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Approved Tech Berzerker Combat Mask

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Lorna Nera

Rogue Watchman
Intent: To provide Loran Nera a mask to use for his alter-life as a criminal mastermind
Development Thread: (If I need one let me know)
Manufacturer: Praestigiae Shop
Model: berzerker survival-combat breathing mask
Affiliation: Loran Nera
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: duraniuam

The mask was designed to change and amplify the voice of the wearer so their appearance is altered to be almost unrecognizable while prodiving the throat, jaw to be better protected during combat. It also is considered to be medium armor and almost inpenetrable by most weapons including lightsaber, but it is not completely armored against them and more exposure to lightsabers can ruin and/or destroy the mask, the mask was also designed for survival of the wearer by allowing hostile planets to be breathed on by an oxygen recycle feature on the mask.
The mask was also designed for eye color enhancers to allow the wearer to be more unrecognizable by others if he or she were to ever lead a double life.

Classification: Multipurpose

Weight: about 7 kg
Quality: class 5
Other Feature(s):

Voice Changer
Voice Amplifier
Eye Color Enhancer
Oxygen-Recycle and Purifier

Calina Ovmar

Well-Known Member
Hi Loran,

This will need a dev thread, link one in here and @ me when your finished an I will look over this again.

Thanks :)

@[member="Loran Nera"]
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