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Approved Tech Cabur Kad of Valen

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Basaba Willamina

A'den and Alor be aliit Willamina
Intent: To create a ceremonial blade from the Valen reward to be awarded to the most honored in the next Galactic event
Development Thread: Valen Dominion
Manufacturer: Chai La Armory
Model: Blastsword
Affiliation: Mandalorian
Modularity: None
Production: Unique
  • Cortosis (blade)
  • Durasteel (blade)
  • Electrum (guard)
  • Beskar (sheath)
  • Duraplast (internal parts)
Description: Created to mirror the noblemen blades of Adumar and fashioned with more decoration. Basaba and the mandalorian clans debated what to use the cortosis they got from Valen on. They had beskar and it was far superior but this was a gift. Something the people of Valen had granted to them for helping defend and protect their world. So with the aid and knowledge of Captain Larraq the blade sisters created a slightly modified blastblade. The cortosis being used to create twin three inch wide blades that narrowed at the tip into the end of the barrel. The handle has to be pulled and bent to activate the power cell to fire shots. The 44 inch blades are adorned with engravings from each of the clans that were at Valen, a tassel to show the participation of the nightsisters and witches of Dathomir while a beskar sheath to hold it carries the symbol of the Mystosaur.

  • Sword mode: A standard sized broad sword made from cortosis and durasteel since pure cortosis would be too brittle. The guns barrle is visible but cannot be used while the hilt it straight.

  • Gun mode: The hilt extends out an inch and a trigger releases, the weapon requires a two handed grip like an assault rifle and has moderate range but is more for cover while closing the distance to get within melee range.

Classification: Blaster
Size: Handheld (two handed)
Status: Limited (only one made)
  • 1.1176m (barrel)
  • 0.20320m (handle)
Weight: 4kg 535.92g
Ammunition Type: Power cell
Ammunition Capacity: 32 shots
Effective Range: 10m

Classification: Sword
Size: One handed
  • 1.1176m (blade)
  • 0.20320m (Hilt)
Weight: 4kg 535.92g
Other Features:
  • Resistant to lightsaber
  • Blaster between blades
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