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Kabaneri Wolf Squadron Cannon

Susanoo Tsukuyomi

Atrisia's Western Wolf
  • Classification: Blaster
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Energy
  • Ammunition Capacity: Average
  • Effective Range: Extreme
  • Rate of Fire: Low
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: High
  • Party Poppers: Designed as a one two punch the cannons is actually three weapons in one. Each barrel made to rotate and deliver a series of punches to ensure effective damage. Six lasers that can change to ion shots with heavy railguns. One for armor and one for shields. Then finally two cannons for heavy blasts to deliver a finishing blow.
  • Rotating Fire: Designed using a Hapan standard. Each gun barrel is actually three barrels designed to rotate quickly and fire off different shots while the others cool down. Giving it speed and rate of fire but its weapon effectiveness is only ever a third of itself.
  • Alternating Modes: The primary barrels for laser can be shifted to make ion shots saving cannon space on the surface of a ship but it can only use one mode or the other.
  • Composite Beam: The six lasers are designed to focus and be used together to create a much stronger shot that can go against heavier ships out of the ships weight class.
  • Turbocharging: Designed like the hornets main feature, the laser cannons can for a short time overpower themselves and the cannons become several magnitudes more power on par with lite turbolasers at the cost of high heat generation and disabling the cannons use for several minutes.
  • Sleg - Quintessence Power Source: A heavier battery designed to give off high levels of heat and energy. The sleg makes the guns highly explosive if they don't have an advanced heat sink installed.
  • One two three punch: Designed as a massive blow attack wise. With a combination design utilizing different aspects of strong defensive guns. The cannons rotate quickly making for sustained fire and countering recoil, they use different attacks to target shields, armor and weakening both.
  • Kyber Enhancement: Using methods of the first orders finalizer kyber crystals to enhance the energy output of the ships cannons to increase the damage and attack strength being delivered. For agrocite designs it is used in place of the crystal.
  • Synthetic Tobal Lens: An advanced heat sink, designed to convert heat at high efficiency into extra energy. For the train to gain increased levels of speed and use its advanced systems that have been installed and built into it.
  • Turbocharging: Designed based off of the Hornet class which was able to turbocharge its cannons to impact exponentially harder for one to two hits. The high heat produced gives the somin the strength of a lite turbolaser for its shots briefl before the guns need to cool down.
  • Sleg: A powerful energy enhancer, the sleg absorbs and channels the excessive heat generated by the weapons to cool and power the shots. Making them maintain a stronger level of power but also increases the chances that they could explode exponentially turning each gun into a heavy warhead that could tear apart the sections of ship.
  • Kyber crystals: Using the design of the finalizer and enhancing the power of the weapons with crystals gives the guns a secondary effect as the larger crystals used for weapons can be explosive if cracked.
  • Cryo: Harvesting and pulling in vacuum energy creates a dangerous cryo like effect. Turning virtually the power cell into something dangerous to touch or if containment for it is broken almost making it like a cold snap before it explodes.
  • Gun Count: Designed with a hapan system for rotating cannons, the single battery is actually three guns that rotate allowing rapid fire capabilities but only being able to fire 1/3 of the overall guns at a time.
  • Rotating: With the heavy power output the cannons have a large recoil that would throw off their aim for sustained fire.
  • Tagging: The central units ion tags are almost required for smart tracking and without them effectiveness of the cannons is reduced nearly 70%.
  • Turbocharging: Turbocharging produces excessive heat and makes the lasers banks unable to fire for several minutes as it is rapidly cooling.
Taking some inspiration from the hornet class and combining it with the ideas for the Atrisian Commonwealths new rebuilding. The Kabaneri was a model of a fighter that could be produced qickly and serve in different purposes. In this case it was able to function as their primary fighter/walker to go within the system. For scouting and aiding others though they needed more punch and so the hornet class was looked at as a means to improve the design of the Somin class cannons. The six tri barrels were set up on the wings of the fighter and the power systems given an overhaul to turbocharge it based off of the hornet class fighter which for a short time could make their laser cannons almost as strong as a turbolaser. It was refined and more a lite turbolaser that could go against cruisers or corvettes. The composite beam of the six barrels functions to make it even stronger as a powerful punch but the excessive heat that is produced is generally more then the heat sinks can absorb quickly enough.
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