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Approved Tech Jedi Shadow Robes

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The Cyan Blade
From Wookiepedia, customized by Thurion Heavenshield

Intent: To provide Vexander and the Jedi Shadows a unique set of robes (aside from their traditional robes provided by the Jedi Order) to show their commitment to the lightside and to provide extra protection for the battle against the Sith and the Darkside.
Development Thread: N/A - Will create if needed.
Manufacturer: Sasori
Model: Jedi Robes
Affiliation: Vexander Graves / Jedi Covenant.
Modularity: Mask can be customized in form and color scheme along with the belt.
Production: Minor (At Covenant's discretion)
Material: Armorweave, Impervium, Durasteel
Description: With the reorganization of the Jedi Covenant and the Jedi Shadows, it was decided that the battle against the Sith and their minions would be intensified. With the dangers that such engagements represent, it was decided that extra protection would be needed for times to come.

Vexander Graves started his own robes, knowing that he would be needing bigger protection, talked with the Order's R&D specialist and came up with a set of robes that used impervium plates in the chest and vital organs and durasteel in the gauntlents. The plates in the chest and up to the gauntlents were covered with armorweaved robes, in the end, the combination offered light blaster and lightsaber protection in combat while allowing the user to use the full extent of Force Powers needed for a battle against a darksider.

The protection in the end would be increased compared to the Jedi robes, however, the attire still favored the flexibility and freedom of movement, meaning that the armored parts wouldn't withstand constant attacks from weapons and that the armorweave had to be mostly used for the upper part, the back and the arms up to the gauntlents leaving the legs made with normal fabric and study leather boots with steeltoes.

After the robes were done, the corellian thought about the addition of a face concealment device... and he created a durasteel mask with the assistance of Jedi engineers that included several features useful for the type of assigments the shadows would receive and that would also suit his expertize in covert operations and his sharpshooting necessities. The mask would serve as a tool and a symbol of their dedication to the cause, it would serve to conceal their faces, to show that their emotions didn't matter and that they placed themselves aside for the sake of the Galaxy. Nevertheless, seeing that it is a mask that wouldn't come off easily, it does not provide protection to the sides and the back of the head along with the neck.

Although some might see the Shadow robes as those worn by Sith Lords due to the dark colors and the use of masks, the color was chosen to help the user with the Force Stealh and Concealment skills needed for certain situations. However, they included the golden symbol of the Jedi Order to show their allegiance. In contrast to those masks used by the Sith, they were white with gold trims to remember everyone that they were followers of the lightside.

Eventually, a prototype of the robes was handed over to Masters of the Jedi Covenant for them to be produced and handed to those willing to answer the higher calling that required them to be prepared.

Classification: Multipurpose
Weight: 15Kg
Quality: 3
Other Feature(s): Mask incluides internal HUD with Nightvision, IFF tracking system, video recording, distance meter and comlink among other customizable features and settings such as current time in the planet, weather, temperature, mapping system, compass, waypoint addition based on GPS information available (If any). Belt has the ability to hold several lightsabers and equipment such as bacta patches and sticks, antidotes and even the integration of a holster to carry firearms.
Silver Guardian
Greetings, I enjoyed the description! Love the concept unsurprisingly ;) @[member="Vexander Graves"]

  • 1, Can you please post exactly what other features the mask has, many thanks. I like to be clear.
  • 2, The image will need a credit below it as to where you got it, unless it came from wookieepedia as indicated?
  • 3, When you say unique, I take it you mean to give this to more than one person, so I'd make it minor at the top.
  • 4, A Lightsaber resistant material armorweave is, but I am somewhat hesitant to pass it, due to it being so light and saber/blaster resistant at the same time. For a force user that makes them very tough.
^ Point 4 would ideally have a development thread attached to it. Would you be willing to give the robe weak points in its design instead?

Love the concept, just want to see it balanced in play.
The Cyan Blade
@[member="Kei Amadis"]
Glad you like it so far!
Did the changes as requested:

1- Added the customizable features which are based on the location of the user.
2- Added the link to the wookiepedia page with the image.
3- Changed to Minor as requested, the Covenant will decide who gets the rest robes.
4- Added the armorweave only to cover the same armored parts in the upper part of the body while leaving the lower part unprotected. Reason was also the freedom of movement Jedi would be needing.

Let me know what you think. Cheers!
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