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    Forceborn: Isley Verd is a highly skilled Force Sensitive who heavily favors the Dark Side of the Force. His areas of expertise include Creation (typically via Sith Alchemy), Dominance (particularly Mental), or Destruction. As a Master of the Force, his is thoroughly proficient in the core applications of the Force (such as physical augmentation), in addition to his specialties.

    Diplomacy: Isley Verd is a statesman with a literal lifetime of experience. He is capable of navigating most political landscapes with poise, wit, and a tongue of silver. His leadership experience ranges from guiding the Mandalorian warriors as Mand'alor, to overseeing corporate assets as CEO, to representing democracy as Vicelord.

    Veteran:Isley Verd possesses a lifetime of combat and leadership experience outside of politics as well. Due to his Mandalorian heritage, he is proficient in a wide variety of melee weaponry and firearms. Moreover, he is at home when marrying the Force and Technology on the battlefield. Weapons aside, he is proficient in a variety of lightsaber forms and Echani Martial Arts.


    Light: Due to the means that he inhabits his current body, extreme exposure to the Light Side of the Force can prove fatal. Moreover, visitation to areas of pronounced Light presence causes Isley physical discomfort which grows over time. Extreme exposure to the Light can also prove damaging or fatal to his alchemical creations.

    Flash: Due to his maternal, Umbaran heritage, extreme flashes of visible light can cause Isley to seize. The severity of this condition does not, fortunately, inhibit the watching of holo-programming or anything found in a typical day. However, as battlefields are alive with such flashes, cautions must be taken to remain effective.

    Bound: While it is said that she is one of his greatest strengths, the Bond shared with Srina Talon can also be a vicious weakness. Outright killing the Echani can have grievous physical effects upon Isley, up to the mirroring of inflicted wounds upon his person. Skilled adversaries can also prey upon their connection to rob Isley of strength through Srina.

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    (801 ABY - 818 ABY)

    Prior to Isley's birth, the Galaxy was only just awakening from the Four Hundred Years of Darkness. The Mandalorian people, including his sire, busied themselves with scouting and salvage missions in the hopes of readying themselves for conquest.

    In 801 ABY, Isley Verd was born as result of one such mission. His parents, Demia Vi'dreya of Umbara and Raki Verd of Mandalore, were vastly different in their interpretations of parenthood. Ultimately, Raki's insistance that his son be raised as a warrior shattered what relationship the pair had - and Isley was brought to Mandalore to be raised.

    Up until 812 ABY, Isley had enjoyed an upbringing typical of Mandalorian children. He was instilled with the values of the Resol'nare and educated in the warrior's path. Moreover, he idolized his elder brother, Rigard, for being the literal hope of his Clan. While young, he was eager to serve - so much so that he stowed away aboard Rigard's vessel. The mission to Taris was a routine scouting venture, yet he and his squad were ill prepared for the Rakghoul infestation. In the end, Isley was the sole survivor of the mission - a fact which broke Raki. The once-proud Alor took solace in drinking and treating his children with violence.

    By 817 ABY, Isley successfully completes his Verd'goten and is formally ranked as an Initiate of the Clans. He is assigned Halik Falkosi as his direct commander and immediately begins serving Mand'alor the Rebuilder's vision for their people's return to the Galaxy. And, due to the sordid circumstances of home, Isley began to look to the Mand'alor as his "father" rather than his own sire.

    (819 ABY - 834 ABY)

    In order to prepare their people for Conquest, the state of the Galaxy had to be ascertained. Thus, the bulk of Isley's missions were of the scouting nature. Like Rigard before him, Isley quickly became the hope of his Clan. But, he was certainly not without his faults. While Rigard was a pinnacle of honor and integrity, Isley took a queue from his sire and enjoyed a number of relationships between sorties.

    In 819 ABY, Isley had become a father - albeit unknowingly. This would prove true for most of the children he sired during this era. By 833 ABY, no less than seventeen were born without knowing who their father was - and without Isley knowing that they existed. This sad fact is one that he attempts to make up for, even to this day.

    (835 ABY - 843 ABY)

    In 835 ABY, Mand'alor the Rebuilder exacted his plans for Mandalore to return to the Galactic stage. This began with finally bringing Taris under the control of the Clans. During this operation, Isley specifically hunted down and purged the Rakghoul nest that had killed his brother. Along the way, he fought alongside Verz Horak, Zef Halo, and Mia Monroe - all of whom he would consider close comrades even to the present.

    As the borders of the Mandalorians' territory began to rise, so too did opportunities across the stars. In approximately 836 ABY, Isley took up mercenary ventures in a small Confederacy located in the Southern Systems. Due to the compensation being extraordinary, he would often split his time between aiding in the latest of Mandalore's conquests and taking up Confederate missions.

    In approximately 839 ABY, tensions began to rise between the Mandalorian Clans and the Sith Empire. Due to this, Isley immediately returned to Mandalore and spent months battling back. During these offenses, he would befriend Azrael - a vod who would one day be Mand'alor. Shortly after the pair had participated in a raid on the Sith's Mon Calamari facilities, Isley took on a solo operation to scout the enemy borders.

    He was promptly interdicted aboard a capital vessel and surrounded. Faced with certain demise, he fought ferociously until the master of the ship, one Gregor Gideon, took note. The Sith was among the first to take note of Isley's Force Sensitivity. Thus, whilst suspending him out an airlock via the Force, he gave the defeated Mandalorian a choice. They, seemingly, were not the same Sith who had launched an attack on Mandalore. In fact, they were launching a coup to remove the tyrant responsible. Thus, Isley had a choice: submit and aide in the coup, or die.

    Faced with death and the chance to avenge Mandalore directly, Isley chose to live. Albeit begrudgingly. Gregor promptly took Isley under his wing and educated him in the ways of the Force. After many grueling months, Gregor recognized his apprentice as a Knight in the Force. Shortly thereafter, the coup against Darth Voracitos had begun. While Isley was not mighty enough to kill the Emperor himself, the day was won and a new Emperor crowned: Tyrin Ardik.

    With "assurance" that there would finally be peace between the Mandalorians and Sith Empire, Isley took time to invest in matters away from either state. Primarily, he wanted to further his mastery of the Force - in case his mentor went back on his word. This brought him into contact with an ambitious woman named Rave Merill, who would introduce him to the world of Alchemy. Already a competent beskarsmith, those skills translated beautifully into the creation of many exceptional works.

    Whilst his talents in the craft grew, Isley ended up making a home for himself in the Southern Systems. He found a bride in Phoebe Draclau - the then CEO of Arakyd Industries. Their union encountered a heartbreaking snag early on. They wanted children of their own, yet their efforts were fruitless. Boldened by his journey into Alchemy, Isley led Phoebe to Kamino where they engineered a number of offspring from their genetics. While many failed due to their Force Sensitivity, those who survived were born into a loving home.

    For a time, Isley thought that he had it all. Yet, it was the collapse of the Sith Empire in approximately 840 ABY that caused him to seek greater power. Not for his own glory, but to safeguard what he had built. This drive saw him enter the political world of the Southern Systems, whilst also seeking out the remnants of the Sith Empire. As they reformed into the One Sith, Isley was personally approached by their Dark Lord and laid low with a single word.

    All his power was nothing before a literal God - and once more Isley yielded to the Darkness. The Dark Lord bestowed upon him the name Darth Metus. Yet, as Isley would soon discover, the name was both a blessing and a curse. The name was both his...and the moniker of the apparition the Dark Lord had grafted onto his soul. The Dark One wanted to control Isley and to bring all his talents to bear for the One Sith.

    Thus, Isley created a safeguard in case he succumbed. He returned to Kamino and partnered with a Yuuzhan Vong shaper to create a legion of Force Dead. The Dread Guard. Officially, their purpose was to be a counter to the numerous Force-based threats facing the Confederacy. Yet, unofficially? Their role was to kill Isley if ever he went too far. If ever he lost himself and became a slave to the Dark Lord.

    "Fortunately", this reality would never come. For it was not Isley who would betray everything he knew and loved. But rather, his own people would stab him in the spine. His foray into the political realm of the Confederacy had seen him, against all odds, ascend to the mantle of Vicelord. Yet, shortly thereafter, the totality of the Dread Guard would defect overnight to the neighboring Omega Protectorate. In the months that followed, the upper echelon of the Confederacy's leadership, spearheaded by Salem Norongachi, would villify Isley. Many were led to believe that Isley had ambitions to submit the Confederacy to the Sith, and thus the very military was roused against him. Isley had no choice but to flee the Southern Systems, taking up refuge on Dathomir within the house of his adoptive mother: Petra Cavataio.

    With his departure, the Southern Systems were promptly corrupted into Salem's vision, culminating in the birth of the Abrion Sector Authority. Their radical dominance, however, was cut short when the Galaxy literally went to Hell during the Netherworld Crisis.

    (844 ABY - 849 ABY)

    After billions of souls were lost in the blink of an eye, the threat of unjust retribution from the corrupted Abrion Sector Authority abated. However, Isley did not make a return to the nation that had ousted him. Rather, his first thought was to sneak home to his spouse - whom he had entrusted to keep watch over their children during the calamity. Much to his surprise, Phoebe had failed to keep their family together, a failure that had broken the camel's back. Their relationship collapsed, and Isley seized Arakyd Industries out of spite. His introduction into the corporate world also came with his return to Mandalore in a much more permanent manner. Whilst Isley would eventually throw in his lot with the Tion Hegemony, Trade Federation, and InterGalactic Solutions, his first priority was home.

    By 847 ABY, it became apparent that home was in a dire predicament. Azrael, his old friend who had become the latest Mand'alor, disappeared. This vacuum typically would have been replaced by the next Sole Ruler. Yet, the Clans decided to govern themselves, despite the demands of their traditions. This did not sit well with Isley, nor did the A'lore Council's constant failure to reclaim the territory and peoples lost by the Netherworld Crisis. Isley took matters into his own hands by reviving the ancient Mandalorian Crusaders. To do so, he seized his birthright - Alor of Clan Verd - and built a House alongside trusted families. Under his leadership, they took up residence on the Colony Echoy'la and began to restore the peoples lost by the Crisis. With their successes seemingly being smiled upon by the old gods, Isley took the title of Mand'alor the Reclaimer.

    His sole vision: to reunite the peoples of Mandalore. Thus began the first Mandalorian Empire, with Echoy'la as its beating heart. Isley always regarded Mandalore herself as holy and conquered exclusively in her name, never for his own glory. However, the A'lore Council grew bitter that their inaction was finally answered. Thus, they named their own Mand'alor: Ra Vizsla and armed themselves for a civil conflict. Rather than see their people ripped further asunder, Isley and Ra met on Dathomir where an accord was struck. With their visions aligned, Isley abdicated to Ra, satisfied that the Clans were ready to resume with tradition. With the Clans effectively whole once more, Ra named Isley Warmaster of the Clans and a Great Crusade was launched.

    The Coreward effort was the final blow against the Galactic Republic and the One Sith Empire. Both of whom fell to the Crusade by approximately 849 ABY. Whilst at the pinnacle of their accomplishments, Mandalore was then assaulted by former heroes. Mia Monroe and Ijaat Mereel managed to cause every volcano on the planet to erupt simultaneously, blanketing the world in ash and fire. Isley perished in the process, yet not before being robbed of his strength by the serpent within. At first, Isley was content in the afterlife. He had found peace eternal, alongside his brethren. Yet, as more souls joined the Manda from the destruction, their anguish fueled his own. Their anger became his own. He fed upon their malice, unknowingly forcing himself into the world of the living.

    Not as a man. But as a being caught in a perpetual state of death. Undying. It was a struggle to simply exist in this manner. And yet, Isley's first thought was to return to his people. Sadly, Ra Vizsla had also disappeared, leaving behind a successor in Vilaz Munin. Together, they shepherded the people to Dxun and began their efforts to restore Mandalore. However, despite Isley's best efforts, the challenge of merely existing was far too great. Fortunately, he was not alone in his struggle. That old snake, Metus, which had fled on Mandalore came slithering back. It was far too weak to exist on its own and every day spent apart was one step closer to oblivion. An accord was struck, one which blurred the lines between the disembodied souls. Together, they found a new vessel and existed as one. Finally whole.

    (850 ABY - 859 ABY)

    In approximately 851 ABY, Isley made a return to the Southern Systems. His former home was in dire straights - with an Empire to the east and an Alliance to the west. Joining either would see them catapulted into a conflic that was not theirs. Thus, Isley presented a third option: a reformation of the Confederacy. Unlike the corrupted nation of Salem Norongachi, Isley built this new attempt to be free of corruption. And therefore, he would truly had the means to safeguard all he held dear. Whilst he laid the foundation of the budding community, affairs on Mandalore took a turn for the worse. Ra Vizsla returned, leading a radical Death Watch movement. They blamed the destruction of Mandalore on wielders of the Force and concocted a "cure" to Sensitivity.

    Theirs was a war to purge Mandalore of the Force. And thus the people were ripped in two. In the end, Ra's regime won and fashioned for themselves a new Mandalorian Empire - one that Isley would not support. He guided his family out of Mandalorian space and settled them in the Southern Systems; with many taking up vital roles in his new nation. As far as House Verd was concerned, the circumstances of one's birth was irrelevant. Therefore, Mandalore had lost the faith of one of its greatest families, even to this day. With this being a firm reality, Isley focused exclusively upon making the Confederacy as sound a nation as possible. And, amidst his efforts, his life was forever changed one rainy afternoon during a visit to Coruscant.

    An Echani woman was lost. Confused. And the second they crossed paths, a bond was cut betwixt them in the Force. The hands who had laid it were unknown, yet Isley Verd was forever bound to Srina Talon that day. He became her Master and one of her greatest friends. Even to the present, they remain at one another's side. Being that she was his student, it was only natural that Isley involved Srina in matters of state. As their borders grew and her experience in the political realm flourished, he named her Exarch: a direct extension of his authority within the nation. This was a boon given in the nick of time, for soon the Confederacy would align itself with the Galactic Alliance, Silver Jedi Order, and Outer Rim Coalition. These relationships saw their nation enter into a bitter conflict with the neighboring Galactic Empire, which came to a head on Tatooine.

    During the battle, Srina engaged an Imperial by the name of Adron Malvern. Though she was wounded in the conflict, the battle was enough that she swayed the Imperial to their side. Isley was skeptical at first yet, Srina proved to be right in her assessment. Thus, Isley gained a new Apprentice in Adron Malvern - and the Confederacy gained a new Exarch.

    In time, the enemies of the Galactic Alliance rallied together and struck as one. During those days, the Alliance was easily the most powerful nation in the Galaxy - yet overnight it was cut to pieces. Isley and Srina were both present during the "Endgame" assault, doing their best to stave the enemy off of Coruscant. In the wake of the Alliance's fall, Isley led the Confederacy to fill that void. Their mission was to oppose the Empires that had seen the Alliance ripped apart. Fate would have it that the first adversary was none other than the second Mandalorian Empire, due to numerous raids launched against their Silver Jedi allies. At first, Isley had managed to work out a peace with the new Mand'alor: Yasha Cadera. Even extending an opportunity to join the allied, international community.

    Yet, her second, Kaine Australis, personally concluded all relations between the Confederacy and the Mandalorians by holding Isley at gunpoint on Mandalore. While the incident did not immediately escalate into conflict, his raids and proud butchering of Eshan drew a response from the southern systems. They launched an assault to remove the Mandalorian presence from Eshan and succeeded. Isley once again offered peace to Mandalore, vowing that the conflict would end if their raids against their allies concluded. Yet, Kaine led additional raids against their allies, and thus the war escalated. The Allies rose together as one to address the Mandalorian threat, striking at multiple key systems within the Empire's territory. All were successful and the Mandalorian Empire quickly collapsed inward.

    Other battles were fought against additional Imperial menaces during this time, such as the Jen'ari Empire. Yet, the largest threat - the Sith Empire - were not engaged, nor did they initiate conflict. As the largest powers in the Galaxy, both Isley and Darth Carnifex recognized that a battle between their nations would result in mutually assured destruction. Thus, a pact of neutrality was struck, one that has persisted to this day. There was also a brief conflict with the New Republic over Kuat - a battle that was the result of the Eternal Empire's deception. The Empire had slain Confederate lives upon a civilian vessel and painted the Confederacy as responsible, and thus Isley led his people to respond accordingly. The confusion culminated with a second attack at the site of diplomatic talks, where Srina Talon was located. While she was spared death by the quick actions of her Master, he was unable to save her unborn child from being killed in the blast.

    It was on that day that Srina began to truly understand her Master's tutelage in the Dark Side. And, it was on that day that Isley first encountered Darth Elyria: the primordial woman who aided in saving his apprentice's life. The debt was one that, initially, painted her as an adversary. Yet, as the months moved ever forward, Isley and Elyria became devoted one to another.

    (860 ABY - PRESENT)

    In the modern era, Isley continues his service as Vicelord of the Confederacy. Though many years have passed, his motivation of safeguarding his kin, his home, and his loved ones remains the same. His days are spent attempting to make up for the lost time with his children, navigating his newfound relationship with a primordial being, and guiding his people to the best of his ability. Despite challenges and insurrections, his leadership has seen the Confederacy become the largest nation in the Galaxy. And it is his mission to maintain his people evermore.

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