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Approved Starship Olympus Mauler

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Admiral of the Ghost Fleet

  • Intent: To create a special fighter for [member="Alyisa Mithel"] from Sala'dine
  • Image Source: I found it on Imgur looking for X-wing/Tie hybrids Imgur
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: Sasori Research
  • Primary Source: StealthX


[*]Defenses: Moderate

[*]Saotome Solar Shielding:
[*]Saotome Hydro Shielding:

[*]Squadron Count: None: 1
[*]Maneuverability Rating:
  • High (normal)
  • Very Low (with booster)

[*]Speed Rating: Saotome Whammy Drive
  • High (normal)
  • Extreme (with booster)

[*]Hyperdrive Class: Saotome Hyperdrive
  • Very Fast: .75

  • Advanced Stealth Ship: Given a complete suite of stealth technology to mask it from visual sight and sensors. It can do everything but have an actual cloak instead relying on a sasori plating to make it better and able to disguise itself with a fallanassi disguiser upgrade as another ship or mirror the stars around it.
  • Whammy Button: Designed with the duel drive engines that build up a charge and can create a small interdiction field. The whammy blast is generally able to be used once per engagement to stop a ship from getting to hyperspace.
  • Modified Hyperdrive: As a gift to her newest crew member Sala'dine made sure that the hyperdrive was tweaked. Faster then the average by a bit to get as much speed out of the ship
  • Blindspots: Designed to be a fast moving vessel, the fighters have most of its weapons locaked int he forward position and can't cover attacks from the sides or behind
  • Visibility: Damage to the polymer and activation of the defensive anti boarding lattice can degrade the stealth features keeping it from coming onto sensors.
  • Targeting: The mortor has a limited range with an arc in atmosphere while in space it has a limited effective range. Usually needing to be within 500 meters to strike at a target for a bombing run
  • Bomblet: Designed to restore and refill its bomb bay instead of having limited ammunition, instead drawing from the engines themselves
  • Communications: Based of of traditional stealthx's the communications system has a kill switch, when engaging systems external and squadron communications are disabled. They can still receive but there is a reason most jedi were stealthx pilots over others
Description: Designed by Saotome and Sasori to be an ultra fast version of an ugly hybrid fighter. THen it was made as a one of a kind fighter for Alyisa one of the squadron commanders on the Jedi SHadow. Taking the information of the tengu and how it can be improved upon, with everything built by Sasori they gave a small amount of attention to the cockpit. Designed to hold two people and an astromech droid, with the bubble of the main body acting like a small cramped quarters to fit two. The ship is equipped with the latest in their shielding tech and living modules so it can be protected and semi self sustaining without needing to resupply for some time. Much like the tengu itself the ship has stealth systems but it is not built with a stealth field generator to actually cloak. Just plymer hull and everything to avoid scanners including x isotope engines to hide its signature when it is moving.
Directorate Officer
Sala'dine said:
Image Source:
This field seems to be missing.

Sala'dine said:
Armament: Average 1x Damorian Mortar (replaces bomb bay and torpedo tubes) 4x InterchangableLaser/Ion Cannon (wing mounted) 1x Ion Encumbrance Package (forard mounted)
This looks to be a bit more than an average armament, especially given that 4 of the guns are actually two guns. Please adjust the numbers of weapons present or raise the rating. For the former, I'd be happy with the interchangeableLaser/Ion Cannons being halved. In terms of ratings, what's currently listed is probably close to "High".

Sala'dine said:
Squadron Count: Very Low: 1
"Very Low" is actually 4 fighters. So "None: 1" would actually be more proper for this. This also frees up a rating that you could use to increase somewhere else (like the armament).

Sala'dine said:
Hyperdrive Class: Saotome Hyperdrive Very Fast: 1

A "x1" hyperdrive is actually "average". This means that there is potentially another rating that you could use to increase the armament. Alternatively, you could mention that the hyperdrive has been modified to be faster than x1.

Sala'dine said:
Executive Suite

What does the executive suite do on this submission (given that's it appears designed to be used on larger vessels)?
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