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Approved Tech Praestigiae Heretical Purge Handgun

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Classification: Purge unit MK I

Size: Handheld

Status: Limited to Atrisian Inquisition

Length: 0.33020m

Weight: 2kg 267.96g

Ammunition Type: Jellied fuel

Ammunition Capacity: 10 seconds sustained spray per cartridge

Effective Range: 6.0960m

Intent: To give the Atrisian empire a weapon for dealing with force users

Development Thread: If needed

Manufacturer: Praestigiae Shop

Model: Heretical Purge unit

Affiliation: The Republic

Modularity: No

Production: Minor

Material: Durasteel

Description: Small and made to be lightweight for the Inquisition, the Purge unit was created at the ideas of the zealotious Naaham and produced by Bellalika to please her. It also serves several functions as a demoralizing tool to Inquisitors who try to run or question the orders of those above them. The cartridges themselves are smaller to not add much weight and can be replaced quickly be screwing them in but this is at the limited amount of fuel in them. At best it you may get two streams of fuel out of it at half range or one long one at the full range. The flame is exposed at the end and can be blown out easily enough which will result in covering an enemy is the jellied fuel.
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