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Approved Tech Wind Fans

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Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist

Image Credits: http://img1.etsystat...282857_augq.jpg

Intent: To create a pair of fans that can help Matsu focus the energies of alter environment.

Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Matsu Ike

Model: Fan

Affiliation: Jedi

Modularity: Yes Matsu knows how to enhance objects with the force for a time

Production: Unique

Material: Duralumin

Description: Designed as traditional atrisian style fans, the purpose they serve is for Matsu to create a focus of the force with a physical object and improve her control of alter environment. Between the understanding of physics and the weather it can be made stronger with less strain. A focus point is further used to help it along but the metal is recycled parts that were used for sabers or discarded. The metal has no saber resistance unless she works to enhance them with the force.
Not open for further replies.