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Approved Tech LZR MK II presented by Baktoid

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Intent: To create an upgraded version of the LZR pistol for Atrisian forces and Baktoid

Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Praestigiae Shop

Model: Field Pistol

Affiliation: The Republic

Modularity: Yes
Flashlight under barrel
Stun attachment under barrel
Secondary power cell under barrel

Production: Mass Produced

Material: Duralumin

Description: Designed for mass production and to be a last resort. The low damage outpost of the weapon is because the energy cell take 65% of the total shot to recycle and charge itself again for another shot. This makes the ammo able to last far longer per cell but it is only worthwhile against armor (rating 2 or below) and skin. The stun setting consumes a larger chunk of the energy cell and is effective 12 times per cell but the energy does not recycle. The flashlight attachment adds additional weight of 226.80g and only one attachment can be equipped at a time. Several upgrades have been provided with the help of Baktoid's funding making the small powered weapon a little more effective. Namely in the form of secondary power cell to improve ammo capacity, using durlanium in the materials to reduce the weight a little more (which is offset by the weight of attachments).

Classification: Blaster

Size: Handheld

Status: Legal

Length: .27940m

Weight: 680.39g

Ammunition Type: Ditanium Power cell

Ammunition Capacity: 160 shots (plus 140 extra with power cell attachment)

Effective Range: 6.0960m
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