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Approved Tech Vortex Class Torpedo

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  • Intent: To create a special torpedo for use
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: My Subs
  • Primary Source: Vortex detonator
  • Classification: Environmental Torpedo
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Average
  • Explosive Type: Variable Environmental Payload
  • Delivery Method: Launched
  • Effective Range: Average
  • Area Of Effect: Extreme
  • Damage Output: None
  • Variable Payload: Designed specifically to the world it is being used on. Each payload is made to exacerbate environmental conditions.
    • Environmental Effects can last for several hours after initial dispersion of payload and then will return to normal weather patterns for the planet. Variable levels of danger (and defenders determine damage effects sustained)
  • Area of Effect: Little to no damage but its effects on a planets environment can be powerful making small winds become larger and temporarily stoking volcanic activity or flash freezing rain into hail and snow.
  • Ineffective: While it is designed to release a powerful payload it is not damaging... getting hit by it might destroy a fleshy target from raw kinetic impact and the payload detonating would have an explosion with shrapnel but it doesn't have a real damage output.
Designed by Sala'dine, the torpedo is something different i its design using an old imperial weapon. The vortex detonator designed to ravage and destroy a planet as part of operation cinder. The design was heinous but it had potential for other alternatives... it could lead to advances for terraforming technologies if they could get the massive machines into a torpedo form... it would be easier to saturate a world with it and just shoot things. So the initial phase of it benefits as the torpedoes are designed and programmed with payloads that are tailored to the environments of the worlds that they are being used on. The payloads handled was the first part... the second war making sure that they had the casing of the torpedo designed for maximum distribution. The dispersion detonation when it reaches atmosphere allows it to spread out and go over a large area.
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Sala'dine Sala'dine

Another sub to look through

So walk me through exactly how dangerous this is? Cause while it doesn't cause actual damage it still affects the weather in a fashion that operation cinder did, which you do mention. I can see that they are temporary but I would like to know how long these effects last as it could be bordering super weapon levels, especially considering its meant to affect an entire world/atmosphere.


Admiral of the Ghost Fleet
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Good point on the superweapon possibilities. I didn't even think of that but I would say it would last for several hours at most. It would detonate, disperse but then be gone within an hour or two and the results would last for a few more before returning to normal.
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