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Approved Tech Saotome Commando Droid: Meier

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The Mother of All Psy-Pires
Intent: To create a personal droid to guard the Saotome Envoy Nine Purchased and pilot it, as well as demonstrate a proof of concept for a future line of special droids to construct for the Atrisian Commonwealth.


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Kate Beckinsale.

Underworld Film Series.

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X-Men Film Series.

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Primary Source: Commando droid


Manufacturer: Saotome Foundry (, @Nine Lives.

Affiliation: Nine Lives


Production: Unique

Modularity: N/A

Material: Durasteel, droid components, Ooglith Masquer for skin. Titanium.


Classification: Fourth Degree

Weight: 90kg

Height: 1.7m

Movement: Bipedal

Armaments: Light absorbing cells, sound dampening system, X-Ray, Night, and Thermal Vision.

Misc. Equipment: Twin Seperatist Combat Pistos.


Hueristic Processors taken from the IG-100 Magna Guard

Stealth focused, specially grown Ooglith Masquer that enables the droid to become invisible or blend into the environment by mimicking surrounding materials.

Light absorbing cell nodules implanted on droid's left hand.

Illegal database of human psychology

Illegal database of Interrogation Techniques.

Database on Sith Spawn and weaknesses.

Primitive short range two-way radio transmission device to Castle Morpheus AI, serving as its "Mouth".

Improved targeting systems.

Heavily armored.

Vampiric repair system.

Piloting database taken from ancient confederacy droid starfighters.

Specialized Organic Circuitry designed to interact with Ooglith.

Sound dampening system derived from Aratech SD belt, but modified to lack sonic resistance qualities.

Enhanced sound sensors for recording conversations.

Personality: Programmed with a duty to guard and pilot Nine's Saotome Envoy, as well as mingle with people and purchase resources for the ships upkeep, Meier is far more friendly and disarming than either of Nine's prior creations, and most that interact with the droid never realize it is a droid. As its illegally modified hueristic processors came from the IG-100, it is very ruthless in its duties, but without orders is casual, if a bit frosty with strangers approaching the ship. To Nine it is cheerful sometimes to the point it actually irritates her.


Limited Shapeshifting: As with Nine's previous creations, the unit is capable of limited shape shifting for the purposes of evasion. Unlike previous models, this prototype carries only one other form, as the rest of the masquer functions are stealth related. It is able to mimic the environment surrounding it, able to let it's surface take on the texture and color of rock, bark, metal, or otherwise mimicking the pattern and colors of the environment where the former option is unavailable, though this transformation requires at least ten seconds to mimic the environment.

You're not afraid of the dark...are you?: The light absorbing cell technology of the Kerestians has been implanted in the droid's left hand, enabling it to create near total Darkness in a twenty meter radius around itself.

Limited Self Repair: As with her previous creations, the droid has a parasitic repair system that can repair damage to the masquer by drinking blood. But only the Masquer.

Turing Approved: Special modifications to its hueristic processors enable the droid with a full range of emotions, allowing it to pass unnoticed as a droid unless specifically examined.

What have you done with those plans: The droid is an expert interrogator, drawing from a wide range of data on actual interrogation practices of law enforcement, how to counter resistance to said techniques and a wide range of of data regarding human psychology. Its actually better than Nine's Biot, Vera in some ways, but only slightly, and it gets answers slower, as it is less ruthless than than the Biot.

Corvinus: Unlike her prior efforts, Meier is intended to be the "Proof of Concept" for a new line of stealth focused, shape shifting commando droids specially built for the Atrisian Commonwealth under [member="Shoma Ike"], though as it is testing bed technology it carries numerous flaws, some intentional, some unintentional.

Camo: The Masquer has a special function to allow the droid to become temporarily invisible for Three minutes, requirering thirty minutes before the Masquer is able to do this again. In addition a sound dampening system directly based off the Aratech SD belt enables it to be silent, though it cannot have both active at the same time, due to power concerns.

Heavy armor: The droid's chassis has been signficantly strengthened by the use of Titanium, as well as modifications to its servos enabling it to bare the weight increase.

Ace: As good at piloting as Nine's other droid, Magnus, due to the systems being pulled from droid starfighters from the clone wars.

Neutral: Mouth of Sauron:

Installed with a primitive short range Orbit-to-surface radio system to the Castle Morpheus AI, which is already able to link with any droid in its system, serves as the ship's mouth while away from Castle Morpheus in case it must immediately contact Nine for any reason, which is rare, however, when it does, the Masquer takes the only other permanent form in its database--that of [member="Sawa Ike"], whose blood enabled her to originally open Castle Morpheus. Nine did this partly as a joke, but also as a silent acknowledgement that without Sawa's blood, her "children" would have had no refuge to keep them safe and Nine would not have been able to stop the disease outbreak from the ship originally, in spite of her rage towards the energy vampire. (Done with permission of Matsu)

Morpheus uplink form:



Drrrraaaaaaiiiinnage!: Power requirements are significant, due to a combination of factors. One is the heavy armor itself, the second is the specialized systems of the Masquer and the droid take significant power to keep active. It is unable to use all systems at once, and never for more than twenty minutes barring is invisibility function each or its power core could over heat. It must also be able to recharge itself in the field regularly.

Abomination: As this is meant to be a prototype to a deadly commando droid unit, it would be considered far from safe by regular, ordinary authorities, who would condemn it as a dangerous and insidious weapon if its actual nature became known to authorities.

Allergic to Baffer Pollen: Exposure would cause the Masquer to rip itself off the droid, severely damaging itself and the droid, due to the feedback to its circuits.

EMP vulnerable: Nine didn't give the droid any emp resistance, in case she needs to destroy it.

Sonic Vulnerable: Exposure to directed sound would cause the Masquer to catch fire, completely ruining its disguise functions until it could drink blood to repair the Masquer. The droid would also experience momentary stun due to the feedback in its circuits.

Visible by thermal. Despite its advanced systems, Nine was unable to mask its heat signature. Its otherwise excellent stealth capabilities are hindered by this one, glaring flaw.

No close combat programming: Due to the much more complicated processing power given to its stealth systems, Nine was only able to give it the capacity to fire blaster pistols. While its targeting is excellent, it lacks any means to defend itself at close range.

Ooglith more vulnerable: The genetic alterations left the ooglith unable to resist damage of any sort except by mild kinetic impacts.

Vulnerable to Un-Masquers: if exposed to an unmasquer, the ooglith will violently peel away from the droid, the feed back stunning it and leaving its defenses open.

Overspecialized: The droid cannot be anything other than what it was programmed to be.

Microwave vulnerable: Directed microwaves would violently necrotize the ooglith and wipe the droid's programming.

High disruption chance: The radio system is unencrypted and easily jammed.


Designed ostensibly as a heavily modified commando droid with piloting protocols, Nine created Meier clandestinely to serve as demonstration tech for the Atrisian Commonwealth in secret, with a far more adaptable Masquer geared genetically towards stealth, Meier is intended as proof of concept for a special line of battle droids she hopes to develop for the commonwealth.

Base: Droid

As with Magnus, the base droid was unsuitable for Nine's aims, and replaced its standard plating with heavy titanium, upgrading its servos to take the strain, as well as heavily modifying its power core to handle the strain of the other systems she was going to install. She also had her neural tissue grown and fastened to specialized organic circuitry connected to the droid chassis at various nodes to interact with the Masquer and hooked to the droid brain itself, as with Magnus. A parasitic self repair system which converts blood to materials necessary for the Masquer to repair itself was also installed, of Nine's own design.

Special: Ooglith

The Masquer, as in previous cases, was tailor made by Nine. In this instance, Nine exploited its mimickry abilities to the fullest of her abilities, enabling it a cloaking function like certain standard ooglith, while also adding a chameleon like function to blend into the surrounding environment. The modifications have rendered it as vulnerable to damage as the masquer covering Nine's biot, Vera.


Its main functions are to pilot Nine's Saotome Envoy, guard it, and acquire necessary resources for the vessel. Unofficially, it serves as a test bed, a protype for a series of droid Nine plans to develop in secret for Atrisia. From that perspective, it seems to be intended to serve as a foundation for specialized spy/commando units. Its personality is programmed for absolute loyalty to its creator but when not under orders displays a friendly attitude and is even capable of empathizing, which makes it in some ways a more effective interrogator. The hueristic processors, nine in all, illegally modified from the IG-100 brains she had acquired mostly control the stealth systems and have very little combat programming, though what it is programmed with it uses excellently, in this case, pistols. Four are devoted to its personality, the rest control everything else. It can monitor and record conversations that Nine tells it to and can hear extremely well.

While not without its flaws, this vampiric commando droid may be a glimpse into the future of Atrisia's war machine. Currently, it possesses multiple vulnerabilities in case Nine must destroy such an incredibly dangerous prototype. Its resistance to baffer pollen, unmasquers, ion, and microwaves are laughable and cannot be more than what it is. But what it is is still very, very, deadly.
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