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Approved Tech Jadeite Functional Robes

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Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist

  • Classification: Other
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:
    • Energy: Very High
    • Kinetic: Low
    • Lightsabers: Very High
    • Other: Sonic: Very Low
    • Other: EMP/ION: Very Low
    • Other: Elemental: Average
    • Other: Piercing: Very High
    • Other: Darkside: High
  • Force Affinity: Designed with force infused materials that imbue to the jedi wearing them a standard slew of protections and capabilities. The ability to better resist the darksides influence, ease the access to learned skills that have been practiced and feeling generally more energized and lively.
    • Force resistance: Not pure resistance to the force but its influences specifically the darkside.
    • Force Enlightenment: A general enhancement of the specific jedi's talents in the lightside of the force. They don't know everything but using their own abilities is easier, sharper focus.
    • Revitalize: A more robust feeling mentally and physically aids in calming the mind and body to focus.
  • Kirano Interface: Standard technical interface for operations.
  • Jedi Utility Belt: For supplies
  • Cracken Survival Kit: Standard field kit
  • Powerblade MK. III: Built in protective blade in close quarters.
  • Magno clasp: Made to allow equipment or weapons to be attached to the second skin.
  • Strength/Speed Enhancement: Simple enough with the underlay to enhance several fold the wearer.
  • Temperature control/heat reflection: FOr being in vacuum or dangerous situations.
  • Locator beacon: TIed to Sasori systems and most jedi systems to find the people.
  • Waste/Oxygen recycling: Allows use for extended periods of time.
  • Built in shockwave/ion pulse at hands: Protective system for self defense.
  • Ablative Helmet: Able to enclose the suit and seal it to vacuum.
  • Heavy Praestigiae's Luminous Overlaid Technological Shields: Protective shielding designed to be used with the pilot suit in the event of out of ship combat scenarios.
  • Advanced Regulator System: Designed to recycle oxygen and filter poisons for the wearer.
  • Sasori Iso-Didact: Energy Shielding that absorbs blaster shots and protects in a small bubble around the wearer to shield a patient if they are transporting them. Adds more power to the armor and stores excess energy for then nullification bubble.
  • Sasori Resource Chip: Made for transportation, the null mass chip can reduce the weight of the armor, patient being transported and equipment drastically for a period of time with power systems.
  • Advanced Micro Thrusters: For movement and operation strictly in a gravity well.
  • Laminanium: Layer of self repairing material to restore the outfits vacuum seal should it be damage.
  • Superior Protection: Designed using the Synthmesh, wintrium that as it ages continues to grow stronger and skylar which offers a form fitted compression material.
  • Force Affinity: Infused and crafted with the force, the synthmesh, skylar and inth metal used all add force abilities to the outfit.
  • Agility: Designed to be compacted and close to the body and not impede the wearers movement. With thrusters to move around and power systems to enhance strength.
  • Duel Modes: Designed to use sonic shockwave or release a built up emp in a local sphere of five feet around the glove when it impacts the ground.
  • Self Repairing: Built with a protective layer to patch the suits in the event of damage. The time table is dependent upon the amount of damage with smaller tears being easier and faster to repair then gashes which can take hours to reform.
    • Note: Only the layer can repair not the full armor itself the plating can be damaged still but rest over a bodysuit.
  • Requires Connection to the Force: For the synthweave effects to function within it the material needs to be able to feel the force energies around it. Vong tech, yalisimiri, voidstone, dampening fields are all counter to what the material can handle.
  • Kinetic Impact: High grade kinetic impact from heavy slugthrowers and matukai styled punches cannot be dispersed.
  • EMP/Ion Vulnerabliity: THe material has virtually no protection from ion and emp weapons.
  • Lightside beacon; The robes radiate the lightside of the force.
  • Lightside: Designed with the jedi and lightside in mind, the material can be worn andused by neutral and darksiders but it is uncomfortable.
  • Kyber crystals: Using the design of the finalizer and enhancing the power of the armor with crystals gives the guns a secondary effect as the larger crystals used for weapons can be explosive if cracked.
  • Minor Vacuum Thrusting: The built in thrusters are generally highly effective within a gravity well and the les gravity the less powerful they become going from thrusters for flying around a battlefield to impulse thrusters able to stabilize in zero g or move forward just a little.
  • Sleg: A powerful energy enhancer, the sleg absorbs and channels the excessive heat generated by the weapons to cool and power the shots. Making them maintain a stronger level of power but also increases the chances that they could explode exponentially turning each gun into a heavy warhead that could tear apart the sections of wall.
  • Connection Plate: To fully discharge the shockwave, the entire connecting plate needs to connect. Without the proper pressure it will not work.
Designed as a normal uniform used by those who serve on Sasori's more advanced ships.. the attire is akin to a combat skin more then just simple clothing and has a number of things built into it providing robust protection and the ability for them to survive if the ships or stations are attacked. It was designed to improve substantially the lives of the workers but also ensure that the only ones within the most advanced ships and stations were not corrupted by the darkside. The materials make them sick when worn and in the case of attack they will be able to defend themselves as needed... Matsu and the Jadeite have fashioned them much like naval uniforms in terms of looks and display though as opposed to bulky armor.
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[member="Matsu Ike"]

Matsu Ike said:
Manufacturer: Saori Hostesses
This company doesn't have clothing listed as an operation. You'll have to switch it to one that does.

Matsu Ike said:
Material: Saori Skylar Sasori Inth
There are a few unique weaknesses in these subs that isn't present here. I didn't see anything I thought would be a mitigation to them. Could you add those weaknesses here?

Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
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edited materials, I forgot the cracken was limited sorry and needed to add the agena I was referencing. Added the weaknesses from the materials minus the ones that repeat and are shared as they are there with one entry. I believe I got everything, if not tell me and I'll hopefully get to it after work
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