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Approved Tech Shatory Reishūkaku

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Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
Power emanations from the City of Dreams were untraceable in realspace due to its ethereal nature; in this way, its citizens could monitor Imperial transmissions undetected
the city had been created by his "psychic power," and everything in the dimension it existed was not material, but rather composed of "psychic energy."
  • Classification: Glaive
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Extremely Light
  • Anti-Force Blade: Able to suppress and in extreme cases (permission) sever a darksider from the force.
  • Blade of Light: Building on the original design the new solarite metal allows the jedi to infuse force light into the blade made from solarite and with it they can sever the force from a darksider.
  • Bubble: Focused an used the staff can make a bubble around the user around five meters that requires their intense focus but it can make force abilities in the bubble either much harder to use or not able to be used.
  • Exotic Matter: The ethereal nature of the metal makes it near weightless despite being and looking dense within the pocket dimension of dream. In realspace it can be grasped and there is a steady supply able to be used by Krass to create the glove.
  • Protective Qualities: Largely non protective in qualities as it doesn't fully adhere to the rules of physics. The metal looks dense and like it would be highly protective but it isn't.
  • Exotic Particles: Largely unknown and not seen in the galaxy before. It isn't invincible nor is it really strong but it reacts violently near dark and anti-matter which can disrupt and destroy it or even cause it to rupture and disintegrate.
  • Force Nullification: Composed of solidified energy from a pocket dimension. Within a force nullification field it becomes heavy. The molecular structure is super dense but able to skirt and not adhere to physics like gravity normally. Without the force to preform this it becomes almost impossibly heavy to lift.
  • Lightside: Designed so that only lightsiders can use the glove.
  • Lightaside Beacon: The glove is designed to radiate the force and can't be concealed.
Designed through Shatory with some ideas from Sasori, the weapon is a force weapon. Able to be infused with energies and function at deflecting lightsaber blades. The other main part of it is the infusion of force energies to create when held and utilized a dampening field that can make using the force harder.

The crystal weave within the weapon is designed and made to facilitate the weapons force imbuement, allowing the user to wrap it in frce energy to make it strong with a force weapon or to create the dampening field. However it does not augment the users abilities to use the force or make them stronger. It is to use and strengthen the weapon itself.

The shaft of the staff and force ability of the weapon does not stop the force within the bubble. It makes the force harder to feel and requires knowledge of how to work and use the force at the molecular level. A technique that can be taught with a small handful of skills. Those are not used with the glaive and those wielding it should see with their masters.

The effects of the dampening field on the wielder is more effective requiring their full concentration to maintain and hold the bubble. They can still move around and walk, talk but they can't divide their attention to maintain the force if they wish to keep the bubble up. The ability to fight with the weapon itself falls entirely onto their training as well.

The force effects of the weapon are also subject to the same rules as others. On worlds where the force cannot be felt it will not function with its abilities, however the phrik weave will continue to make the weapon able to resist a lightsaber, If it is caught in a force null bubble created by a Ysalamir it will not function until out of it, a non force sensitive or force dead users wouldn't be able to use the force effects either.

The staff has been used over the years and upgraded... with improvements and finally an overall redesign that tested it and vastly changed its qualities... with solarite metal and the synthmesh being used to alter the blade and make it light... its product was much the same but using the exotic metal they could channel the force into the blade and through it to enhance the suppression capabilities to the point a jedi could sever a darksider from the force with a strike.
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Alright, let's get started.

Right off the bat, there's quite a bit that will need to be done in order for this to pass.

To begin, let's call this submission what it is. It is an item that can be handed to any player character that you so choose. It has the ability to shred through materials that are weaker than phrik (which is, arguably, everything save beskar and alchemized materials) On top of this, it has the a light, Ysalamir-esque effect.

Thus far, there are items that have been passed, that come close to encompassing a single trait of the aforementioned. There have been limited production items made of restricted materials. My own Tomahawk, Ha'rangir, has the ability to shatter Beskar. Rave's sword, Entropy, has the ability to shred through certain Force Powers. Yet the latter two of this list have some exceptional development behind them.

That said, you are going to need to tone this down considerably in order to me to consider passing this.

For one, I am not at all comfortable with a limited production weapon that can shred through materials of lesser grade than phrik. (While this may not be the explicitly listed intent, again, the Omnibreaker submission you based this submission off of says as much.) So, first thing's first, I would like you to lower the production of this submission to Semi-Unique (Max: 3). As it stands, I will not be stamping a submission that can be handed to any PC with this many perks.

Next, I would ask that you nerf the cutting power. In particular, you can either:

  • Note that the maximum cutting power of this weapon is Durasteel/comparable materials.
  • (Using the quality of your Silence Falls development thread as the basis here) 35 posts of extra development.
Lastly, I would ask that you either:
  • Drop the light, Ysalamir-esque effect.
  • (Again, using your own quality as basis here) 35 posts of extra development, on top of clearly stating that the bubble affects wielder and opponent alike.
So, TL;DR - You give me 70 posts of the same quality as your Silence Falls thread and I'll sign off on a Semi-Unique version of this submission.
35 nets you the Omnibreaker-level cutting power applied to Phrik and below.
Another 35 nets you the Dampen Force bubble, with notation.

[member="Matsu Ike"]
[member="Matsu Ike"]

You're not going to handwave the potential wielder being able to withstand the dampening effects of the bubble with "training." Leave it as both wielder/opponents are affected.

Again, note next to Semi-Unique that only three of these weapons are in existence. As I stated above, I am not going to sign off on this submission if it can be handed out to an indefinite amount of PCs at your discretion.

Also, I'd like you to make a note about the Crystal Weave stating that, while it allows the Force to be conducted through the weapon/facilitates the dampen effect, it does not enhance/augment the wielder's abilities. I don't want this submission used as an excuse for the wielders to go Super Saiyan IC.

Make these changes, finish your thread, and I believe we'll have something I'm okay with stamping.
[member="Matsu Ike"]

Minor tweaks:

- Fourth paragraph, last sentence it says - "Use of the weapon on worlds that cannot allow the Force." I'm assuming the wording is an oversight so feel free to edit it accordingly.

- Again, change the Production field to read: "Semi-Unique (3)" as opposed to "Only A Handful of Characters"

Ping me when you're finished.
Matsu Ike said:
[member="Braith Achlys"]

No more or less then the rules of the ability in the article. It doesn't stop the use of the force, it makes it harder for a time within the area.
In your own words, what is the most you believe the holder of this weapon would be able to effect via the force, not referring just to telekinesis, but how - overall - restrained would they be? If you're going to quote the article, which is citing a canon use by Darth Vader's apprentice, I'm going to ask you rework this submission so that it is a passive effect, never stopping unless prompted by an outside force (Ysalamir, etc) as requiring the wielder to utilize the force to do this in the first place is going to be nearly impossible when the effect of this weapon is reducing the ability to use it.
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