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Approved Tech Parasol Blade

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Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
  • Intent: To create a parasol with a sword in it that Matsu can use for fighting
  • Image Source:Lady Snowblood
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions:
  • Primary Source: SSB Auction: Acquires Wood
  • Classification: Sword
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Average
  • Advanced Power Source: Designed with an iso-didact power source giving it a massive and long shelf life.
  • Force Affinity: The wood used for the sheath is infused and powerful for healing with the force.
  • Blocks Sunlight
  • Parasol is able to stop blades
  • Able to Block a lightsaber
  • Cutting Power: Designed to slice at the molecular level and through beskar or even vong crag armor with ease. It is one fo the few things that can slice Magnus metal.
  • Laminanium: Designed like a Quellian ship the hull of the orbital platforms has a thin layer of the material to improve repairs and over time depending on the amount of damage it is able to patch itself up.
  • Force Blade: Infused with the force and able to counter sabers as well as absorb lightning.
  • Built in power source: Designed with its own internal power source that is long lasting but it is largely able to power the armor and systems of the vehicle but when damaged it is highly explosive.
  • Darkside: Powerful darkside attacks can damage the blade.
  • Force Nullification: Nullification effects can revert the blade to a normal sword.
  • Self Repairing: Built with a protective layer to patch the vehicle in the event of damage. The time table is dependent upon the amount of damage with smaller tears being easier and faster to repair then gashes which can take hours to reform.
    • Note: Only the layer can repair not the full plate armor itself the plating can be damaged still but the underlayer of Laminanium can reform and remain.
Designed by Matsu to be simple, the original idea of the parasol has changed several times as the jedi master gained new insight and materials. Working on things and building different sections of it. The handle and sheath of the blade designed from the force sensitive wood she got at auction with a mandalorian formed beskad for her own use. The parasol section of it is designed by hand and made with the crystal weave throughout allowing the hilt of the blade to be imbued with force energy to resist lightsabers and blasters. The wood being from a special tree and augmenting force healing energies thanks to the works of rave merrill.

Over the years Matsu has worked on and redesigned the blade countless times.. she improved the initial design to become strong, augmented it with the force, upgraded the sheath and with the hypermembrane of the parasol it is able to defend and protect while self repairing itself. THe force blade is designed to be an impressive piece fo equipment that is wielded by the jedi when her lightsabers are not able to be used or needed. She has worked on many other touches to the blade that will allow her to defend with it and go through a number of materials in the galaxy.
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