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Till Death

Phoebe Draclau

Isley made her feel like a teenager again. She got all giggly and happy whenever he was around. Her heart skipped a beat anytime she saw him again after he came home from a mission. It was hard for her to ever stay mad at him for long as he was always surprising her. His latest surprise was a proposal which of course she said yes to as she was head over heels in love with him. She wanted nothing more to start her life with him and have a family.

In her former life she had all the power in the galaxy but nobody to share that with or to come home to. Sure it was her waiting for him to come home to her now but she didn't mind much as there was plenty to take care of at the castle and on the planet.

Her fingers intertwined with his as she walked along the path to Feena's mansion. Nothing good ever happened at this hour except for tonight. The couple were there under the best intentions. It was something that could have waited until morning but Phoebe didn't want to wait that long.

Turning her head slightly she sighed happily. Phoebe never would have thought in a million years that she would have found someone whom completed and made her feel so alive. This love was different than anything she had ever felt before.

The visit was impromptu so Phoebe wasn't even wearing a wedding dress. She instead had just put on one of the nicest gowns she had never worn which happened to be red. Phoebe had always dreamed of a big fancy wedding but now that the time was here none of that mattered just him.

"I love you," she turned again smiling as she gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. Phoebe wasn't nervous, she knew this was what she wanted.

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The Eternal Queen
Feenas castle stood tall on the cliffs of Imerria. Hardly inviting. And hardly a mansion.

She was quite busy in her study, still recovering from her recent attack. She went through report after report of the incident, trying to see if the recordings from her own home security footage could give her an answer of where the bullet had come from. She wasn't getting a thing. And it was even harder when she still had her arm in a sling.
It was about the time where Feena was going to take another caf break when security informed her that there was an unannounced visitor in the vicinity. Feena tensed up. It was late. The girls were already asleep. Keter had shut down for the night. And Feena... was terrified. Nobody in their right mind would ever visit her all the way out here, unannounced, at this very late hour. Especially after she was still recovering from her recent attack.
Feena summoned K, the droid, asking it to kindly lock down the girls rooms and make sure they at least were safe.

The castle was already on such high alert, But Feena was taking no chances. She locked down the gates, every window, and she brought up the security feed.
What she saw... was not what she expected. Isley and... a woman she had never even met (despite Isley consistently saying she was his 'best friend') walking hand in hand. This could only mean one thing:

Isley was about to ask something. Something very serious, and very stupid.

Feena groaned out loud, easing up some as she rubbed her temples. Isley Isley Isley... She hadn't seen him in too long. The man was a wreck, and quite frankly, a little more distant than he claimed he would be. He hardly made time for her anymore- even when Feena was getting shot at. Still, it had been expected. Feena knew better than to expect loyalty when she wasn't giving him what he had wanted.
And now it seemed, he had found someone else who could do that. This, it seemed, was how he was spending all the time that he 'swore' he would spend maintaining the friendship. Wooing some random girl. That was fine and all, but...
Why bring a strange girl here? To her? In the middle of the kriffing night? Only one reason, really, and Feena knew better than to encourage it.
Life, as a whole, is simply too short.

Regardless of species, origin, or creed, the time spent in the world of the living goes by in a metaphorical blink of an eye. The average individual would be fortunate to spend seventy or so years of life in the world of the living...but Isley Verd was no average individual. His was the Warrior's Life, full of dangerous missions that threatened to rip the mortality from his body and leave him scarred and deceased. As such, he decided to make the best of the time that he had. He decided to seek out the small sum of happiness in his life and to make it central; and that happiness revolved around his beloved @[member="Phoebe Verd"]. Though it had only been shy of a year since he had liberated her from her carbonite prison, a romance had erupted between the two that captivated his heart and mind.

Now, he had brought his beloved to the doorstep of his one and only friend, @[member="Feena Mason"]. This woman, his superior in terms of occupation, had worked alongside him on a number of missions, had become the only individual that Isley trusted with utmost confidence. They relied upon one another on the field of battle; yet recent events saw their dynamic duo split. Whilst Feena began working more on the world stage, Isley began working on the front lines. He, alongside the Dread Guard, pushed a relentless, eastern campaign against the remnants of the Sith Empire. That time away from home gave Isley only few precious weeks at a time to return on leave, all of which was spent with his beloved. Now that the eastern campaign was all but concluded, Isley had more time on his hands...

And had a request on his heart.

Arriving outside the doorstep of Feena Mason's castle was spontaneous to say the least; especially in the dead of night. However, the Mandalorian and his bride-to-be were dressed for the part. Isley had his armor cleaned and shined, and held Phoebe's hand in his own with each step. His helmet was carried within the crook of his free arm, revealing his rather handsome features. Upon arrival, Isley looked to Phoebe and gave a warm, gentle smile before returning the affectionate words. "I love you, too, more, and most. Ha." Then, he turned his attention to the door. "Feena," he called, deliberately eyeing the camera terminal that zoomed in his face, "are you going to let us in?"

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The Eternal Queen
At Feenas word, two guards who had been assigned to her (despite much protesting about the inconvenience of it all on her part) went to the front gate. Feena watched the video feed of the two- her once best friend, and a complete stranger.

"...Isley Verd," her voice came in clear and cold over the intercom, "You and your... guest shall be escorted inside, searched, and then brought to me. No weapons of any sort are permitted inside Dis."

As she spoke, two confederacy security officers opened the gates, weapons out, but not yet pointing at the two who had wandered so freely up to the Archons castle.

Inside, Feena opened a bottle and popped another pill between her lips. For pain. And this time, it actually hurt. Her left arm felt absolutely excruciating. She summoned K back to her, once the droid could report that the girls were secure, and then immediately instructed it to prepare tea for their guests. With a nod, the old droid turned and left Feena alone.

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Phoebe Draclau

Phoebe hadn't had the opportunity to meet the Archon as of yet but soon it seemed she would be. This was definitely a strange way to meet her but it would have to do. She hoped the two lovers hadn't freaked her out coming this late at night. The thought of waiting till morning had occurred to her however that wasn't something she wished to do. She wanted to be his now and forever tonight. Morning was too far away and you couldn't get more romantic than escaping in the dead of night to do so.
What they were doing was much more than some simple formality. It meant more to her than that and was sort of a tradition. She understood that now that she had someone to call her own. She never thought that she would find someone whom completed her as much as he did. He was gone a lot but when he was she kept herself busy attending to the needs of the household and of the planet in which they lived on.
It must have been fate that lead her to being trapped in carbonite. Where she waited for Prince charming to come rescue her and sweep her off her feet. Fairy tales really do come true.

She gently squeezed Isely's hand as they were allowed entrance into the castle and than searched. Phoebe had no weapons on her as she wasn't here for anything like that. She was here under the best of intentions. The thought that she wouldn't marry them wasn't even a thought she had.
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