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Approved Tech Leo Vandermolen's Armor

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  • Manufacturer: Meran Mechanics
  • Model: KNT
  • Affiliation:Leo Vandermolen
  • Modularity: no but weapons can be added or swapped out
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Beskar plates, armorweve suit, cryasteel faceplate and vonium etching
  • Durite padding, Nightshadow, Reflec coating.
  • Classification: Multipurpose,
  • Weight: 20kg.
  • Quality: 7

  • Quality: 8
    8 vs Slashing
    7 vs Lightsabers
    8vs Piercing
    8 vs Blasterfire
    7 vs Blunt Force
    8 vs Slug Throwers
    4 vs ion & EMP
  • Vacume sealing, Mandalorian jetpack. Jet boots.
Skinsuit underlay
-HUD in helmet
- Faraday cage
-night vision
-heat vision
- micro binocular on helmet
-communication system attached to helmet
-filtration system
-vacuum sealed
-oxygen tank with 30 minutes of air
-regulates body temperature in both heat and cold
-magnet lock on boots

  • class 7 Saber resistance
Weaknesses :

  • exposed joints and inflexible plates can be restrictive.

  • the armor plaiting dose have several exposed arias around joints and the groin aria.

  • due to weight it requires a fit person to wear it.
Built as an offering of apology to [member="Leo Vandermolen"] after failing to fulfill a job due to he developing Cancer.
the suit is more aesthetically pleasing than standard Mando armor but offers slightly less weapons.
the armor is made to reflect a Knights ascetic while still being a working and functioning Smugglar armor with sensor resitant paints.

Note i intended to make this months ago Leo sorry as you know my short term memmory is shot at the momment sorry.
[member="Kami Meran"]

Please list any resistances that this armor has in strengths. That includes emp / ion if you have a faraday cage.

Kami Meran said:
Due to materials the suit costs a fortune to make.
unlike mandalorian armor it offers no wrist weapons.

These are not weaknesses.
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