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Approved Tech Saotome Biot: Vera Mina

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The Mother of All Psy-Pires
Intent: Provide an ever available consigliere to Nine Lives with full legal credentials, a counter-forensics database, bodyguard programming and zero conscience.



Image Source:,

Monica Bellucci

The Matrix Film Series.

Tsuneo Sanda, (Twilek image credit)

Carice Van Houten,

Famke Janssen,

Artist "Carpent"

Mystique, Marvel Comics,


Rolling Stone Magazine,

Wennermedia (linked to rolling stone sub)

Stephen King,

The Blob,


Canon Link:


Restricted Missions: (If your submission uses any Restricted Items link the threads you completed the missions in here)

Primary Source:

Canon Link:


Manufacturer: Saotome Foundry, Nine Lives

Model: N/A

Production: Unique

Affiliation: Nine Lives

Modularity: No

Material: Biot, Ooglith Masquer, electronics.


Classification: Fourth Degree

Weight: 102.058 Kilograms

Height: 1.6.076 meters

Movement: Bipedal.

Armaments: None, save its fists, unless it has a pistol. Its ability to read emotions through complicated software, and stunning looks could also count...

Misc. Equipment: Night Vison, X-Ray, Thermal vision, enhanced hearing sensors. White Leather Dress / Shoes. Ooglith Masquer for skin.


Fully Bar Certified Legal Database and Programmed for aggressive legal defense and prosecution, as well as media crisis management programming.

Illegal Counter-Forensics Database.

Specialized brain implants developed by nine that tell the biot how to control the masquer.

Illegal Hueristic processors based of the B3-A Ultra Battle Droid.

Illegal Database of Interrogation Techniques

Illegal Assassination Protocols obtained by jury rigging the brain with salvaged parts and programming from multiple confederacy battle droids and related hueristic processing tech from outdated imperial models

Illegal Emotion Analysis Software, allowing it to manipulate weak minded characters potentially, though savvy, strong minded characters maybe completely unaffected.

Systems modified to drink blood in order to effect limited repairs by converting the blood through complicated chemical processes that the Ooglith uses to sustain itself via subcutaneous circuits. Benefit is shared to biot also.

Programmed for fanatical loyalty and complete lack of humanity except in its ability to fake it. Its job is to know where all the secrets are buried, and either suggest or provide the means to keep them buried by whatever means are most expedient, legal or illegal.

Ooglith Masquer enables limited shapeshifting.

Personality: Nine's modifications have effectively left her with a vicious and effective bodyguard/ lawyer. The Intelligence and its inability to empathize leave it extremely contemptuous and at times outright loathsome towards all other forms of life that know full well it isn't human except its client, though it treats even her with a barely concealed air of smugness, and displays no sympathy, ever, though it is cordial towards her for the most part. In public it plays the part of philanthropist and acts warm, welcoming, at times flirting, but always friendly to the unsuspecting public. It is forbidden to kill except with Nine's explicit permission, but while Nine is otherwise incapacitated, she assumes full responsibility for Nine's well being during her incapacitation, with explicit programming stating to seek all legal (if immoral) recourse to any legal troubles Nine may have, only resorting to illegal (and often very immoral) methods after all other options have failed. If it can feel a sense of shame, it is only when it fails to protect its client.


Limited Shapeshifting: The Ooglith Masquer that composes its flesh enables it to at the very least avoid easy identification when commiting crimes, though the shape shifting process is slow and requires three hours lead time, and has only three back up forms in addition to its primary form. One benefit is that it cannot experience pain though it can detect damage. There is no nead to ever remove the masquer unless needing a replacement. Though if the biot needs a replacement at that point it has likely suffered critical damage. In addition, modifications Nine did fiddling with its genetics enable it to replicate near human species Due to difficulties in programming the biot to interact with the masquer, only certain programs and subroutines are active for various forms, as the processing power prevents the biot from doing everything all at once in addition to the complicated process of maintaining the Masquer.

Lawyer Form:

The one people will see the most often when encountering this biot. Often engaged in cruel, underhanded, but perfectly legal measures to get nine out of jams, while maintaining a superficially pleasant demeanor and engaging in cursory philanthropic work that does not hurt Nine's bottom line. Only the bare minimum of its combat routines regarding pistols work. All others are restricted access. It can however, use emotion reading software to decide the best course of action and decide by comparing to scenarios in its legal database. It can also access its counter-forensics database. Primary Alias of the Biot is Vera Mina.



Criminal Form:

The Form most often preferred by the biot in commission of openly illegal activities. Alias under this guise is that of a vampire named Beckinsale. Combat programs related to Assault Rifles are accessible, in addition to limited combat training in hand to hand. Able to access Interrogation database and Counter-Forensics Database. Emotion reading software is reduced in strength, letting her be fooled more easily.



Seductress Form:

The form most often preferred by the biot in the commission of subterfuge, spying and covert incapacitation/Assassination. Alias in this form is Squeeze, a minor fashion model. Emotion Reading Software receives increased processing power. Hand To Hand assassination techniques primarily focused on crushing bones and cutting off air are main focus. Counter Forensics database still accessible, but reduced processing power may make it carry out flawed, improper evidence disposal. Interrogation data base also available. SMG's are only weapons program accessible.



Jedi Form:

For when it must fool the gullible into thinking sit acts with the authority of the Jedi. Usually used as a last resort, as it can easily be outed as a fraud and dispatched. Alias is Se'ku. Emotion Reading Processing Power given maximum possible focus, as well as processing solutions for interaction with others. Weapon Systems disabled except for hand to hand. Interrogation Database at half processing power


Command Form:

Used for when it must take command of Nine's affairs at any strongholds she controls, but cannot afford to be seen in its other forms. Alias in this guise is a ruthless Chiss Mercenary named Rom-Jin. Emotion Reading is disabled, Interrogation Database given max processing. Counter Forensics Database is disabled. All weapons programming, shotguns rifles, smgs, and pistols are unlocked and targeting database is given max processing power, along with assassination programming in regards to hand to hand.



Limited Self Repair: By consuming blood, the Ooglith is able to break the material down into useful components to enact limited self repair to the masquer, fixing cuts, bruises, minor burns. Anything more severe may require the ooglith or even the whole unit to be replaced, depending on how far the damage went past the skin. The biot can tap off this process two, repairing minor muscle damage.

Assassination Protocols: With its brain modified from the databases and tech of multiple, ancient confederacy technology, the biot possesses a frightening level of knowledge on killing techniques.

Enhanced Targeting: Give it a pistol and watch the magic work. Or a rifle. Or a shotgun. Or poison. Or anything, really. It will have a very good chance of hitting what it aims at.

Insufferable Know it All: It is familar with the vast legal intricacies of nearly all worlds in Confederate Space as well as those of the Confederacy's major foes and is very adept at exploiting legal loopholes to the point even other, more actively corrupt lawyers would be horrified at the callousness with which it does so.

Consigliere: Guaranteed to maintain absolute, fanatical loyalty to Nine even at the certainty of its own destruction. It will do whatever it feels necessary when let off the leash to protect her and her interests, even if it means resorting to things Nine cannot bring herself to personally carry out

To confuse Grissom: It maintains a considerable database on how to foil crime scene investigation, as well as how to best sabotage such investigations once they are underway.

Emotion Read: Sophisticated software and behavior analysis programming improves its ability to detect lies, fear, hate, love, etc. This software becomes more reliable dependant on the form it is currently using.

Manipulative: It is a master at faking kindness and sympathy, only to drive the knife in at the earliest opportunity, ideally while keeping its own hands clean.

Passes for human: Modified heavily enough to fool someone it is on the surface, capable of passing multiple tests designed to do so, though psychological screening will reveal it as an almost pure Sociopath.

General: Will be in charge of day to day administrative affairs wherever Nine plants anchor, command any forces or allies under Nine's personal control with Nine's full blessing.


It burns: Nine's alterations have left the Masquer more vulnerable to flame. Exposure would rapidly consume it unless immediately put out and treated.

Vulnerable to Vong Un-masquers: If it was exposed to a Vong Un-Masquer for any reason, Its "flesh" would immediately rip itself away from the biot and go into shock. The sudden loss of its main protective membrane would severely damage the biot and cause it to shut down until repairs could be made...if they could be made.

Increased Baffer Pollen Vulnerability: Doing the alteration process to the masquer, it became necessary to alter the biot itself as it was based on the same tech in order for it to control the Masquer. This was successful but left it even more vulnerable to baffer pollen, which can cause the masquer to start necrotizing, and rupturing the muscle tissue underneath slightly, weakening it, requiring it to feed on blood to literally save its skin.

Squishy: Alterations to the Masquer made it completely unable to resist damage. Its as vulnerable as any normal flesh, and in some cases can damage far easier.

Requires More Nutrients: The complex alterations done to nearly every part of this biot have left it more dependant than other biots on the nutrients it particularly needs, requiring twice as much to remain functional, and breaking down faster in half the time if it does not get it. This, more than nearly any other factor, limits its utility and requires it to be be around a steady supply of nutrient, meaning that while it can be utilized for its assigned tasks, it must be either well supplied for extended duties in the open or the task must be relatively quick. It is meant to serve primarily as legal obstruction or a way to quickly deal with what would normally be very difficult problems. It is meant, ultimately, to be a weapon of last resort, used when Nine could not easily erase a memory or disappear quickly enough, or finding herself unexpectedly targeted.

Glamour Failure: The Biot is capable of passing a turing test, but only just barely, its superficial charm will eventually wear thin in long enough interactions. And falls away completely when the truth is exposed. It is best at relatively short, ultimately lie-filled dialogue designed to create superficial trust. In addition to this fairly glaring weakness, when it experiences nutrient failure, due to the way the biot and masquer were altered to become co-dependant, nutrient loss or otherwise fairly severe malfunctions will cause the biot to slip into an unthinking, feral state, the Masquer, no longer getting proper imput from the biots brain, deforms severely while attacking anything in sight, requiring to either wait until it runs out of juice fully to be safely approached. Or disabling it even further if the first option is not expedient.

The results of it losing its ability to maintain its form is...unpleasant:


Overspecialized: Nine was well aware of the dangers of such a highly intelligent artificial life form having too much autonomy, so she deliberately programmed it to really only be good at its main functions, and woefully incompetent at nearly anything else. It literally cannot be anything else than a sociopathic, parasitic lawyer assassin bodyguard and faux philanthropist.

Vulnerable to extreme cold: Exposure to temperatures of more than thirty below can cause muscle spasms, vomiting of the milky lubrication fluid within the biot, and can cause the Ooglith Masquer to deform and rapidly, disjointedly shift inbetween all of its forms until the masquer breaks down and remains an unworkable mess of translucent matter over the biot frame until the temperature rises and the biot is able to "reboot" Risk of its pre-programmed forms being completely lost are exceptionally high. Seeing this will surely give away her inhumanity to anyone not within Nine's circle.

Examples of Masquer Failure from Sub-Zero temperatures, which would necessitate total reboot.



You don't belong in this world!: The very nature of this biot is repulsive to anyone with a concience, even Nine, though she keeps it precisely as a tool of fear and the need for a completely faithful servant. Almost anyone else, particularly the authorities would feel compelled to destroy it upon discovery of both its existence and the nature of its programming, condemned as particularly insidious form of assassin droid. Its repulsive, malicious behavior that it displays whenever given an opportunity, particularly with those held captive and those who have just discovered what it is do not help matters, though towards powerful individuals it will display common sense and not try to pick least, those it cannot win.

Mode Locked: Once in a particular form, it is at varying levels of helplessness. It is nearly totally vulnerable as a Lawyer, and without the proper time to reconfigure its settings and Masquer sheath, which can take over three hours, it can be destroyed easily, especially during the transition state where it is reconfiguring, with its Jedi form providing no defense beyond an expert ability to manipulate, but left easily destroyed also. Its chiss form is the most combat effective, but ideally is the one that should also be used the least...

Ion vulnerable: Ions don't destroy it like normal droids but they do cause its joints to lock and cause it to vomit lubrication fluid, giving away its non human nature. Its databases are all disabled leaving it active but basically a sociopathic airhead until its shielded hueristic processors reboot.

Vulnerable to Microwaves: Exposure to directed microwave weapons would completely wipe its programming as well as cause ruptures to the masquer and biot tissues. Even minor exposure to weak, improperly shielded microwaves would cause its masquer temporary five-second loss of shape before rebooting, usually in a localized area.

Master Control, end of line: The Lawyer Form has the most long strategic processing power after the combat form, which limits this to relatively short term engagements. Every other form is acting on plans developed while having the lawyer forms processing power, and while in other forms the biot cannot adapt to new situations that deviate to heavily from the Lawyer Forms strategem. If that forms programming were damaged or compromised, it would dramatically decrease the biots effectiveness.


An illegally modified Saotome Biot, Vera Mina is a new type of killing machine...a vampiric biot. Created by Nine for purposes of a faithful, unwavering servant, willing to suggest the cold blooded actions Nine herself cannot carry out normally...and all too eager and able to carry out what its master cannot when let loose. Her primary purpose is as legal counsel, and getting Nine (corrupt) court representation, willing to lie, cheat, frame others for crimes, and kill, the biot serves two purposes as a tool. One obstruction, the other, fear. A fully functional consiglier programmed for absolute, unwavering loyalty, Nine constructed this after placing an order from Sasori through another lawyer she had seduced. Acquiring the major parts and using her own limited experience modifying genes for the purpose of disease treatment, Nine also encorporated acquisitions from other sources to create her ruthless servant. Some of the more lethal, vampiric features were suggested by the lawyer. When asked why his reply was "She's supposed to be a blood sucking lawyer. You are already not supposed to like her. Perfect fit."

Nine had no reply except to agree, and since what she was doing was already hilariously illegal, she saw no problem in not giving it an actual conscience.

Base: Biot

Base Saotome Biots were unsuitable for her purposes. As she had some limited experience with genetics manipulation due to her desperation to cure herself, Nine requested through her Proxy that multiple modifications that would lay the groundwork for what she had planned were carried out through alterations to specific parts of the biots genetics once Sasori associated Vong Specialists explained carefully how which parts of the biots genetic structure were goverened by which factors.

Her first request was that the biot be grown internally so as to better accept messages from electronic parts. And that the biots internal mechanics be shaped more closely to human standards to fool basic medical scanners. She also requested numerous modifications to the biots digestive system, enabling it to consume only "animal" blood in limited quantities for limited self repair, programming coded in to avoid certain legal ramifications, as many things could count as the blood of an animal. It was grown alongside its masquer sheath, which she had specifically coded genetically to respond to the electrochemical signals in the biots muscles and various other necessary fluids. She requested that the biots brain tissue not only accept electronic signals from implants, but bond to them better over time for better response speed.


The Ooglith was the one part of the project that perplexed Nine heavily. The Ooglith normally needs a living host and programming it would be exceptionally difficult directly using electronic implants. So Nine created a work around. The ooglith would be grown to respond only to signals from the biot, which would in turn respond to signals from the implants to tell the biot's brain to tell the ooglith what to do. This workaround produced slow transformation and sapped processing power while doing so, but was a solid, working result.

Once it was tested to her specifications and once she was told how to manipulate its programming she took the blank biot and ooglith and handled the rest from there. All technicians who worked on the project later suffered a bit of memory loss regarding specifics of the project as well as certain records mysteriously disappearing soon after. Soon it was like the technicians had never worked on the project.


Nine was faced with a problem of what to put in its brain. But by this point she was already a pathfinder in the Knights Obsidian and could acquire resources normally closed off. She used what limited connections she had formed to obtain access to outdated programming and scavenged droid brains of multiple confederacy models from the time of the clone wars. Salvaging and recompiling the data, she also acquired the interrogation database from a restored I-TO interrogation droid. Its assassination database and protocols were compiled from the infamous IG-100 Magna Guards, The BX Commando Captain Droid, and heavily, illegally modified Hueristic Processors based the B-3 A Ultra Battle Droid. The processors were rigged to specially designed implants that were added to the biot brain, eight in total, Three devoted to its personality programming, One devoted to controlling the Masquer and the rest to its databases. The Hueristic processor controlling the Masquer also suppresses any capacity the biot has for compassion by completely shutting down its empathy centers. Its legal database was provided in the brain itself by Sasori. Everything else on the brain is an illegal mod.

Nine gave the biot a primary function: To protect Nine and her interests by any means necessary, but never to kill without her direct permission. It is a consiglier, and advisor, overseeing everything Nine is in no condition to. Only when incapacitated or otherwise unable to issue orders herself does the biot have nearly full autonomy.

The pre-programmed forms of the Masquer are created from basic programs designed to recreate or fabricate facial characteristics in a 3-D format on a computer screen. The improved processing power given to these programs along with the nuances of the masquer itself, which she had grown to be able to hollow out and extend itself, or change color in a limited manner, enable it to take pleasing, disarming forms that conceal the danger it poses. It has no conscience beyond a pre-programmed sense of duty and loyalty to its creator.

The specific and highly experimental modifications have left an otherwise exceptional achievement with glaring flaws. Its combat capabilities are tied to what form its currently using, along with its methods. The Lawyer Form has only limited programming use of a pistol, one form is unable to use weapons at all. In addition The Lawyer Form is really the schemer and preplanner. All other forms are merely implimenting that form's decided course of action and are not very able to enact new plans or adjust well to unexpected hiccups. In addition, the heavy, untested genetic alterations have left it with major biological weaknesses, many of which carry a very real danger of near total failure of both biot and masquer, necessitating expensive, costly repairs or even full replacement of what was already a highly experimental model. After creation, her lawyer friend ensured it was quietly given full credentials to practice law, as well as a basic background, that of an outer rim lawyer trying to practice deeper in system, explaining the lack of records regarding its sudden existence. A nasty, vicious piece of tech, one Nine hopes she will not have to resort to using too often. Still the benefits of a skilled, fanatically loyal--if also highly flawed servant with no morals is to great an advantage for Nine to ignore, given her own troubles and the fact she considers herself doomed ultimately regardless.
Nine Lives said:
Image Source:, Monica Bellucci, The Matrix Film Series. Tsuneo Sanda, Carice Van Houten, Famke Janssen, Artist" "Carpent" Marvel Comics, Imgur. Rolling Stone Magazine, Wenner Media, Stephen King, The Blob, Yell,
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Ooglith Masquer
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Nine Lives said:
Teeth modified with retractable needles delivering a painful but non-lethal venom that can cause paralysis if an antidote is not immediately obtained
Any metals and toxins should be listed as materials.

Nine Lives said:
Emotion Read: Sophisticated software and behavior analysis programming allows it to detect lies, fear, hate, love, etc.
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Nine Lives said:
The Ooglith normally needs a living host and programming it would be exceptionally difficult directly using electronic implants.
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The Mother of All Psy-Pires
Added links, removed poisoned teeth and instead tied it to the blood consumption system, added Masquer to materials and listed implants and Hueristic processors among components [member="Lily Kuhn"]. Did the best I could tracking all links down
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