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Approved Starship Watts Class Jedi Heavy Cruiser

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Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
1000m Low: 4
  • Advanced Systems: Designed with several notable systems installed on the shipsto improve their capabilities and turn the jedi into a needed operational fighter.
    • Saotome Advanced Tracking System: Designed to give hyperspace tracking capabilities to the ships systems.
    • Advanced Whammy Drive: Whammy Drives create an interdicition pulse that can trip the safeties of ships hyperdrives stalling them. They can't keep a fleet from jumping but for a moment those within range of the pulse can be stalled.
    • Saotome Car'das: Designed for micro jumps with high levels of precision and capabilities.
    • Cater Phalanx: Designed to strengthen the shielding of a squadron. A small team can bunch together and project a shield over themselves for additional protection.
    • Laminanium: Designed like a Quellian ship the hull of the orbital platforms has a thin layer of the material to improve repairs and over time depending on the amount of damage it is able to patch itself up.
    • Advanced Hyperdrive: Designed with an experimental hyperdrive that is meant to give them some of the fastest flight times across all of the galaxy.
  • Neural Net: THe neurral net of the academy allows connecting and automating a number of systemsbut for a skilled hacker who can get itno the biocomputers can hack it and cause havoc.
  • Sleg Reactors: Built with a massive series of sleg reactors, the power increase to allow the station to be mobile if even slowly can cause massive build up of energy that can cause the engines to explode.
  • Protective Qualities: Largely non protective in qualities as it doesn't fully adhere to the rules of physics. The metal looks dense and like it would be highly protective but it isn't.
  • Kyber crystals: Using the design of the finalizer and enhancing the power of the weapons with crystals gives the ships a secondary effect as the crystals used for weapons can be explosive if cracked.
  • Sleg: A powerful energy enhancer, the sleg absorbs and channels the excessive heat generated by the chassis of the speeder. Making them maintain a stronger level of power but also increases the chances that they could explode from the heat.\
After the events of Valen and the testing of the Firekilns the Republic brought in Alli Wren and Baktoid industries to study and work on. The technology of Valen using cortosis for hyperdrives and maximizing armaments while minimizing space was something to be glad about. With the help of the designed and some reports from Valen’s space battle provided by Vice Chancellor Yusan Fenn,jedi Master Kiskla Grayson and jedi knight Vexander Graves the hanger was removed in favor of anti starship capabilities and additional weapons.

The seriousness of armaments came at another price and that was more a piece of their integrity. Saying that they were all about peace while creating a ship designed to wage war on a large scale. Adapting some of the tactics employed by the Firekilns and their swarm mentality using speed to pick and choose targets. Using their data on Imperial ships destroyed at the scene. A wide assortment of weapons to make this an everyman’s ship so it can handle all engagements that are needed.

Further enhancements were made using relations with the Hapes Consortium thanks to the efforts of Hanna the third in command of the Republic. Their stardragons weapons were something that could be adapted and used. The triple heavy ion cannons and pulse mass launchers were something that could prove useful. The medium armor being used to balance out the heavy guns or the ship, if it was lesser used could maybe be hardened ionized heavy armor to blast through. The wanting to create a ship to match the Empires fleets is further needed.

THe years of using the ship have changed as well, with the Watts being overhauled several times but when the resoueces were brought to it so that the ship could be developed into a backbone of the Jedi fleet. A powerhouse with its weapons and power systems. The Valen hyperdrive technologies allowed them to maximize the power that the ship can bring to bare on it... and better yet the redesigned hull was an important part that others might be able to see.
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Ayden Cater

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I'm gonna have to say that until the molecular furnace is removed or limited to some very specific role, that this ship cannot be approved. While the Valen reward for the Republic stipulated that an 800 to 1,000 meter ship could have the fire power equivalent to a full Star Destroyer, it did not contain any sort of measure for the inclusion of super-weapons, which is where molecular furnaces fall traditionally, as their only portrayal comes from being used on World Devastators.

I'm also gonna have to call a mulligan on the turadium and reflec, especially the latter. This is a warship, not a stealth ship. These things will need to be altered before it can be stamped.

Sargon Vynea

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@[member="Syn"] on @[member="Kära Vi'dreya"] request I'm reopening this submission as she can't, long range guns count as five each so your guns have to be redone as your too heavy. Two this has to go down to minor production from major
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