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Les Confederate Misérables | CIS Dominion of Hex R-47

Many members of the Confederacy had participated in the disturbing events that took place on Melida/Daan. There was a plague, a virus, of epic and apocalyptic proportions that had affected the capital city of Zehava. It was so terrible, so contagious, that the entire area became a Dark Zone. Many members of the CIS died in an initial crash, while many more, succumbed to the outbreak after landing in an attempt to find a lost research team. It was a difficult time for all involved. To make matters worse, due to the extremely high rate of infection, those that had either landed on the planet or had contact with any of the infected were quarantined in the medical wing of the Fortressa.

This meant many personalities, trapped in one place, for an extended period of time. It had become something of a powder keg. Tempers were a little short and emotions were running a little high. During this time a few ships had come to dock, here and there, and as long as they were advised of the possible threat they would be permitted entry. This included scientists, medical personnel, and cargo ships full of supplies. After the first three days, family and friends were allowed to visit, but only through glass. They would be permitted to remain on the Fortressa as guests until their loved ones could be cleared. The group would have been in space for at least a week to ensure that none carried the virus. During this time, their dead would have been mourned, and they would have paid any respects.

The Fortressa was the first ten-kilometer ship that the Confederacy had produced. It was massive, and despite being restricted to the medical ward, the guests would not feel overly crowded. No one would be required to share a room or a refresher. There would be a common area, with access to data pads, and exercise equipment. During this quarantine, the Confederacy had actually ventured out of their own territory, into empty space, where there were no notable signs of life.

It was the safest way to ensure that the infection remained contained.

Today, would be the first day, that entry and exit of the Fortressa was unrestricted. Once the Vicelord addressed the whole of his constituents on the status of the disaster they would all be free to leave so that they could conduct their affairs. [member="Karlie Lynn Destat"] would be given a shuttle transport and supplies to return home to the nearby planet of Castagne. It was near their current location and as evidenced by her presence in several recent CIS ventures it was safe to say that, they were very close, to making the decision to become a member world.

While waiting for the Vicelord to ready himself so that he could make his address, many chose to stretch their legs, to see all the Fortressa had to offer, and most importantly, to visit the chocolate fountain. One such individual, by the name of [member="Scherezade deWinter"], found herself wandering around some of the areas reserved for storage. The flagship had visited many worlds, and had many treasures, that had not yet been unloaded to Confederate vaults for safe keeping.

Some of the objects were harmless. Some of the objects were not.

The young woman, endlessly curious, and desperately bored began to look through cargo containers for anything that might provide a little entertainment. Reaching for something on a shelf much too high she accidentally knocked a few items over and the contents spilled all over the floor. She cursed, rather creatively, before bending down to check the damage. What she found, was a black box with violet coloring and the rather creepy face of a woman on the lid. It was sealed around the edges with some sort of wax that didn’t seem to budge when she tried to open it.

The green-eyed girl dropped down on her haunches and pulled a Czerka knife from her boot. If it didn’t want to open on its own, clearly, she would just have to help. There was no way it could be sealed so heavily for a good reason. Right? It took some doing, but eventually, she was able to work the lid open and she found something small wrapped in nearly petrified silk. Tugging it free she found a peculiarly well taken care of bracelet. It had a neat pattern inside and was surrounded by pearls and precious gems. On the inside of the box, she found only a singular phrase. Curious, she read it aloud.

“Dirsi oir kûts.”

[Sing till Death]

Huh. Cool. The young woman put it on her wrist. Scherezade deWinter went about her way, fully unaware, of the vengeful Sith Spirit that she had unleashed upon the Fortressa.


OOC Information:

All participants of this Dominion will find themselves compulsively singing and quite possibly dancing. They will be unable to help themselves from participating in a ship-wide musical scenario. Occasionally, they may be able to speak plainly, but for the most part, all spoken words should be sung. There will be accompanying music that comes from nowhere and they will find themselves suddenly perfect at creating their own songs. Illusions may appear to place them in different settings to make their songs more immersive. It could be songs of their current situation, likes, dislikes, or even your favorite IRL musicians or artists. Anything goes with this weird, wacky, dominion.

Note 1: If you would like to link a particular song PLEASE place it in a clickable hyperlink OR a spoiler. Don’t embed them into your posts or else it will be really hard for some players to load the page. Some people DO post from their phones. Thanks bunches!!

Note 2: Droids are the only exception to the rule. They may or may not be affected depending on the preference of the writer due to the fact that they are inorganic beings.

Note 3: If you were not in the Dom of Melida/Daan that is perfectly fine! Your character may have been called to the Fortressa for business purposes, an assignment, a smuggling job, medical services, or perhaps even because they had friends on Melida/Dann. There a million and one reasons your character might have shown up. If you need help with placement or ideas, please ask, but otherwise, we're just hoping to see you here having fun!

As always - If you have any concerns or questions please PM a moderator or admin!


Objective #1: Sing and Dance

…Like there’s nobody watching. Seriously. Enjoy yourself! Get things off your chest that you normally wouldn’t, because hey, it isn’t your fault. You’re just trapped in some sort of spell. Clearly, it made you do it. There won’t be any hard feelings later. Right?


Objective #2: Operation Curtain Call

…You hate music. You hate fun. You are a Sith [Because clearly, no Jedi will hate this] and in NO WAY is this good for your broody, warrior gene, primal fury. This insanity must end. You’ve tried leaving the ship, you’ve tried covering your ears, you’ve tried everything you can think of but NOTHING can stop the song from escaping your black little heart. So, you will solve this mystery, and stop the madness. Here ends the show.


Objective #3: BYOP - Bring Your Own Popcorn

…This is ridiculous. You neither want to enjoy it, nor do you want to stop it, so you’ve found something else to do while trying to stay out of the crossfire. You heard the chocolate fountain is absolutely lit and can’t wait to try it before heading off to do whatever it is you want to do.


[member="Aaron Stratus"]
[member="Adron Malvern"]
[member="Aedan Miles"]
[member="Ahani Najwa"]
[member="Alden Kyr’Nau"]
[member="Aleksander Miles"]
[member="Alistair Myre"]
[member="Alyva Terrix"]
[member="Amaya Cardei"]
[member="Anastasia Vi'dreya"]
[member="Anya Malvern"]
[member="Aoker Veru"]
[member="Arabella Darkhold"]
[member="Archim Calixis"]
[member="Ari Zanareth"]
[member="Aria Lyr"]
[member="Arken Lussk"]
[member="Arthur Pendragon"]
[member="Asher Mossa"]
[member="Aston Jacobs"]
[member="Auswyn Nothrael"]
[member="Averin An'Arach"]
[member="Aya Clarke"]
[member="BNI-Bella and BNI-Leo"]
[member="Bulthos Dorrir"]
[member="Cairyn Midore"]
[member="Causstik Rahn"]
[member="Chalim Vern"]
[member="Chek Zun"]
[member="Chikako Liona"]
[member="Cim Salro"]
[member="Cora deWinter"]
[member="Cyprine Talon"]
[member="Dakita Calfur"]
[member="Dalton Kenway"]
[member="Damien Van-Derveld"]
[member="Darth Atrox"]
[member="Darth Illisus"]
[member="Darth Inanis"]
[member="Darth Interitus"]
[member="Darth Malus"]
[member="Darth Metus"]
[member="Darth Nius"]
[member="Darth Phren"]
[member="Darth Rixas"]
[member="Darth Seraphic"]
[member="Darth Tacitus"]
[member="Darth Zurvan"]
[member="Daxton Bane"]
[member="Derek Dib"]
[member="Dinah Vekarr"]
[member="Eladia Laux"]
[member="Ella Nova"]
[member="Emberly Carrick"]
[member="Erin Tenel"]
[member="Eternal Ambition"]
[member="Eternal Muse"]
[member="Eternal Spark"]
[member="Eternal Vision"]
[member="Faustina Beryll"]
[member="Fawn Alzi"]
[member="Fiolette Yvarro"]
[member="Firenne Van-Derveld"]
[member="Galven Hansol"]
[member="Gerwald Lechner"]
[member="Ginnie Verd"]
[member="Hadashah Vi'dreya"]
[member="Hades Dai"]
[member="Hala Jast"]
[member="Hypatia Najwa"]
[member="Ian Sade"]
[member="Iris Issey"]
[member="Irys Arist'lar"]
[member="Isamu Baelor"]
[member="Iskander Verd"]
[member="Ithiel Verd"]
[member="Jack Anderson"]
[member="Jaron Lesan"]
[member="Jasmine Zittoun"]
[member="Jayce Pryde"]
[member="Jennifer Blanchard"]
[member="Jerad Lettiere"]
[member="Jia Darkhold"]
[member="Jorco Czeku"]
[member="Judah Lesan Jr."]
[member="Julian Valentine"]
[member="Jyoti Nooran"]
[member="Kaiah Sixsipita"]
[member="Kaiya Halycon"]
[member="Kal Jaii"]
[member="Kalee Bladesworn"]
[member="Karlie Lynn Destat"]
[member="Kas Varad"]
[member="Katria Vekarr"]
[member="Katrine Van-Derveld"]
[member="Kayla Wylen"]
[member="Kestrel Dray"]
[member="Ket Van-Derveld"]
[member="Khia Varad"]
[member="Kip Ridel"]
[member="Kurayami Bloodborn"]
[member="Kurenai Yumi"]
[member="Kyle Ajahn"]
[member="Lady Psyona"]
[member="Lear Shamalain"]
[member="Lera DeVana"]
[member="Lord Mettallum"]
[member="Luna Terrik"]
[member="Lyla Quinn"]
[member="Maple Harte"]
[member="Marcus Arterialis"]
[member="Marcus Lund"]
[member="Marek Starchaser"]
[member="Maxerian Gron"]
[member="Miki Starfallen"]
[member="Minerva Vessia"]
[member="Moira Skaldi"]
[member="Morgan Redeaux"]
[member="Muad Dib"]
[member="Nasho Vesh"]
[member="Nassier Zirfae"]
[member="Natasha Darkstar"]
[member="Nayru Wyndaru"]
[member="Nicholas Covosi"]
[member="Nilia Saavilin"]
[member="Nine Lives"]
[member="Noatyr Moldmerr"]
[member="Noviac Caligo"]
[member="Nysana Talon"]
[member="One-Eyed Jack Varren"]
[member="Orion Trex"]
[member="Paige Blossom"]
[member="Petra Cavataio"]
[member="Pitts Carnegue"]
[member="Qymaen sil Jurai"]
[member="Rale Elysar"]
[member="Rath Exigo"]
[member="Rebecca Jaeger"]
[member="Rima Orwray"]
[member="Rin Talon"]
[member="Rosaline Rousseau"]
[member="Rujat Aola"]
[member="Ryker Wylde"]
[member="Saine Kela"]
[member="Samantha Jade"]
[member="Sasha Santhe"]
[member="Savoh Iaht"]
[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
[member="Shaden Vekarr"]
[member="Shandria Navin"]
[member="Sky'ito Yumi"]
[member="Sol Damerin"]
[member="Sol Ordana"]
[member="Sor-Jan Xantha"]
[member="Space Prius"]
[member="Srina Talon"]
[member="Super TD-T47"]
[member="Surnin Strenger"]
[member="Tamar M'Raki"]
[member="Taran Holt"]
[member="Tarssin Destat"]
[member="Thalira Kiing"]
[member="The Fallen"]
[member="The Legend"]
[member="The Slave"]
[member="Tiberius Royalblaze"]
[member="Tmoxin Temi"]
[member="Toran Fel"]
[member="Tyrande of Isobe"]
[member="Tyris Hayes"]
[member="Valis Marr"]
[member="Valjan Hon'rey"]
[member="Var Talon"]
[member="Varik Ice"]
[member="Vee Toa"]
[member="Verd Skirata"]
[member="Veronika Fleischer"]
[member="Viktor Hawthorne"]
[member="Vinten Veers"]
[member="Vulture 21"]
[member="Vyra Silara"]
[member="Werah Unon"]
[member="William the Bloody"]
[member="Xero Wran"]
[member="Yuca Najwa-Keth"]
[member="Yuna Hart"]
[member="Zenva Vrotoa"]
[member="Zephyr Carrick"]
[member="Zyrias Pax"]

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
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Attn: To whom it may concern
  • Operation Curtain Call
    Show the spirit who's boss. And then kill it, for good measure

The only melody was a slow, mournful one, a lonely, funeral dirge reserved for the creature which stalked one of the countless empty corridors of the massive warship, his only companions being the silence and the maintenance droids that worked tirelessly to keep the Confederate flagship operational.

Walking slowly with a hand extended out, he let his taloned fingers rake the cold metal of the bulkhead, throwing out a screeching, discordant wail, an act of defiance addressed to whatever it was that filled his head with this stupid little song which annoyed him and made him want to tear someone's heart out, even more than usually.

Living or dead, whoever was responsible for this annoyance would pay a heavy price. Tacitus would make it sing a song of screams in every language it knew, before it was finally allowed the eternal peace that was the cold kiss of Lady Death.

Like a predator stalking some cowering prey, Tacitus stalked the corridors and hallways of the massive ship, taloned fingers scraping away jagged lines within the paint of the vessel, singing their own song against that which seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once.

"...Oh no."
"...Oh no."
D I D N ' T

An unholy racket erupted from within the confines of the Fortressa. What was meant to be a deviation from the extreme boredom of Quarantine had turned into...well...a chit show. Darth Metus had intended to spend some time with his apprentice, [member="Srina Talon"], experimenting with the Chocolate Fountain present aboard the Super Star Destroyer. However, instead of spending time dipping fruits, snacks, and other confections within the legendary depths, Darth Metus realized a certain reality.

He couldn't talk.

He could only sing.

Somebody was getting their chit kicked in over this.

Objective #1: Sing and Dance

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Scherezade skipped along the ship, trying to keep the blood moving in her legs. They were to be quarantined for a while to come, and she couldn't sit still. Some would say the girl had a battery stuck up her non-GP13 parts. She would disagree and claim that movement was important for any warrior. The bracelet glistened on her arm, and for a moment she thought it was so weird that she had taken it in the first place. Usually, the young Sithling was not one to adorn herself with any sort of jewelry, preferring to keep the various metals on her body to belong to weapons.

"What's the time?" she found herself asking out loud with- was there a... A musical way in which she'd said it? "Well, it's got to be close to midnight!" she answered herself. The girl checked her wrist for the time. It wasn't anywhere near midnight.

And suddenly...

This happened.

She danced. She swung her hips. She sung. And while doing so, set out to find the one person she knew would give her what her body sang for.
Location: The Fortressa
Post: 1
Objective: Sing?

​Adron was taking some of his time with The Confederacy to familiarize himself with The Fortressa. As he strode down the twisting labyrinth of a ship, he realized the layout was even more difficult to comprehend than an Imperial Battlecruiser, and that certainly meant something.

​His black cloak fell down towards his ankles, falling only a few inches short of his heels. The only sound for a long time was the soft tapping of the man's heels against the floor beneath his fleet. It was a nearly rhythmic tapping, yet in time it was slowly replaced with some other sound, one that brought Adron to a pause. The tapping grew louder, however it faded from a tap to a ringing that was best compared to some form of melody.

​Seemingly from nowhere there was a rush over Adron, as something ensued, something he could not fathom. Was he.....tapping his foot?

​Glancing down, his foot was moving in accordance with the sounds blazing through the halls. Though he tried to stop the tapping, it was not happening, and as his face was contorted in confusion, it began.

"Hutt better have my money!" He yelled out, before immediately his hand flew over his lips, a loud slapping sound drowned out as the music flowed through his ears.

​Did.....he just sing? Why was he singing? What the hell was he singing?!

"Who ya'll think ya'll frontin on?! Like blah, blah, blah!" He called out as he slid his hand down, immediately placing both hands over his lips. not good....What is fronting? He mused, as the music continued, yet when he made his way down the halls in a frantic hurry.

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
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Attn: [member="Darth Metus"] | [member="Adron Malvern"]
  • Operation Curtain Call
    Show the spirit who's boss. And then kill it, for good measure

The song was one ripped from a horror vid and the scenery looked like someone's B-rated impression of the Netherworld. Illusory flames seemed to lick the bulkheads of the corridor and classic figures of demons danced in the shadows. It all made Tacitus chuckle. Whoever came up with this scenario, had no idea what the Netherworld was like. But Tacitus did. Ever since that one incident when he died, he has been all too familiar with it.

If this was some horror show, then Tacitus was more than happy to play the villain. It was a role he was comfortable with. And this time, there would be no hero to save the day for whoever was responsible for this travesty. There would only be pain and horror and then a slow death. Tacitus grinned, contorting his face in a predatory snarl that revealed his teeth as his talons continued to rake their eerie, wailing song across the ship.

Before long, the stalking creature heard a voice he was all too familiar with. An old enemy of his, who's presence here actually managed to surprise him. All of a sudden, the music changed to a tense tune of a hunter stalking his prey as the Sith Lord emerged from the shadows, cat-like eyes glowing in the dark, revealing a mass of silver hair and deadly taloned hands that raked the bulkhead as he approached.

"...This is not a dream, my friend
And it will never end.
This one is the nightmare
That goes on
I am here to stay,
No matter what you may pretend
And will flourish long after you're gone..."
Roger Roger...Rabbit?
Location: The Fortressa - Roaming the Hallways - Seeking the Vicelord
Wearing: This
Singing: Kidnap Mr. Darth Metus


BNI-9000 looked at her counterpart, quite curiously, while he began to make a mask out of the all too precious construction paper that Mistress Talon had procured for them. It was a rare, a valuable commodity, but they did not ask where she had found it or why she allowed them to cut it to pieces and make things out of it. She was kind to them. Thoughtful. Even while locked away in a dreadful quarantine. BNI-9001 ran a sticky-stick over the edges and bent down the pointy parts of the devilish looking mask to suit his fancy. Bella approved. “That is very nice. What will we do with them Nine-One?”

“Scare all the children visiting their family of course.”, Leo responded, using a hole puncher to add a string with small, stubby fingers so that he could tie his creation on properly. They had been indulging in many stories on the HoloNet while the Mistress was away. She saw that they were taken care of, decontaminated, and detailed, after having a full diagnostic—but they both missed her. No one could read their bedtime story with such wonderful lack of emotion. “Does this look right?”

The red-hued rabbit droid placed the devil mask over his face, black tipped ears sticking out, almost like little faux-sinister horns. He looked to his blue-hued other half and if he could have smiled, without a mouth, he would have. Her white-skeleton mask with a much-too-large smile was spot on. He half shuffled and half hopped around the low craft table to help her tie it on.

Gratefulness flowed through their shared data stream but he said nothing. There was no need to. She knew that he knew. They were together, always. She knew the inner workings of his programming better than he understood it himself.

“Oh, Nine. You look terrifying.”

“Oh—Do I? Will we give them a fright?”


“Perfect.”, the sweet and gentle tones of Bella rang out and they began to head out of the lounge, hand in hand, intent on being the sugary little terrors that [member="Rex Taff"] had designed them for. Oddly enough, the rather well-programmed units began to chant a little song back and forth to each other.

“Kidnap Mr. [member="Darth Metus"]?”

“I wanna do it! Let’s draw straws.”

“Rex said, “We should work together.”

“Two of a kind—“

“Birds of feather—“

“Now and forever—“


Both laughed through their speakers as they disappeared around corner, unaware, that they might have been falling under the manipulation of something otherworldly. Instead, they left a trail of oddly colored candy corn and snakes hissed in the shadows where they went. They had to find Mr. Darth Metus.

It was time to kidnap him, lock him up, and throw away the key.

The Mother of All Psy-Pires
Objective: One and three

Wearing: This (

Equipped with: This (


Singing: Something that sounds suspiciously like this:

Nine after the debacle in the Dark Zone, having barely escaped with the others before the Confederacy had drop-kicked the diseased infected city. Her clothes and weapons had been confiscated and she had spent hours being decontaminated and checked. Her robes and weapons were currently being nuked by every bacteria-killing process known to the Confederacy. But she for the moment, had checked out. No disease. Immune. The blood had done its job.

In the meantime, while her old weapons and clothing where undergoing decontamination, the Confederacy had seen fit to send her items she had acquired from both House Verd and Sasori. This era made truly frightening weapons. It was a good thing she had as much access as her enemies did.

As she waited for the clearing, she had in the meantime equipped herself with the aforementioned back ups. She was still riding high of the food she had taken from that knight of Ren...a good six days before she would really need to eat again, given how many rich memories and thoughts she had eaten.

Her new hooded Kimono, Maoshan felt stiffer than her ceremonial robes, but only because it was better built for the rigors of facing the type of opponents she often faced, without a lightsaber at that. The wintrium Katana she had had forged, the subtle images of snowfall on its sheath, lay on her bed along with that alchemized tomahawk.

She had been in the quarters they had assigned her on this giant medical ship, as she had been since arrival. One of the doctors had called her a medical marvel, almost begged for a sample of her blood. She declined. The risks were simply too great.

Plus, if somebody had a sample, then it presumably meant countermeasures could be developed against her, and she didn't trust Confederate scientists--any scientist--not to blab to at least one wrong person to blab to.

She had honestly been too nervous to even talk to anybody...

And then... happened.

She erupted into singing. Uncontrollable singing, along with apparantly the entire station.

Nine Lives hated singing. She had no reason to sing normally, and the high pitches were hard on the ears, worse, what she was singing sounded like it was ripped from some cheesy spy thriller.

Nine wondered what was going on. She figured it was some kind of really, really messed up one, developed by a wierdo, and that was why she was belting out nonsense about eating tree animals and other messed up things. She grabbed that alchemized tomahawk she had purchased...a full on sword would be impractical in such confines, with so many friendly personnel. No. Better the axe. She was technically a hatchet-man for the Confederacy at this point, one of many.

She left her quarters, watched everyone she walked by give their own performance. As if it could not get any weirder, there were actually music and chorus' she could hear if she got within their personal space, though she did not do so willingly. Plus, she was taller than most, about six and a half feet, and though her hood was down, revealing her beautiful Atrisian features, her eyes, mostly pure black with an unsettling purple-dot glow at the center, made most avoid her. Sasori had not replicated the optical illusion her standard robes gave, that of her gliding. One could see the movement of her legs.

She was so embarrassed, she thought, as she flailed her arms to be imaginary music. It would have been better if it had been some sort vile curse that made everyone fling their waste at each other like tachs, or some horrible infection that caused demonic levels of flatulence in everyone. That would have been better than this sadistic torture.

In the chaos she spotted [member="Adron Malvern"] singing about hutts and being owed money from them. She could relate. Hutts owed her money, she could get that level of snappy in his voice (followed usually by a vow to drink very happy memories).

This was a very unusual curse.

In the scramble of it, with everyone thinking they had a career in singing, her included still belting out that ridiculous song and spotted [member="Darth Metus"]. It had been a long time since she had willingly approached anyone so powerful. But maybe he knew what was going on.

She danced her way to him, her vibro-tomahawk hanging from a small clip on her belt.

"I'M STILLLLLLLLL STUCK-IN-SOOOOOONNNG...DARTH MEEEEEEETUUUUUUUUSSS." She heard a bombastic orchestral bit play out followed by a very quiet chorus saying "Darth Me-tussssssss..."

The curse momentarily broken over Nine through sheer annoyance at that last part and threw up her hands in the air at whatever wicked presence was causing this.

" put a chorus in?" Nine asked the air around her, utterly deadpan.

"Yessssss..." the chorus answered back in very close vicinity.

The curse overtook her again and she was forced to humiliatingly sing for the Vice Lord. She was red faced with humiliation as she did so, yet belted it out perfectly. Her contralto actually did lend itself quite well to singing


Post Number One

Petra watches while walking through the ship…


The crazy recovering drug addict and self-proclaim deity of Dathomir found herself on Fortressa. This was not new for her, she always went where ever she wanted, and ignored everyone she wanted. Being on this Confederacy ship was a walk through a park; however, she did not know that a box with a Sith spirit was on board to ruin the fun. Lame Sith always ruined the fun and why would it change now.

It took the witch a bit of time to realized that what was going on around her was not normal. When you are Petra, reality is what she made of it. Everything was a lie, and what she declared it to be. Yet, this spirit was working its way in. Within few minutes she was singing her thoughts aloud, “Ohhh coming here was a mistake.” Her words were stretched as the tune continued. “I so need to kill this crap… But I’m feeling like dancing too.”
Location: Beside the Chocolate Fountain
Wearing: This
Singing: This
With: [member="Darth Metus"] and [member="Nine Lives"]
For the first time in a week, Srina Talon thought like she might be able to breathe again. She had busied herself with mediation and making sure that her Master retained his sanity after losing another family member. The white-haired Echani was glad to at least, be in her own clothing, versus the itchy medical gowns that the infirmary had provided. Never had she seen hands shake so much in fear as when the staff had to enter the area with the people that had been to the Dark Zone. She could understand.

The sight of mangled, twisted, and infected organics was not something she would forget. She had killed some of their own people, once turned, and it hadn’t gotten any better from there.

The release from the medical ward was as close to bliss as she could remember. She wore a soft gown of white, without any adornments, that held to her form like a glove. The rustle of fabric was about all that would herald her approach. The chocolate fountain had been a whimsical addition to the Fortressa, one that she could not bring herself to dislike, and she sat near the edge, curious of the sanitation process. [member="Rex Taff"] had explained it to her once. That the chocolate was constantly cycled through filtration that removed the presence of harmful bacteria made by too many fingers being in the pot. The brown, melted substance, was entirely replaced every six hours or so.

In plain terms, it seemed that the former Minister of Science hadn’t trusted the CIS not to stick their head in it. Probably for the best.

The slender apprentice dipped something fluffy and white, holding it on a little wooden dowel before she pulled it out. Curiously, she watched it cool. She had been informed by a very helpful server droid that it was something called a marshmallow. Extremely tentatively she took a bite, however, she nearly dropped it when [member="Darth Metus"] started belting out a song and cacophonous music erupted from everywhere. Startled, she pulled back, with eyes wide as she swallowed the sugary treat. `Master, why are you yelling at me?`

She stood up abruptly, against her will, dropping her treat on the floor. Her hand went to her hip and her finger wagged in the air at the Vicelord with extreme purpose. What the karking hell was going on? “Oh no you didn’t!”

“I’m a mercenary you ain’t got a prayer—you owe me.”

Her voice hit pitches that Srina never thought capable. Sure, her voice was dual-toned by birth touched by melodic flair, but this was something different entirely. She didn’t like the break in syntax. It was informal, rude, and nearly barbaric. She also didn’t like being forced to sing, when really, all she wanted to do was enjoy a little peace and quiet.

“Oh no you didn’t. Didn’t you, oh no—you didn’t pay me what you owe meee!”

What did he owe her? What kind of trickery was this?

“Check it out. First you tried to trap me, then you bust a cap in my a—“, her hands smacked forcefully over her mouth, silver eyes showing a touch of panic, and distress. Just as quickly the pointer finger of her right hand snapped out again. “Oh no you didn’t!”

She slapped her hands over her mouth again.

[member="Nine Lives"] sauntered in a moment later, seemingly also trapped under this spell, because abruptly the music in the air changed. It went from obnoxious to something a little more orchestral and contemporary. Srina could only stare. Her empty expression, devoid of life, had a little bit of something around the edges that could have been horror.

Absolute, abject, horror.

Aryn Teth

Near the Chocolate Fountain, The Fortressa, Space
Interacting With: [member="Srina Talon"], [member="Darth Metus"]
Aryn Teth was a man with an increasingly busy schedule, combined with the near constant state of recovery he was in from the numerous injuries he sustained on a fairly regular basis, it had given him fewer and fewer opportunities to meet with the Alliance's allies. Of course, there were sometimes when his duties with the Alliance, in this case more diplomatic, mixed with his desire to meet with and speak with his allies and friends in other parts of the galaxy. It was the assault on one of the Confederacy's own on Coruscant that Aryn had come to address, a cowardly attack not enacted out by one of the Alliance, but a supposed ally of their own, hopefully by the time he left, things would be cleared up in regards to that.

As he made his way through the halls of the ship, Aryn moved quickly, strolling along and not focusing on much aside from the datapad in his hand laying out a map of the starship before him. The passing people and voices didn't even register in his mind, as the back of his subconscious must have just registered the music as something along the ship-wide PA system, some sort of Confederate quirk, perhaps. Before long, he lowered the datapad in his hand as he came to the chocolate fountain, gaze shifting around to those present, whom he noted stood with a particularly confused and deliberate silence.

Aryn couldn't say he understood why, but the nervous and strange tension in the air was palpable as he moved closer to the fountain, hooking his datapad back on his belt as he focused his gaze upon the Vicelord and his apprentice. Closing the distance, he put on his best diplomatic smile, but as he drew nearer, he found he was no longer in charge of his own body. At first, he figured it to be the void within him, the darkness bursting at every hole in his being, yearning for an escape, but no, this was something else, something exterior. As he drew near, he stamped his feet, four times in a rhythm, his gaze focused squarely on the figure of Srina Talon as he opened his mouth, and... Sang?

"You shake my nerves, and you rattle my brain!" His hand clasped over his mouth as his foot stamped four more times, the hand flying free again. "Too much love drives a man insane." Four more times, the stamping went along with the rhythm to a song Aryn had never heard, yet somehow seemed to know perfectly. "You broke my will!" Stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp. "Oh what a thrill!" He fought the urge, knowing that something was coming, something dark, something wretched, something absolutely hor-

"Goodness, gracious, Great balls of fire!"


"Three for the price of one..."
Objective 1

"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!" Were the words that could be heard echoing down the halls. What was happening! Was the droid malfunctioning? SYN could not tell. Randomly the droid started spouting out weird words in an even more robotic voice then he normally had. Not even recognizing himself at first. "More then, our, hour, never. Ever, after, work is, over" Why was the droid saying these things?!

He needed answers and the only way he might get them was to head to those in command. He knew where they were, the Chocolate Fountain. However, before he reached the entrance in he stopped. Then his arms moving on their own. Up...down...side to side. But it had rhythm to it. Then suddenly he slid into the room with spastic movements. He tried to call out to those in the room with him. "Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger. Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger." Why did it only seem like he could "sing" these words. Has someone sliced into him? That had to be it! Someone was slicing him!

[member="Aryn Teth"]
[member="Srina Talon"]
[member="Darth Metus"]

Location: The Fortressa
Post: 2
Objective: Who knows?'
​Tags: [member="Darth Tacitus"] [member="Darth Metus"] [member="Srina Talon"] [member="Nine Lives"] [member="Aryn Teth"] [member="S.Y.N."]

​It's pretty amazing the intense hatred you can have for a situation you have NO CLUE about. As Adron moved down the halls he could hear more music, flowing from another unseen source. He turned back to the source, his eyes filled with the image of a silver wolf stalking unsuspecting prey. He narrowed his eyes, his foot still tapping against the floor with the song that played through his own mind.

"Who are you?" He sang, his face immediately contorting into an expression of complete agitation. He tried to clasp his arms behind his back, yet in the end they were raised to his chest and moving along with the beat.

"I don't have time for this, this is ridiculous!" He sang in conjunction with the rhythm in his head.

As he moved down the hall, he broke into an interesting dance, compelled to sway through the halls as he searched for Srina and Metus.

Not long after he would find the duo, with a few others. However they too seemed to be enthralled as well.

"Oh, Kark, kark, kark." He sang, continuing to dance as he realized he was literally losing control of his body.

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
Post #3
Attn: [member="Adron Malvern"]
  • Operation Murder Time
    Postpone the hunt for the spirit and mess with an old rival for a little while

The silver wolf grinned, revealing a mouth full of sharp, steel fangs that were dripping blood as it lazily approached the man in front of him. Slowly, the wolf's form changed, to that of a skeletal figure wearing a tattered cloak, bony, clawed fingers carving furrows into the bulkhead of the ship as he approached. The cloaked reaper opened its skeletal mouth, letting out his ominous song.

"...Do you really think
That I would ever let you go,
Do you think
I'd ever set you free..."
A sword hung from the reaper's belt. A sword which oozed with the Darkside, defiantly announcing its presence with its horrible, discordant presence in the Force. Its blade had tasted Adron's blood before and it thirsted for more, ever more and would not be satiated until it drank it all.

The scenery changed once more, the bulkheads of the ship becoming smoky cliffs surrounding an all-too familiar bridge. Above hung the oppressive presence of Windshear Keep, casting its shadow upon the two approaching reaper as it once more changed its appearance, to that of a man who was supposed to be dead.

The man's appearance changed once more, his dark hair growing longer and taking on a silver color, his eyes changing from an icy blue, to glowing golden orbs with irises slitted, like a cat's. The man's fingers grew long, sharp claws ready to rend his enemies to pieces as the illusion somewhat dispelled, the image of the fortress superimposed over the familiar metal of the ship.

Darth Tacitus stood before his old enemy, taloned hand grasping the hilt of his horrible sword, unnatural eyes digging into Adron's very soul as he sang his vengeful tune.

"...If you do, I'm glad to say
It simply isn't so
You will never get away from me..."
Heir to the Throne

Location: Wondering through the Ship
Wearing: This
Tags: [member="Srina Talon"] [member="Darth Tacitus"] [member="Darth Metus"] [member="Scherezade deWinter"] [member="Adron Malvern"] [member="BNI-Bella and BNI-Leo"] [member="Nine Lives"] [member="Petra Cavataio"] [member="Aryn Teth"] [member=S.Y.N.]
Post: One


The Nightmother had arrived at the Fortressa sometime after the events on Merida/Daan. From her understanding, the virus had been so severe that everyone needed to be put under quarantine. So she had naturally come to ensure everyone was fine and stuck around as tests were done. In the off time, she had a lot to think about. About her past which was the future, about Gerwald, about Pebble, about the Mandragora, about Ryloth... her head was swelling with thoughts, words, rolling through the recent events. Something troubling you? Jart whispered into her mind.

Her mouth open, she'd been ready to tell him about it when the words coming out were not spoken but sang. Katrine paused and blinked, pressing her lips together, getting confused.

Once more, she'd tried and again, the same result. Then in a moment, she shrugged and sang, beginning to dance as the beat moved faster.


The melodic compulsion was ridiculous.

All that the Sith had wanted to do was something remotely normal. Recent history had been a tale of death and loss in his life. Maramere saw the supposed demise of his sibling. Now, Melida/Daan claimed the life of a son. In truth, Darth Metus was residing in that solemn valley of numb that followed significant loss. He didn't feel, nor did he want to. But for her sake, he tried. He wanted to do something more than sulk within the walls of the Well - or in this case, the Fortressa.

And that was why he insisted that they go to the cafeteria. A legendary snack to match her sweet tooth? Guaranteed to put a smile on her face, no? But, things got wild shortly after she dipped a marshmallow under the delicious chocolate. The Sith felt...compelled to spill his guts in a musical fashion. [member="Srina Talon"] followed suit, singing the same song with a much better voice than he could ever match. While was actually sort of funny. Darth Metus found himself trying not to laugh when she clamped her fingers over her mouth.

And then a sound like cats being murdered invaded his ears. Who the ka-turning, Darth Metus got an eye full of [member="Aryn Teth"] screeching about balls and fire. He parted his mouth to say something admittedly snarky, but words that were not his own spilled out.

We're gonna have a good day!

No. No we're not. Who said that?! The melody shot out of Darth Metus' mouth so quick that he didn't believe it was him singing the lyrics. He looked at Srina in disbelief, looked at [member="Adron Malvern"] with a look that said Help. Me. Ni-

Looked at [member="Darth Tacitus"] and the murder in his eyes.

Ain't nobody gotta cry today. Cuz ain't nobody gonna die today. Save that drama for another day.

He stepped away from the goddamn Jedi and came to a half in the midst of the Sith's path.

Ayyyyyy, it's gonna be a good day.
Roger Roger...Rabbit?
Location: The Fortressa - Cafeteria [Hiding Behind the Chocolate Fountain]
Wearing: This
Singing: Kidnap Mr. Darth Metus


BNI-9000 snuck around the corner, taking low, while BNI-9001 took the higher position right above her head. The little rabbit-droids were on a mission of extreme importance. They had explicit orders, as they had been sent for by name, and intended to do their duty. Shadows played along the shiny steel walls as they crept through, half walking, half hopping. They ducked out of the way from other people and did their best to employ craft, cunning, and mischief.

Little pieces of candy corn were left in their footprints as they scurried on by and eventually wound up heading toward the cafeteria. The little rabbit-droids paused for a moment, feeling a twinge of fear, as their singular photoreceptors lingered on the hulking form of [member="Darth Tacitus"]. The silver wolf seemed to be even more fearsome than their data-files anticipated and they mentally began to refer to him as Mr. Oogie Boogie man.

Brave, powered by the sing-song rocket fuel in their circuitry, they ran forward and dashed under his cloak. The diminutive droids then ran betwixt his legs with little sinister laughs and kept charging ahead. His desperately dark song tried to pull at them but they darted ahead hard to keep from losing the steam of their own musical number. “First we’re going to set some bait inside a nasty trap and wait.”

“When he comes a-sniffing we will snap the trap and close the gate!”

Bella was the first to see the Vicelord and cast an almost sly glance back at Leo. His demonic face urged her onward, but, she paused as something occurred to her and they both dodged to hide behind the chocolate fountain. “Wait—I’ve got a better plan to catch this big bad Sith Lord man. Let’s pop him in a boiling pot and when he’s done we’ll butter him up!”

Leo snickered at the audacity of his better half. It was a good idea. They were in the cafeteria after all. He turned around while the oversized organics present began to scuffle amongst themselves and his paws wrapped around Bella’s, pulling her in a little circle, while he began to chant the hook. “Kidnap Mr. Darth Metus, throw him in a box, bury him for ninety years—then see if he talks!”

Bella gave a mechanical, gleeful chuckle, before poking her head out from around the fountain again. Did not [member="Adron Malvern"] see that [member="Darth Tacitus"] [Mr. Oogie Boogie] was getting closer? His awkward limb movements would not save him from the silver wolf. No, no. “Then Mr. Oogie Boogie man—“

“Will take the whole thing over then.”

“He’ll be so pleased I do declare.”

“That we will cook him rare!”


Both rabbits squealed and hid when they thought they might have been spotted. Neither noticed the little glowing jack-o-lanterns that appeared in the area, adding to the cartoony, spooky feel. Mistress Talon seemed to be getting assaulted by the Supreme Commander. What was it that he threatened her with? Great balls of fire?

Perhaps when they were done with [member="Darth Metus"], [member="Aryn Teth"], would be next.

Location: Beside the Chocolate Fountain
Wearing: This
Singing: This
With: Darth Metus, Aryn Teth, Droid Bunnies, Darth Tacitus, [member="Nine Lives"]

The snow-kissed apprentice did he best to maintain her composure. It was shattering, bit by bit, as they were slowly dragged through painful musical numbers. Srina did not like feeling like she was out of control, as if her body did not belong to her, and she half wondered if there was an intruder on board that was capable of making them all lose their minds. Yet, she could still think for herself, could she not? Her elegant brow furrowed when Darth Metus began to laugh, clearly amused by her lack of vocal talent, and she shot the Sith Lord a dirty look.

This was not funny. Not at all. Not in the slightest bit.

[member="S.Y.N."] slid into the room, moving in tangle of limbs, and uttering a song that she truly believed her rabbit-droids might have enjoyed. Srina hoped that he hadn't hurt anything, at least nothing that couldn't be repaired, but that seemed to be only the beginning. Everyone was coming to the Vicelord to see what was going on but no one could actually ask anything because they kept belting out show tunes instead. This was terrible.

[member="Adron Malvern"] came into the Cafeteria next doing the strangest dance she had ever seen. The young woman had deeply suspected a lack of rhythm, considering he was a former Imperial, and this only seemed to prove it. She added a mental note as to whom not to dance with at the next gala, lest she wanted to be slapped, repeatedly by flailing limbs. “Oh no you didn’t!, she chirped again, when Adron mentioned not having time for their current situation.

No, they most certainly, did not.

The song that interrupted the convulsions that Adron was going through caught her attention. She heard a swell of stringed instruments and the Cafeteria seemed to shimmer as the scenery rolled into something more barren. She could feel [member="Darth Tacitus"], but, he didn’t look like himself. Silver eyes focused on his ever-changing form, his hands turning to claws, his eyes that of an animal.

Momentarily, she was distracted by a new presence, one that she knew very well. Aryn? [member="Aryn Teth"]? He was here? She stepped forward as he began to sing, tapping his feet, clearly also trapped by this sinister curse. The small woman could hardly take the dulcet tones of the rustic man bound up in some sort of folk tune. She was mostly certain that the song was liberated from before the four-hundred years of darkness. She reached for him as she crossed the room, resting a hand to his chest, typically wintry features touched with concern.

What was he doing on the Fortressa? Was he all right?

The Sith Apprentice paused when [member="Darth Metus"] bean to address Adron and Kainan. Yes, the Echani knew that the monstrous Sith Lord preferred to be addressed as Tacitus now, however, he would always be Kainan Wolfe to her. Somehow, through the confusing dichotomy of songs, the small woman knew that her Master was trying to diffuse the situation. Srina had not known it before, but she knew now, there was something between her new and old friends.

Srina did not know what was happening nor did she have any idea on how to stop it.

The slender Echani let her hand slide up, brushing the cheek of the Commander, before she turned to stand next to her Master. She would directly block the way between the two men with the strength of the Vicelord at her side. No, Adron Malvern and Darth Tacitus would not tear one another apart. Not today. Not while she still had breath enough to stop them.

Just when she thought she’d been mercifully excused from this torment, the melody that [member="Darth Tacitus"] had ushered in gave way to something new, and her sweet voice carried the lyrics high above their heads. It was soothing, compared to the near warzone that seemed to be brewing. Even her rabbit-droids looked exceedingly suspicious.

“Even if we're breaking down… We can find a way to break through.”, By the Goddess, she wished she could stop. Both [member="Darth Metus"] and [member="Aryn Teth"] would feel the anxiety gnawing at her insides. They needed to work the problem versus fighting each other. “Even if we can't find heaven… I'll walk through hell with you.”

“Please stop…You're not alone, I will stand by you.”

And she would. Standby both of them—even if they didn’t want her to. At least the curse had gotten that part right. This infighting was foolish, no matter their history, no matter their past. They were all part of something greater now.

Gerwald had just gotten out of the shower hoping to find that when he was ready for the day, [member="Scherezade deWinter"] would be out of quarantine. As he started to towel off he was suddenly in the mood to sing and dance.

”I’m too sexy for my shirt...”

Where was this coming from? He couldn’t help it. Draped in nothing but a towel he ran out of his quarters and into the hall where he ran into @Kateine Van-Derveld who was singing a song of her own.

Post 1 (I’ll fix with graphics later guys)

Post Number Two

Oh, the singing was becoming annoying feature of this visit. Petra was done with this influence. There were not enough words to describe how much she hated this feeling of not having control. She resorted to biting down on her lower lip to ensure she did not speak. It also helped her focus on something else. Winning over this was more important, she was found storming down the halls to the others that might have their senses together.

Petra’s teeth dug deeper into her lip as she fought with the urge to sing. The determination not to let a lame old spirit was on the reals side of her mind. Seeing single to three people here and there all singing did not help Petra on the resolve to resist. She found herself humming a tune, but she stopped herself by slapping herself across the face. Also managed to get a single normal spoken word out, “No!”

Once that was handled, she continued on her march. The destruction of the spirit would be a merciful punishment for it. Petra wanted it to feel the last bytes of its being be ripped from existence in the now and after. Focused on that made it easier for the old witch to resist again. So, coming into the cafeteria where others were singing seemed like an easy task. She was not going to sing like them. However, the pull for singing grew as she set foot into the room.

All Petra could do to stop the song that was building her head and ready to burst out… She ran over to the chocolate fountain she saw and plunged her head into the chocolate to scream at the top of her lungs. Only bubbles popping at the surface could be heard from her.

[member="Darth Metus"], [member="Aryn Teth"], [member="BNI-Bella and BNI-Leo"], [member="Darth Tacitus"], [member="Nine Lives"]