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Kyoko Ike


Power emanations from the City of Dreams were untraceable in realspace due to its ethereal nature; in this way, its citizens could monitor Imperial transmissions undetected
the city had been created by his "psychic power," and everything in the dimension it existed was not material, but rather composed of "psychic energy."
  • Classification: Lightsaber
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Light
  • Variable Length: The hilts and blades are able to with the controls reach different lengths for different uses. From duelphase and broad style for deflection to the hilts being shotos or reaching saber pike length. Even strong enough to function like pole vaults able to support the jedis weight for moving around.
  • Enhanced Cutting: The emitters, lens, power source and Caltin's crystals that he adds to the sabers can make the cutting power of the saber
  • Enhanced Deflection: The lens and emitter are designed to adjust and allow the blades to switch to a better model for deflection capabilities against blasters and even function against paddle beamers easily enough.
  • Crystal Assembly: The enhanced and extended crystal assembly is made that the jedi can place several crystals in it and create useful combinations of his sabers effects.
  • Ghostfire: Near Invisible and silent blades turn the disc sabers into spinning crosses most won't be able to know are activated.
  • Enhanced Cutting Power: With the lens and power as well as emitters and crystal combination the cutting power can make materials like vong crab armor, beskar and phrik butter beneath the blade.
  • Variable Modes: Able to change for deflection, cutting, duel phase length, even deflecting paddle beams at the cost of being unable to deflect standard blaster bolts. The saber is a technical wonder.
  • Functionality: The crystal lens allows it to cut cortosis without deactivating, the ignition pulse allows it to work underwater, adjustment lets it go from a thin and focus blade for dueling or cutting into a broad and flateblade to deflect and defend. The exotic metals used in it allow the saber to literally become impossibly heavy for anyone else trying to touch and hold it except Caltin.
  • Exotic Matter: The ethereal nature of the metal makes it near weightless despite being and looking dense within the pocket dimension of dream. In realspace it can be grasped and there is a steady supply able to be used by the jedi. When smelted with other materials it can decrease the weight of the material created by 50 percent. The exotic structure with the solidified force energy being able to skirt gravity as it has mass but does not become weighed down as long as there is force energy within it. When smelted and added to materials that are largely heavy it can reduce the weight depending on how much is use (ie: a few grams compared to ingots.. a couple grams might take off some pounds while an ingot will reduce the weight but also the quality of the metal since it doesn't augment the resistances.
  • Physics Meet Metal bat: Being from the dream pocket dimension the metal has unique properties generated and made by Krass. in this case it is psychoreactive and able to be bonded to a single person. That person can then bring it to them like they were holding a massive magnet with the range being hard to determine as they have to be able to sense and feel it.
  • Force Nullification: The sabers while a technical achievement also use the force to give them many of their effects. Without it they are heavy and normal metal with an unstable power source that has lost some of its filtering and enhancement.
  • Exotic Matter: The tetherite and solarite metals are explosive when they come into contact with anti or dark matter.
  • Mirrors Interior: The sophisticated mirrors used to shrink down the internal components are important and damaging them is on of the more dangerous things as it can cause the sabers to explode or cease functioning.
  • Protective Qualities: Largely non protective in qualities as it doesn't fully adhere to the rules of physics. The metal looks dense and like it would be highly protective but it isn't.
  • Sharper Image: The blade and all of the components are made to increase the sharpness and power fo the blade. Making the blade thinner instead of wider it is harder to deflect blaster bolts with the blade
  • GHostfire: The Ghostfire crystals make the blade invisible and quiet, without awareness and keen senses Kyoko runs just as much risk of harming herself
  • Non-Traditional Stance: The sabers are made to be held in normal grips or stances limiting forms and what can be done with them.
  • Telekinesis: Made to be flung around and controlled without her mental connection on the activation studs the sabers are unable to be kept on and blocking sabers is very difficult
Designed by Kyoko Ike for herself using Zeizon disc blades as an idea. The sabers are actually three discs she can mentally control and throw around herself. To have different uses like attacking or defending. THe smaller size also makes holding a few of them for traveling around different then a typical lightsaber blade. The inclusion of the ghostfire crystal gives the blade a silent and near inviisble blade that is hard to see and can barely be heard. Itserves well for purposes of catching people off guard with the discs as they are usually watching her instead. THe discs aren't like traditional sabers and Kyoko can awkwardly hold them in her hands but they are meant to free up her hands for direction and pointing or indicating to others. Heavily focused on mental techniques to direct them and bring them back once she is done.

The years have been kind and advances in lightsaber technology as well as her own training has allowed Kyoko's disc blades to become something.... much more dangerous. Able to wield them much the same as before they are now exponentially more pwoerful with their cutting capacity and function.. the tetherite allows her far greater control and ease of movement as she can spin them around herself. SHe has worked to develop them but also her largely improved skills with the force for control as one of the few jedi shadows on Ahch-To in the temple of Omean.
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Please make sure all the strengths / weaknesses of the submissions in the Special Features section are included here.

Kyoko Ike said:
Force Beacon: It is designed with inth metal and focusing the force within Sala'dine giving her calming thoughts and a better connection to the force.
This part should be under strengths.

Also, the site in your link for the image source is currently down. Do you have an alternative source for the image?
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