behind it, how the Sasori was able to reach it. I saw molecular level, but how? I mean metal became food or something else? Molecular level is smaller than Nanotechnology or this solution is a Force Alchemy in the Star Wars. Because of these and without the background technology sub it is hard to accept. I would be happy if you fleshing out the technology in this sub, or in a different one. And please modify the Production scale which reflects better that you are able to produce restricted materials as well. Something like how I solved it:
Production: up to Mass-Produced | Please check the Restricted materials's section.
Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist

I have previous technology using programmable matter as a reservoir to fabricate different armaments.
Hudson Auto Turret
Nyeto Launcher

and raw matter to convert it into as needed. THe metal would be broken down in a molecular furnace and fashioned as needed within. The conversion technology has been used by Sasori for majority of its products now.
Li-Ves Harte Box

This would just be taking the place of the programmable raw matter produced in the subs that is a link to an outside source.
HPI AI; Terraris Command
Factory Judge
Matsu Ike Matsu Ike

But there is a totally different issue to print something from a similar material via 3D printer especially if there the schematic is already in the "printer's" mamory core.

But you said you want to create metals, foods, water or even air rom metals. And how do you want to modify the exotic matters? It has no molecular level, it has only positive or negative enegy. You cannot do this with the molecular furnace. This is not how the Molecular Furnace works. So if you want this, please flesh out the technology how it will be able to create something from metal which a living creature will able to eat or breath without Alchemy. Yes, you are able to do it with simple high-tech, but this part is missing.

And this part, how you wrote, it is looks like these are nanocomputers/nanodroids what you want to programming:
Designed to be able to be programmed

Not to mention if it is a material / matter, you have to add the Material template parts to the template. But what I feel you want to mix the technology and the material, but all of them are like a draft and not the entire sub. Like I said the technology details like how this works and what is it is missing

So please flesh out this totally new technology and clarify/edit what is this material/technology and add to the missing template parts to it.
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