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Approved Tech Yoma

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Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
  • Intent: To fill a commission from [member="Maple Harte"]
  • Image Source:
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source:
  • Sasori Commission

  • Manufacturer: [member="Matsu Ike"]
  • Model: Amphistaff
  • Affiliation: Individual Character Name ([member="Maple Harte"])
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Unique (Only One Character)
  • Material:
    Sasori SynthMesh
  • Aurodium

  • Semi Organic Design
  • Multi-Weapon (staff/whip/lightsaber)
  • Strong and Light Blade: Designed with aurodium and synthmesh. The weapon is a recovered semi damaged amphistaff from the old one sith. Able to create a number of weapons and attack with its five heads.
  • Shoto: The mechanical part of it where the life preservation portions of the saber are kept connect to a lightsaber. Using the power cell to create a small short blade.
  • Blunt Trauma: THe amphistaff heads have a major weakness, they are organic and can be smashed or severed fromt he creature itself. With a strong enough blunt force strike you can kill it.
  • Life Preservation: The Amphistaff was damaged when it was found by Matsu. The creature missing a portion of its body and she hooked it into a preservation unit. It is vulnerable to ion and emp weapons which can kill the creature.
  • Living Being: The Amphistaff portion of it is a living being it needs to be fed and cared for like any creature more so since it is wounded and can't go off on its own to get its own food.
Created by Sasori for [member="Maple Harte"] using a damaged section of a amphistaff. The snake was.... injured when it was recovered. Leading the jedi to try and save it by using a small preservation sheath that was designed in the field using a spare lightsaber shoto. It wasn't perfect but the idea of the weapon came and when a former jedi who served the lightside of the force requested a similar type of design it seemed almost perfect. Maple would be able to use the saber and the amphistaff. As a piece of equipment it can be used by Maple and protect her, as a companion it is loyal and mostly damaged. Staying with her and going to hang around. Its protection and life preservation systems can last for a long time using the small sabers power cell with regular recharging but it isn't much of a fully intact weapon with its limited range. Its ability to heal itself is still there toa point generally unable to regenerate the missing section of its body and requiring it remains within the equipment.
Directorate Officer
Matsu Ike said:
Affiliation: Individual Character Name (an individual PC/NPC who is permitted to use this item)
Should this be Maple Harte? As a related note, there are several sections within the description itself that mention Nine rather than Maple.

Matsu Ike said:
Model: Hydrastaff

Have you talked to Tef about using this? The IC rationale for this makes sense, but given that this wasn't a common weapon of the OS, and that it is restricted to smaller numbers than a mass-produced product OOC, I'm not sure about this. It might be easier to use a canon amphistaff for the base of this weapon.
Directorate Officer
Matsu Ike said:
Strong and Light Blade: Designed with aurodium and synthmesh. The weapon is a recovered semi damaged hydrastaff from the old one sith. Able to create a number of weapons and attack with its five heads.
This still refers to it being a hydrastaff.

To be clear, I don't see an issue with this having five heads like the hydrastaff. Maybe this amphistaff is a mutuation or the result of someone trying to replicate the hydrastaff. If that's the case though, I'd mention a little bit about the staff's origin in the description itself.
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