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Approved Tech Praestigiae robes MK II

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Intent: To create a modified version of the Inquisitors uniform
Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Praestigiae Shop

Model: Uniform Male/Female

Affiliation: The Republic

Modularity: Yes it displays the colors of the Atrisian Inquisition

  • Grand Inquisitor - Red, Black, Gold Trimmed
  • Inquisitor Vizier - Red with Black Trim
  • High Inquisitor - Black with Red Trim
  • Chief Inquisitor - Navy Blue and Forest Green
  • Inquisitor General – Violet and Yellow
  • Senior Inquisitor - Orange and Black
  • Inquisitor – Yellow and White
  • Junior Inquisitor – Green and Ivory
  • Interrogator – Blue and Purple
  • Inquisitorial Agent – Grey
  • Inquisitorial Recruit - Brown

Production: Mass produced

Reflec coating on leather
Dyed leather for protection
Glassteel for the mask
Armorweave undersuit

Description: Designed to be a modified version of the Inquisitors armor. The leather is dyed red to match the Emperors guards while the undersuit offers minimal protection but has been colored to match the ranks within the Inquisition.

ARMORED PIECES: http://img0.etsystat...hc8l.jpg?ref=l2
Dyed leather that has been applied to key sections of the inquisitors body for minimal protection. The weight is able to be light for movement and function. Creates uniformity with colored undersuit displaying the rank of the Inquisitor wearing it. The holster on the hip has room for a pistol and saber next to each other while also providing a small set of compartments for additional supplies one might need.

MASK: http://www.crosstitc...11/102harmk.jpg
Glassteel with a one way window, the masks are purely cosmetic and are doubtful to do much beyond allowing the hounds of the Atrisian empire are far more cerebral intimidation technique. Delivery of the masks shows their interest with one showing they are watching and two to increase the paranoia as they are coming. There are tiny slits in the mask with biological signatures for scanners. Displaying several dozen different species and some animals to keep the identities of the Inquisitors safe.

FOREARM BRACERS: http://images3.wikia...sisGauntlet.jpg
Barring the symbol of the Atrisian empire and designed for lightsaber combat. The forearm gauntlets are rooted in the empires history.

Classification: Other

Weight: 4kg 535.92g

Quality: 2

Other Feature(s): Comes in several colors, small distortion of sensors
Looks good.


But before I officially move it, I'd likee to know how you came up with the weight? 4.53592 kg is rather specific. Was it a conversion from Imperial measurements? I'm simply curious; your answer won't affect the approval. :)

Please @ tag me in your reply.
Thank you and it is the same weight as my personal attire was. No armor components just clothing which didn't require a factory submission. Civilian attire was the submission name.

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