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Atrisi United

Baifa Monü Zhuan
Created in the wake of the Jishi era's reconstruction efforts to try and help Atrisia. The massive unbrella of the royal family and the Commonwealth tried to help out everyone by giving them the most advanced technologies and means to work in their fields. Evolving as the efforts began to pay off into a much more organized entity. Each division works with experts in the field from Atrisia and if needed contracts to others who can be brought in, they work with the banking clans and other governments to establish heavy trade and set prices for goods. They primarily work with Sasori Research and Corellia Digital who have been long time benefactors and allies of the Commonwealth and established the Darakar in Commonwealth space which serves to the larger galaxy as a note of credit and means since it has established a high enough value. They incorporated several offices and means from the longtime Imperial offices that the old Emperor Akio established and have worked to largely improve Commonwealth space before branching outwards. Other Atrisian Companies are welcomed but the primary the government goes to is Atrisi United.

Owned by the Atrisian Commonwealth itself and developed into a singular entity as they sought to rebuild and recover.
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