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Wey'lan Dyu'tani


Vong-formed Imperial Knight/Joiner drone/Imperial
Corporation Name: Wey'lan Dyu'tani
Headquarters: Zenoma Sekot
Locations: Zenoma Sekot, Cazador, saleucami, Gallos
  • Shipbuilding via shipwombs
  • Creation of Vong tech weapons and armor
  • Vong farms and equipment
Rationale: There was not a proper Vong company to go to for armor, weapons and ships
Tier: 3

Description: Something small and nondescript that Lucrezia founded using the shipwomb that Ishi came from. Designed and operated so that her ship and armor could have a way to be up-kept. Lucrezia worked among her somewhat people, being shaped by the Vong and experimented on by the Imperials. A small womb that had created the ship prematurely but it wasn't such a bad thing it just let her try and grow other ships. Coming to terms with her situation. The small visit to the planet by the Fringe got her in touch with the ones who had shaped her and they taught her more about the workings they were doing. She took a place at the head of a company with the increase of people wishing to acquire Vong bio-technologies to try and regulate it. The small group operates out of the planet and produces equipment for the Horde or anyone who is willing to pay.

Pertient Development Threads:

Tier I to Tier II
Sign a contract with at least one faction or organization.
Make at least three minor-production products.
Complete two miscellaneous threads.

Tier II to Tier III
Sign a contract with two more factions or organizations.
  • Something of Value - Signs contracts at expo, Damorian, Free Colonies, Mercs Legion, Inquisition Industrys
Make an additional three mass-production products.
Complete three miscellaneous threads.
New Submission: tier increase

Darth Adekos

Derisive Umbaran

Weyland Yutani. I get it.

At any rate, the description makes this sound more like a Tier I than a Tier II. Either downgrade your tier or upgrade your description.