• Flashpoints take place quarterly per real calendar year, and intend to raise the tension of the Map game for the period of one real calendar month.
  • 'Themes' may be announced and applied to Flashpoints that alter this ruleset. Please see that month's Flashpoint announcement for more detail.
  • A Flashpoint event begins on the first of the month that is announced by the SWRP: Chaos Staff Team at 12:00 AM EST and lasts for the entirety of that month.

Flashpoint effects alter the Dominion, Rebellion, Mandate and Invasion rulesets. They do not replace them.
  • Mandate strengths/weaknesses do not apply during Flashpoint Events.
  • Major Factions may submit up to six completed Dominions per Flashpoint Event.
  • All Dominion threads active and incomplete during a Flashpoint Event may be targeted by Rebellions, including Dominions still incomplete from the previous month(s).
  • Hexes invaded further than five hexes away from a Major Faction's borders will not increase a Major Faction's Influence Cloud. Hexes gained in this manner will be given in accordance to the path of least of resistance to the targeted hex from the closest point of the attacking Major Faction's influence cloud.

Flashpoint Victory Conditions
Some Victory Conditions are altered by the Flashpoint Event. They are as follows:

    - How much effort has the Faction put into the thread? As a general guideline, 30 average posts is an acceptable effort.

  • A Flashpoint Event ends at 12:00 AM EST on the first day of the following month.
  • All incomplete Dominions must follow standard Dominion Rules.
  • All incomplete Invasions and Rebellions started during the Flashpoint Event may conclude in normal fashion, will still benefit from Flashpoint effects, but will not benefit from Mandate strengths/weaknesses.