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Approved Tech Elite Horde Rifle

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Vong-formed Imperial Knight/Joiner drone/Imperial
Intent: To create a weapon for those chosen in the Horde by the Ishimura
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Xana Exotic Arms
Model: Bug Launcher
Affiliation: Horde
Modularity: Yes
Production: Minor
  • Sparkbee
  • Yorik-kul
  • Biot
Description: Created to be a special weapon for the trusted and skilled within the horde. The sparkbee biot launcher isn't that impressive. The semi automatic firing of the bee's shaped biots propels them in their various types at a speed similar to a slug thrower. The bladder sacks they are kept in is loaded on the front under the barrel piece made from coral with the small sacks being used to separate the different bee's. The biots in the coral that are designs can create a seal over the different bladders of bugs with is saliva to seal in the freshness and the biots. The rifle can then select which bladder to open and use for firing depending from how the user treaks its nodules on the side.

Small pockets are in the bladders allowing air and the bee's to breathe are cut into the side so they will not die. The firing mechanism uses a couple vong biots to coax a gag reflex from the creature creating a noxious propellent that interacts with sparkbee honey creating the firing mechanism that launches the bugs with a small glup of honey and vomit. In the rare case some of the creatures survive usually if they miss and don't impact with an object able to smash their exoskeleton killing the creature. The honey can minorly weaken and eat away at their bodies as well, making it so that most will not survive long outside of the rifle or bladders.

Classification: Bio-organic Rifle
Size: Two handed
Status: Limited (Vong and Shaped Vong)
Length: .72m
Weight: 8kg
Ammunition Type: Shaped sparkbee's
Ammunition Capacity: 40 bees per bladder

  • Thud: One of the primary creatures fired and operating on a similar scope to a thud bug launcher but its homing isn't as impressive. The ability to fly back to its master doesn't happen as the velocity can smash it when it thuds against something.
  • (High impact damage against unarmored targets, light armor, minor against medium and ineffective against heavy)
  • [when striking a target heavy blunt force damage is done similar to being punched]
  • {effective up to twenty meters}

  • Razor: Shaped from the spark bee and kept in a bladder sack with nine others it is used for going after lightly armored targets and unarmored ones. The homing isn't as useful from the speeds it is being fired out of the rifle at but the exitation of propellent and honey can be just as dangerous when used against vong armor.
  • (Effective against light armor 3 and below, very effective against unarmored enemies)
  • [When hitting a target digs in and causes piecing damage slicing into the skin to draw blood]
  • {effective up to fifteen meters}

  • Snap: A semi flash bang and able to explode in a bright blast of light and sound. The premature detonation of it when it comes out is a common problem and one has to be careful.
  • (not effective against armor, blind targets, deaf targets, polarized lenses)
  • [When striking a target causes an inhalation of noxious fumes that can cause hacking coughs, tears and possibly burn the lung and nasal passages]
  • {effective up to five meters}

  • Blast: Shaped to be a homing missile almost and for plain destruction of some armored target
  • (Effective against medium armor 6 and below with some minor damage to heavy)
  • [Heavy damage on impact with a target wearing armor, moderate damage against one wearing armor, splash damage]
  • {effective up to twenty meter}

  • Glups of honey: Acting as a seal for the bladders a small amount usually fires with the bugs and can be very flamable against vong crab armor.
  • (effective against vong armor 10 and below)
  • {effective up to ten meters}
Effective Range: 20m

War Hydra

King of Monsters

1) Are sparkbees something you came up with, or is there a precedence for them?
2) Are the bees launched from the rifle, or do they fly out of it?
3) How fast do the bees naturally fly and (if launched) how fast do they move while launched from the rifle?
4) If they are launched from the rifle, how do their wings not shred from the speeds and rough treatment of being fired from a rifle?
5) what are the limitations of the 'homing' abilities of these bees?
6) Do the bees return to the rifle if they miss their target?
7) How do the bees know not to attack the person holding the rifle?
8) Can the bees breed naturally if they manage to escape into the wild?

On the whole, I like the idea. I just want you to clarify a bit more about the bees and how they compare to the biot bugs you appear to be basing them off of.


Vong-formed Imperial Knight/Joiner drone/Imperial
  • Sparkbee's are canon, their honey is a delicacy and hazardous to crab armor. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sparkbee
  • They are launched
  • There is no speed that I have been able to find in canon for them natuarlly
  • working on this
  • I do not know where you got homing from
  • No they do not return they are going to be dying
  • Suspension of disbelief..... No I will elaborate
  • Yes if they escape they can breed
@[member="War Hydra"]

War Hydra

King of Monsters

XD I love that. Flammable honey.
My mistake. I assumed you were using a literal 'bee' sized creature that was based on the other 'Vong projectiles. I didn't notice that it was the other way around.
The 'homing' feature I was speaking about was their tendency to fly towards a target if the thrower missed his aim.
My only real issue here is that the biots listed are mainly used as thrown weapons, and this poor little bug is being launched from a rifle. I still love the idea, but would like some clarification.

What mechanism actually launches the bees from the projectile? A sudden burst of gas, like a Gauss rifle?
What effects do the sparkbees have once they impact a target? And how do they cause this effect?

Acidic blood, explosive chemicals, sharp/jagged carapace, giant spike on the forehead, exc... I'd love some details on the physiology of each bee and how that physiology effects its tactical value as a projectile. Also, since they are bees, please come up with a few details about their stingers and the effects of being stung by a bee, should it survive being fired into the air or something.

War Hydra

King of Monsters
Can you go through an touch up on some of the grammar and spelling?

Please specify the 'damage potential' of this weapon and ammo types compared to other weapons.

Please elaborate on te damage/effect of each type of bug when it strikes a target.

Please specify how each ammo type effects armor of different values. Like, what's the strongest armor value each ammo type can penetrate in a single shot.
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