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Approved Starship The Dragon's Fang

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Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
  • Intent: To update and upgrade Sasori's ships and fighters
  • Image Source: Wallcover: Spaceship
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: My Subs
  • Primary Source: N/A
2000m Average: 11
  • Advanced Systems: Designed with several notable systems installed on the shipsto improve their capabilities and turn the jedi into a needed operational fighter.
    • Saotome Advanced Tracking System: Designed to give hyperspace tracking capabilities to the ships systems.
    • Advanced Whammy Drive: Whammy Drives create an interdicition pulse that can trip the safeties of ships hyperdrives stalling them. They can't keep a fleet from jumping but for a moment those within range of the pulse can be stalled.
    • Saotome Car'das: Designed for micro jumps with high levels of precision and capabilities.
    • Cater Phalanx: Designed to strengthen the shielding of a squadron. A small team can bunch together and project a shield over themselves for additional protection.
    • Laminanium: Designed like a Quellian ship the hull of the orbital platforms has a thin layer of the material to improve repairs and over time depending on the amount of damage it is able to patch itself up.
    • Advanced Hyperdrive: Designed with an experimental hyperdrive that is meant to give them some of the fastest flight times across all of the galaxy.
  • Neural Net: THe neural net of the academy allows connecting and automating a number of systemsbut for a skilled hacker who can get itno the biocomputers can hack it and cause havoc.
  • Sleg: A powerful energy enhancer, the sleg absorbs and channels the excessive heat generated by the chassis of the speeder. Making them maintain a stronger level of power but also increases the chances that they could explode from the heat.
  • Orissa: Designed with the Orissa that is a solid plate covered in drop pods reducing underside defenses and cannon.
Designed for the Atrisian Commonwealth by Sasori and Saotome. To give Shoma Ike and his world something to defend after the fall fo the Galactic Alliance. Matsu to help her people and her family was more then hapy to send the ship, designed to originally be just another ship of the line that it rolled out. Instead it would serve as a means to bolster the defenses of the planet as best it could. The Dragon's fang shares a great deal of its weapons and systems with the Jedi Shadow, using different weapons to provide a different level of choice in fighting enemies from non lethal to highly lethal. With defensive measures on the inside to keep the ships around, deployment pods built into the bilge frame under the ship. Deploying soldiers where they might be needed. The Dragon's Fang also serves a secondary purpose, a means to test and show off what the Commonwealth would be able to do possibly in the future. As a prototype that could become the ship of the line and mainstay for them.

The years since the Dragon's fang was brought into service proved beneficial... being able tggo expand and rebuild their shipyards the Commonwealth was able to get the destroyer turned into a ship of the line to defend the planet. One of the few lines that was not part of the choushin line that would serve them well enough and was tried and true. THeir naval forces producing them to defend the dragon line of dreadnaught class warships that were being designed for members of the royal families defense purposes. Shoma Ike Shoma Ike with admiral Beifong given their own task force that would be able to go out and explore as well as patrol the space lanes leading to other Commonwealth worlds that benefitted from the trade they had been working on. With the fang becoming a ship of the line it received a massive overhaul to its systems showing what can be done without the Choushin enhancements and using their dedicated fighters.
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HPI AI; Terraris Command
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Matsu Ike Matsu Ike

As usual very nice ship. One remark, you wrote the proper Hangar space number, but under the Hangar Allocations, you're only mention 5 instead of the 11. Please fix it. And the image source link is broken.
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