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Approved Tech Manaan Campaign Robes

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Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist

  • Intent: To continue expanding and improving the Sasori robe series
  • Image Source: Jedi Padawan
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: My Subs
  • Primary Source: Jedi Arbiter
  • Manufacturer: Sasori Research
  • Affiliation: Company Name: Sasori
  • Market Status: Closed-Market
  • Model: Robe Series
  • Modularity: Fitted for the jedi
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material:
  • Classification: Other
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:
    • Energy: Very High
    • Kinetic: Low
    • Lightsabers: Very High
    • Other: Sonic: Very Low
    • Other: EMP/ION: Very Low
    • Other: Elemental: Average
    • Other: Piercing: Very High
    • Other: Darkside: High
  • Force Affinity: Designed with force infused materials that imbue to the jedi wearing them a standard slew of protections and capabilities. The ability to better resist the darksides influence, ease the access to learned skills that have been practiced and feeling generally more energized and lively.
    • Force resistance: Not pure resistance to the force but its influences specifically the darkside.
    • Force Enlightenment: A general enhancement of the specific jedi's talents in the lightside of the force. They don't know everything but using their own abilities is easier, sharper focus.
    • Revitalize: A more robust feeling mentally and physically aids in calming the mind and body to focus.
    • Force Orb: Better able to be created by the jedi with the robes around their head and maintained on others as the robes lessen the focus and strain of the mind.
    • Waveform: Following the motions of the ocean and their allies... the technique is better able to enhance and empower telekinetic attacks.
    • Progenitor's Call: Calling on the overwhelming power and call of the Progenitor the jedi could learn to project the call to distract and try to disrupt others mental focus.
  • Kirano Interface: Standard technical interface for operations.
  • Jedi Utility Belt: For supplies
  • Cracken Survival Kit: Standard field kit
  • Artificial gill: Designed in the folds of the robes they are made to aid a jedi in aquatic endeavors by letting them remain underwater.
  • Hydrostatic Field: Designed into the robes to protect from the pressures of the deep. THe shiled isn't very protective in terms of combat but they won't get nitrogen in the blood coming up to fast.
  • Superior Protection: Designed using the Synthmesh, wintrium that as it ages continues to grow stronger and skylar which offers a form fitted compression material.
  • Force Affinity: Infused and crafted with the force, the synthmesh, skylar and inth metal used all add force abilities to the outfit.
  • Requires Connection to the Force: For the synthweave effects to function within it the material needs to be able to feel the force energies around it. Vong tech, yalisimiri, voidstone, dampening fields are all counter to what the material can handle.
  • Kinetic Impact: High grade kinetic impact from heavy slugthrowers and matukai styled punches cannot be dispersed.
  • EMP/Ion Vulnerabliity: THe material has virtually no protection from ion and emp weapons.
  • Lightside beacon; The robes radiate the lightside of the force.
  • Lightside: Designed with the jedi and lightside in mind, the material can be worn andused by neutral and darksiders but it is uncomfortable.
With the jedi stationed on Manaan when the sith attacked, the old need for their robes to be able to handle water and one of the sinkings of the city was important. In this case a new set of robes created for them by The Order of Shasa.The Selkath while wanting to remain neutral also saw the danger as the sith were generally in their attacks attempting to sink the city. THe jedi Matsu managed to create a typhoon with her notable skill in altering the environment to combat the massive Kaiju sized sithspawn that were being rbought to bare against them and to escape the damage many went to their orders ancient facility in the rift away from the destruction. With the combat forging the jedi who were stationed on Manaan into staunch believers in the dangers of war and the escalation they became Jedi Arbitors jumping into conflicts between warring clans, tribes, planets and settling the disputes as peacefully as they could. The Robes of the Manaan campaign are the closest the jedi have to a robed model of aquatic suits.
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