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There's no place like Home | CIS Dominion of Orcus (T, 53)

Eternal Spark


Here we began our tale on Orcus… of blood and chaos.

Long ago, a small unsuspecting planet lived quietly in their ways before its future was forever
altered by a wicked Witch of Ryloth. Her arrival marked the dusk of their development and brought forth a new religion un-sanctioned by the spirits of the Mandragora. In this religion, the Wicked WItch called herself a goddess.

With her death, her religion continued and the civilization known as Orcani continued in their old ways of blood and chaos. Savage people with very little steps forward and plenty of steps backward. Centuries passed, their planet remained safe from the influences of the outsiders for the most part, heavily influenced by their Shamani.

Their ways of chaos and blood would worsen at the arrival of the Wicked Witch’s descendant who instead of bringing back their goddess into the land of living smashed her bones, breaking her tether to the mortal realm. Riddled with confusion and misunderstanding, the savages grew mad and angry, beginning their own destruction. Two years past these events, the people are bloodthirsty and hungry for death. Their numbers are decreasing, the wildlife had grown agitated by the behavior of their humans and become even more violent than before and the Jungle Rancors, confused by their human companions grow disobedient and brutal as if they no longer recognize their own people.

Lylek, Doashim and Jart, the three spirits. had always been aware of the corrupt religion created on Orcus but until now, their children weren’t strong enough to teach the wayward children the truth. The spirits thus spoke to their Nightmother and she had passed along the message to the Shamans and chosen of Mandragora before alerting the Confederacy.

Now, they were ready. It is now that this madness must end.



Objective 1 ~ Retrieve the Orenda
The ancient spellbook of Pact Jart has been stolen by the Wicked Witch on the day of her banishment from Ryloth and brought to Orcus. There, altered and updated, it had become the Orenda, the sacred book of her religious order. It is guarded by the Shamani within the Donoma Templa, up in the mountains. These Shamani are are the planet’s Wakanda, Force Users of the planet who are devoted to their goddess to the death. Pacts Jart and Lylek will both have to work together with other capable Confederates to deal with the Shamani and retrieve the spellbook.


Objective 2 ~ Pacify the Orcani
Natives of the planet had always been savages, highly dependant on combat and the right to take the lives of their opponents after they had bested them, no matter the cause of the battle. After the desecration of their goddess’ tomb, they grew even wilder and savage, requiring little cause the take live. The strength of Doashim will be needed here as they will comprehend combat before anything else but there is a common sense hidden behind the savage nature. The entire purpose of this objective is not all death, it’s also to reason with a side of the Orcani that comprehend logic and can be persuaded to lower their weapons for the good of all.


Objective 3 ~ Explore Orcus
Consider this objective to be bring your own kind of objective. Orcus has a great many interesting places that could be explored. Largest spread of forests is called Makasch, and within it, the biggest settlement is Angani Oyote, a village built in the large trees, biggest settlement on Orcus is Cheyovee Oyote and along with it, there is also Helewaut, Orcani version of a cemetery. Plenty of options to explore so have fun and watch out for those natives and predators!​

[member="Aedan Miles"], [member="Ahani Najwa"], [member="Ailuros"], [member="Aithne Charr"], [member="Akabane"], [member=”Alden Kyr’Nau”], [member="Aleksander Miles"], [member="Alistair Myre"], [member="Alyva Terrix"], [member="Amaya Cardei"], @Anastasia Verd, [member="Anya Malvern"], [member="Aoker Veru"], [member="Aova Nerys"], [member="Arabella Darkhold"], [member="Aria Lyr"], [member="Arlox"], @Averin An’Arach, [member="Aya Clarke"], [member="Asher Mossa"], [member="Aston Jacobs"], [member="B1-990"], [member="B2-D34T7"], [member="Ballen-Ist"], [member="Bulthos Dorrir"], @Bartic Myth’rand, [member="BBZ-20"], [member="Ben Mentel"], @BX-22222, [member="BX-24601"], [member="BX-25233"], [member="BX-72967"], [member="BX-73300"], [member="BX-75244"], [member="Causstik Rahn"], [member="Chalim Vern"], [member="Chek Zun"], [member="Chikako Liona"], [member="Connor Harrison"], [member="Dakita Calfur"], [member="Dalton Kenway"], [member="Damien Van-Derveld"], [member="Darth Atrox"], [member="Darth Illisus"], [member="Darth Inanis"], [member="Darth Malus"], [member="Darth Nius"], [member="Darth Phren"], [member="Darth Rixas"], [member="Darth Seraphic"], [member="Darth Zurvan"], [member="Daxton Bane"], [member="DE-16"], [member="Derek Dib"], [member="Dinah Vekarr"], [member="Drauchir"], [member="Duidatos"], [member="DV8-420"], [member="Eirene"], [member="Ella Nova"], [member="Emberly Carrick"], [member=”Er’in Tenel”], [member="Faa Vera"], [member="Faustina Beryll"], [member="Fidelis"], [member="Galven Hansol"], [member="Gorm"], [member="Ginnie Verd"], [member="Hades Dai"], [member="Hircine"], [member="Hypatia Najwa"], [member="Iris Issey"], @Irys Arist’lar, [member="Ithiel Verd"], [member="Iskander Verd"], @Izak Verd, [member=”J’Raa”], [member="Jack Anderson"], @Jahn Harrington, @Jasmine Zittoun, [member="Jaya Tandris"], [member="Jayce Pryde"], [member="Jennifer Blanchard"], [member="Jia Darkhold"], [member="Jorco Czeku"], [member="Jaron Lesan"], [member="Jerad Lettiere"], @Kaiya Halcyon, [member="Kal Jaii"], [member="Kal Kandossii"], [member="Karlie Lynn Destat"], [member="Kas Varad"], [member="Katria Vekarr"], [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"], [member="Kayla Wylen"], [member="Keric Dynt"], [member="Ket Van-Derveld"], [member="Karlie Lynn Destat"], [member="Kas Varad"], [member="Kip Ridel"], [member="Kyle Ajahn"], [member="Khia Varad"], Kilia, [member="Koda Fett"], [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"], [member="Kurenai Yumi"], [member="Lady Psyona"], Lanna, [member="Lera DeVana"], [member="Lewis"], @Lola An’Arach, @Lord Metallum, [member="Luna Terrik"], [member="Lyla Quinn"], [member="Lera DeVana"], [member="Meira"], [member="Maple Harte"], [member="Marcus Lund"], [member="Marek Starchaser"], [member="Maxerian Gron"], [member="Meira"], [member="Miki Starfallen"], [member="Minerva Vessia"], [member="Mira"] Talus, [member="Muad Dib"], [member="Mythira"], [member="Nasho Vesh"], [member="Natasha Darkstar"], [member="Nayru Wyndaru"], [member="Nicholas Covosi"], [member="Nilia Saavilin"], [member="Noatyr Moldmerr"], [member="Pitts Carnegue"], [member="Nyx"], [member="One-Eyed Jack Varren"], [member="Orion Trex"], [member="Paige Blossom"], [member="Pitts Carnegue"], [member="Romano Shamalain"], [member="Prime"], [member="R4N-JR"], [member="Rale Elysar"], [member="Rapax"], [member="Rashae"], [member="Raziel"], [member="Rex Taff"], [member="Riggs"], [member="Rima Orwray"], [member="Rosaline Rousseau"], [member="Ryker Wylde"], [member="Samantha Jade"], [member="Scherezade deWinter"], [member="Shadar-Pox"], @Sko’saht, [member="Sol Damerin"], [member="Space Prius"], [member="Srina Talon"], [member="Sungie"], [member="Super TD-T47"], [member="Surnin Strenger"], [member="Taran Holt"], [member="Tevro"], [member="Tarssin Destat"], [member="The Fallen"], [member="The Slave"], [member="Titan"], [member="Tmoxin Temi"], [member="Tyrande of Isobe"], [member="Tyris Hayes"], [member="Tytos Ardik"], [member="Valis Marr"], [member="Valjan"] Hon’rey, [member="Verd Skirata"], [member="Veronika Fleischer"], [member="Viktor Hawthorne"], @Vinter Veers, [member=”Vuh’kis”], [member="Vulture 21"], [member="Vyra Silara"], [member="Werah Unon"], [member="Xero Wran"], [member="Yuna Hart"], [member="Zenva Vrotoa"], [member="Zephyr Carrick"], [member="Zesiro"], @Zhorin Cenvax
Heir to the Throne

Location: Descending to Orcus on Nocte Aranea
Wearing: This with Chakram and Sword only a summon away
Objective: Pacify the Orcani
Tags: [member="Darth Metus"] [member="Srina Talon"] [member="Rapax"] [member="Muad Dib"] [member="Asher Mossa"] [member="Aya Clarke"] [member="Kurenai Yumi"] [member="Zephyr Carrick"] [member="Daxton Bane"] [member="Aaron Stratus"]
Post: One


"Nightmother, we are here," the voice of the Captain alerted her suddenly as she stared into the mirror within her suite. Katrine knew they were here, she could feel Orcus approaching even without seeing. Normally, she was on the bridge and watching the planet they were approaching but today was different. Orcus was a planet of her captivity, a planet where she had been brought under false pretenses and corrupted. She hadn't been aware of the corruption forced on her mind. Avarisa wasn't wrong, the only way she could ever truly possess Katrine Van-Derveld Hawk was to take her away from all her loved ones and make her think they didn't care about her but she was a fool to think she could ever strip the young Lupine from her love for them, only confuse her for a time. It had been her biggest mistake and it had cost her all her progress on the Witch.

Yet, here the young Nightmother was, doing the bidding of the spirits. She was always meant to lose, Jart whispered against her ear. She could feel him right there at her shoulder. You belonged to us from the day you were born. Doashim's roar was louder, a sound that could send chills down anyone's spine yet for Katrine, it was one of the warmest voices in the galaxy. They were right, of course, even Katrine knew this now. She was born with a unique ability, the ability that set her on the journey leading her right where she was now. It was also the only way Avarisa could have begun her corruption her because of Kat's ability to communicate with the spirits. Generations of Hawks had led to this singular moment where the past would be repaired, where one of them would be able to stand side by side to the three spirits of the Mandragora, to return home. "Take us down, Captian. Alert the others," Katrine said after a moment as she moved to the ship communication device before she stared into the mirror again. On her collarbone was the altered mark of the Jart. on her waist was the mark of Doashim and on her back was the mark of Lylek. She was no longer just a Jart, she belonged to all of them. It was against his mark that Lylek touched now. Ready yourself, the libration of Orcus will be a battle, he reminded her.

At his command, the blonde turned and moved to put on her armour. She was their Nightmother otday, not just the descendent of the woman who had corrupted Orcus. It was the first role that was important.

The Captain made his annoucement to across the ship and to the other ships as she dressed, staring in her mask for a brief moment before she would it on. Last she had been on Orcus, she had smashed the bones of her ancestors, breaking her tether to the mortal realm. Her influence still remained on this planet, Katrine was well aware of it. The spirits had proved to be quite knowledble of the planet before their journey, informing her of the object they were after. [member="Rapax"] was to lay claim of the spellbook of his pack, a task which would require Jart and Lylek alike and other gifted warriors because of the hard approach and the zealous protectors of the objects which had become sacred to the Orcani. There was no negotiation with zealots, the spirits had agreed. Katrine wouldn't be joining them for that though. She had another task. Last she had here, she had met a few of the natives, they had seemed in owe in her presence though she hadn't had the faintest idea just why that was, not aware of what Avarisa had planned for her, not until the very end. And after what she had done to the remains, they were likely to be upset with her, she understood. It was why she would need the strength of Doahsim at her side because while she knew the purpose of today's journey would be end Avarisa's corruption and take them on the right path, the Orcani wouldn't do so without a fight. No, the corruption had lasted too long.

Nocte Aranea began her descent through atmosphere soon after. Katrine held on as the massive ship shook, coming out of it soon enough. From her memories of the planet, she had given the Captain specific instructions where to land, with enough equal distance from the Temple where the spellbook was held and the largest settlement. Avarisa had not wanted to go there during her stay but she had found it none the less, her curiosity getting the better of her as she wished to know who the natives were and what they were like. The Captain had also been instructed to keep the ship at high alert in case of any natives stumbling onto it. She wasn't willing to leave anything to chance.

As the shaking ended, she moved out of her suite, picking up her chakram as she moved to the turbolift, traveling down to the cargo bay. With her communication device in her ear, she heard the Captain speak into her ear just as she felt the ship land. "Remember your orders, Captain. Keep this ship and the crew safe," she reminded him once again just as the cargo bay doors opened for her, the masked Nightmother stepping out. The sight of the planet reminded her of some of the events that occured here, causing an influx of emotions - death, numbness, confussion, loneliness, they all rushed in before she felt the spirits at her side again. They gave her the strength as she reached out to the CIS. "Mandragora, each of you have your order. Jart and Lylek, Rapax has the instructions on how to reach your destination, follow him. Doashim, we will be facing the natives. Confederate Commanders, you all have your orders. Be careful." She called out through the device to everyone. With the information given by the Spirits, Katrine had gone to each of the groups, discussing the plan with them. The three were adamant of returning the spellbook and shattering the corruption created by the banished Jart Shaman so long ago. Today, Orcus would be saved, there was no alternative.

Now, she only waited of Mandragora to spread out before. The others would fall in to their tasks as discussed.

Any and all Mandragora are welcome to arrive on the Nocte Aranea along with Kat if they require transport.
Confederacy, I've tagged the leaders of groups in this post. You decide where you're sending your people and just say it was organized before hand.

Were they any different than the Dark Ones?

The Echani turned the knarled axe over in his hands. It was a crude weapon, even outside of Eshan standards. The handle had been nicked and cut to Hell. The brown of its wood had been tainted - tinged through a cocktail of dried blood and moisture over the years. In truth, the only thing worthy of an Echani's attention was the flawless axehead that made the weapon whole. At even the slightest glance, one could tell that time and patience had been poured into the maintenance of its shining form. He called it Helmsplitter.

The origin of the weapon was tied to a mistake.

Or, as the Spirit Seekers would call it, following orders.

It was no secret that the natives of Eshan had enemies. They were the light and existed to extinguish the dark. And so, like a good Echani, Var took up arms. Like a good Talon, he followed his sisters into battle. But one day, amidst the flaming wreckage of a downed ship, the young Talon found himself staring death in the eye. Flames had surrounded him that day. The weight of rubble held him pressed against the dirt. To breathe was the greatest struggle of his life. He was not long for this world.

He called out for his sisters, but there was no answer. He cried out - but his voice was lost amongst the roars of battle and the explosions of war. But someone did hear him. A Dark One. She saw him long before Var even knew she was there. The crunch of her footsteps upon the broken ship was what encouraged him to look up. He saw the puffiness of her eyes...the red that had claimed their whites. The axe which rested in her grasp - hands far too soft to have ever been trained to use the weapon. Var remembered seeing a figure past the Thyrsian...a fallen figure. That of a man.

If it was her lover or kin, he would never know. But revenge burned in her expression. She had every reason to swing the axe. She had every reason to sever his head with one fell swoop. But as the Echani closed his eyes to accept fate, he felt relief shoot through his body. His eyes opened...the woman was prying the rubble off with the axe as her leverage. Var wasted no time and scooted to freedom. She raised the axe, not to strike but to defend. Did she think this would save her? That kindness to an enemy would see her live out this day?

"You should have killed me."

Helmsplitter bit into her skull that day. It became his - an eternal reminder of the folly of Mercy. And so, as descent rattled the dropship, Var Talon was left to ponder. Were these natives akin to the Dark Ones? Were they as Savage as the reports let on...or were they marred by weakness? In the next few moments, Var would have his answer.

And Helmsplitter would have its next meal.
Location: Descending to Orcus on Nocte Aranea
Wearing: Boots, Cape,
Wielding: 12 Czerka Knives, 5 Glitter Bullets
Objective: 1
Post: 1


Sitting a few feet away from [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"] was her Ward, Scherezade deWinter. At the moment, the young Sitling was busy picking her teeth with one of her knives. She was armed to the bone, with a dozen knives hidden underneath her clothes, ready to be slung out with speed. A gun dangled from her belt, the bullets in it nothing to be playing around with.

Unlike usually, she had kept silent for most of the traveling. This was Mandragora business, she knew. The debriefing had been clear enough about that. This was about the spirits an the Witches, and she still did not know where in that world she exactly belonged. She had been chosen by Jart on the very night that she was freed from her pebble, but her mark had since been butchered, her direct connection to the spirits broken, and... Well, things were getting too busy in order to take care of it. So she hadn't.

But this mission was one that promised violence; and from that, Scherezade had a near impossible time keeping away from. She was here to wreck chaos and up the body count. Everything else that she might gain would purely be considered a sweet bonus.

Daxton Bane

Objective: Pacify the Orcani

Dressed from head to toe in reflective plate armor, Daxton stood as a open challenge to any who dared strike. Already aura of dread and despair clawed at their minds, with the Sith Lord as the epicenter of fugue, his allies protected from the unnatural feeling using his version of battle mind.

He scanned the horizon for threats, his hands flexing in anticipation for the battle that was to come. Blood would spilled that certain and another butchers bill will be due. This was what he was born to do and he could not help but smile as he stepped on familiar ground.
I'm too old for this
Location: Accompanying the magic people
Equipment: Armor l Lightsaber Yari l Pistol
Objective: Pacify the Orcani
Allies: [member="Scherezade deWinter"] [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"]
Post: 1

Shatory Reishūkaku rested against Kurenai shoulder while the ship came down into the planets atmosphere, the dark and mysterious nature actually being something very new to her. In all the years she had been alive the prospect of magic, spirits and other arcane arts was not something high on the priority list, the closest thing Kuernai experiencing being Sith alchemy. Perhaps when the magic group conducted another gathering she would join, participate, something she had tried to do but ultimately failed in the past due to certain events.

As the she came to stop along with the night mother and another mandragora where the first to disembark, Kurenai's eye and other sensors scanning the nearby surroundings, dark, a little creepy and alien looking... that was nice. Though she doubted anything would happen right away, with the combined strength of Katrine and Bane not even a star destroyer could get near them, and the group was not even at full strength, if Zephyr Carrick or Maud decided to tag along there would be no obstetrical they could no past. "Not the place I would usually take a leisurely stroll, but no harm done, a change of scenery is always nice", she said to no on in particular listening to Katrine instruction.

Two Mandragora sects would go with the book keeper person, the lat would go to 'deal' with the natives, if that was the case the Executors would probably help with the 'dealing' too, the Aju's well they where a mixed bunch, any order could, then there where the Pathfinders. Being the seekers of past artifacts and such it made sense that that trident of the OK would accompany the Witches in their search, the question was how far would they be allowed? "Night Mother Katrine, how far into your expedition would you allow the Pathfinders to accompany you in the expedition? I would not want to cause any spiritual trouble for your sects".

Anya Malvern

Scarlet flame
Location-Nocte Aranea
Objective-pacify the orcani
Wielding-lightsaber, the force, light armor, widows cry.
Post number 1

She bounced a bit, the war drums called her forth once again, her night mother called her to war and she answered that call with great enthusiasm. War....she loved it...the glory and praise one recieved, the feel of another blade as it clashed upon her own or the heat of the battle as blasters flew right past her or was bounced right off her blade and back towards the enemy and the...sound...of those bloody shells. She felt her heart quicken a bit and she took a she would not fear death again she defied it once she would continue to defy it over and over again!

The night mother contacted her, she listened before she nodded and rolled her shoulders as she started forward, once the ship touched down she was quickly out into the forest widows cry drawn...saber would attract to much attention with the light and humming. She took a breath of the air and sighed...itll be a nice place once she removed the savages

let's do this, battle awaits us!

She said feeling the natives close by....but she needed to hold off till they strike and see what mistake they would make



Location: Landing in a clearing not far from the mountains where the Donoma Templa is located.
Wearing: In bio
Objective: Retrieve the Orenda
Tags: [member="Asher Mossa"], [member="Arabella Darkhold"], [member="Chikako Liona"], [member="Minerva Vessia"], [member="Kaiah Sixsipita"], [member="Scherezade deWinter"], [member="Srina Talon"], [member="Veronika Fleischer"], [member="William the Bloody"], [member="Derek Dib"] [member="Kayla Wylen"], [member="Fawn Alzi"] [member="Paige Blossom"] [member="Rex Taff"] [member="Umai"], [member="Zephyr Carrick"].
Post: One

Finally after all this time the Jart Tome will be returned to its rightful place, He read what he could about the missing tome and the witch that was foolish enough to steal it from them and hide it in the temple up in the mountains and made it there own religious text, He called his pact and the pact of the Lyleks to meet him here to discuss how to handle this situation without risking harm to the book before they can even get to it. He not only wanted the book but the head of the witch who stole it from its sacred place and desecrated it for her own use, He brought stood down in a suitable landing spot as he waited and meditated on what to do when the others come, They first would have to hike up the mountain without alert the Shamani before they can secure the book. All he cared about was to get that tome and to personally deal with that witch if she shows her self.....She must be punished for her ignorance.

Location: Descending to Orcus on Nocte Aranea
Wearing: This
Objective: Pacify the Orcani
Tags: [member="Anya Malvern"] [member="Kurenai Yumi"] [member="Daxton Bane"] [member="Scherezade deWinter"] [member="Var Talon"] [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"]
Post: One


They were on the move again. Another planet, another battle, thought this one was personal. It wasn't personal for Gerwald, but it was for the Mandragora. That made it personal for the Confederacy, and all those connected to [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"]. He didn't know why it was so personal at this point, and in truth he didn't care. His sense of loyalty to the Lupine nightmother was too strong for him to ask questions that would not change his disposition on the matter. If she said the religious Zealots needed to die, they needed to die.

Training had still come slow for Gerwald, and he had not crafted a lightsaber as some of the Knights had. That was no matter. He was skilled with many types of weapons, and today chose to wield his brute strength over anything else. Blunt force trauma was a great way to kill people, and there was not many weapons better than a mace to do such damage. If he needed to, Gerwald was ready to transform into a wolf and use his teeth and claws to do the work.

Gerwald stood on the ship which reminded him of his last embarrassment. He was learning to get over it and become more comfortable with being nude around others. It would seem if he was going to transform more often he would be seen. Still, his eyes darted over to Katerine and Schezerade still a little embarrassed over their last outing together. He had since spoken with Schezerade, but this was the first he'd seen Katrine since. It had been her fault, to a degree. She had stolen his shirt.

The large tower of a man stood next to the young girl he had recently gotten to know. She was taller than most women, which made him feel closer to average size. His eyes looked down to her.

"What do you want to wager that I can kill more of them than you can?" He smiled and called over to Katrine, "Do you want in on a little wager too?"

Asher Mossa

Location: Landing in a clearing not far from the mountains where the Donoma Templa is located.
Wearing: This
Objective: Retrieve the Orenda
Tags: Asher Mossa, [member="Arabella Darkhold"], [member="Chikako Liona"], [member="Minerva Vessia"], [member="Kaiah Sixsipita"], [member="Scherezade deWinter"], [member="Srina Talon"], [member="Veronika Fleischer"], [member="William the Bloody"], [member="Derek Dib"], [member="Kayla Wylen"], [member="Fawn Alzi"] [member="Paige Blossom"] [member="Rex Taff"] [member="Umai"], [member="Zephyr Carrick"].
Post: Two

They were supposed to meet at the base of the mountain before heading to the temple. The tome was what was important here. While the rest distracted the zealots from the real mission, Jart and Lylek were to secure the tome without fail. The directive was clear. The shaman of Jart was leading this objective, and it was his ship Asher had seen in the distance. Lylek had sent Asher on ahead of the others, and any who had wished to join him had been allowed. With their own shaman absent these days, Asher found himself fitting in where he could, and simply being available. Today someone was going to have to lead his pact, and if no other would, then he would.

Mountain air filled his lungs as his legs carried him to where [member="Rapax"] had landed his ship. The man was meditating, and Asher would not let him be disturbed. For all he knew Jart was speaking to him in the same way, or even more clearly, that Lylek spoke to Asher. Asher had become near dependent on that relationship now. Where it had once been an annoyance to him, Asher had adjusted to the way the spirit sought to direct and guide him.

Asher finally cleared his throat to let the Shaman know he had arrived, along with the others who had joined him. He did not know of a plan yet, other than they were needed to distract and infiltrate. Their stealth is what was required, but the Jart were needed to retrieve the tome itself. They would have to work together as one unit. They were not Jart and Lylek today, but they were Mandragora. Even Doashim did their part today. The tome would be theirs, and Orcus would be under the rule of the Confederacy. Those who did not wish it, today they would fall.

Er'in Tenel

W H I C H - W I T C H

Objective 1 ~ Retrieve the Orenda
Go to the temple. Kill the guards. Take the artifact.

Just another day in Erin's life - but today was different - today she was different. The hooded robe hid her burning eyes (and her shame) from the world, but they could not hide the palpable aura of menace that radiated off her as she stalked from the landing bay of the shuttle.

She did not answer the spirits commands and as an Knight Obsidian she had... oaths that clashed with her own beliefs. But here, now, she could do with a little carnage. Somewhere inside her, the thought echoed like the wound that had burnt her eyes and set them alight.

But it did not matter, with a single smooth gesture, she closed the faceless mask of the Knight Obsidian armour she wore under the robe and looked up at the temple. The Mandragora were to lead, she was here to secure any artifacts except those they claimed as their own - in principle, anyway - in practice, they could lead and she would dance death to their tune.

Location: Exiting Drop Pod - Headed Toward Objective
Fighting Beside: Var and Nysana Talon.
Quote: "The most dangerous person is the one who quietly listens, thinks, and observes. When they make their move. Run."


The slender Echani sat quietly beside her younger brother in the dropship. She could feel his indecision but the white-haired woman felt none. Her crystalline face was empty. She felt nothing. Could feel, nothing, because if she dared she was certain she would blow the dropship apart. Her soul was in anguish. Two of her siblings were right beside her. Both she loved, had left to protect, yet in the end both had followed. One out of loyalty. The other…The other because she had lost everything.

She had come to the outer reaches of the galaxy for her blood, for revenge, to release the pain that lived within her. [member="Nysana Talon"] had come for her head. To punish her, for leaving, for costing her that which loved, understandably, more than she loved her.

Aela. Iuuna.

She couldn’t believe they were gone.

No one, save Darth Metus, and Aryn Teth, would know how Srina felt about it. The only thing that let them through her gilded and icy façade was the Force Bond that either had forged. The private woman could not completely keep either one of them from her sorrow, but, for the sake of their own troubles, she tried. Her Master had just recently lost his own sibling, tragically, by his own hand. Aryn was battling his own demons. He didn’t need hers on top of everything else. Not, after everything she had done, including pleading with her Darth Metus to kill on his behalf in order to save him from the dark.

Every fiber of her being screamed for war. Her very molecules vibrated with a need to fight. To destroy. To act out in such a way that would let the universe know how desolate she felt inside. She would be of no use, diplomatically speaking, in this venture. Her blood ran cold, veins filled with frost, and she would spill rivers of blood before the night fell. She unhooked her crash webbing and stood immediately, empty gaze falling to [member="Var Talon"], before she reached out and touched his face. “Do not be reckless. Be like snow. Silent, and cold.”

Whereas Tellu would not recognize the phrase, Var had followed directly in her footsteps, and through Larinkáoi studies would easily recognize it. Becoming a Spirit Seeker had meant numerous things. One of the first aspects they picked up was how to infiltrate enemy lines, and tear the spine from a Thyrsian during a raid, before they knew what was happening. This would be no different. These were not her people, they were not being gifted freedom, as the Confederacy touted.

More than anything—they were in the way.

To her sister she gave a silent nod. There was nothing else that needed to pass between them. It was a singular gesture that both accepted her and acknowledged that what they planned to do, would not be gentle, in any sense of the word. It was bleak, terrible, and it brought out a side in Srina that was darker than it had ever been. Even the influence of the mark of the Jart could not reign her in. Nothing would make this right, except, the painfully slow death of House Eägon.

He had taken from her sister. He had broken her—if only to draw the eldest Talon out of hiding. He had spilled the blood of those whom had done nothing wrong. Over, and over, he escaped the clutches of persecution due to a well spun lie.

Srina would grind his bones to ash. Orcus, was an experiment. It was a playground.

“Ndengina.”[*Kill], she spoke simply in her native tongue, to the two that looked most like her. With that, the door to the drop pod snapped open, and they began to press the objective. Pacify. Kill. If they were dead, they couldn’t raise a voice to complain, now could they?

It was the same thing.



"Three for the price of one..."
Location: Entering the atmosphere
Objective: Provide Air Support
Post: 1


Piercing the atmosphere, SN sat at one of the two cockpits of the Double Trouble. Flying fast towards the planet's surface to help "deal" with the locals. He was flying in an old republic area ship, that back then was nicknamed the Orphan Maker. Not surprising considering the armament on the craft was pretty high for it's size. Perhaps he would make some orphans in this little conquest of the planet. It was horrible to think of, or compute in his case. But he was a droid the sought after glory, and if some lives needed to be dealt with to achieve it then so be it.

Even though he expected to do most of his work from the comfort of his own gunship, he would be more then willing to bring his robotic feet to the ground if it meant getting the job done. As his ship got past the clouds he'd come in through the comms to the rest of the people in his mission. "Coming in, this is captain SN-1411 speaking. My craft and I have breached the planet's skies and it ready to put the heat down on this jungle. Unless something comes up, the ship and I will be on stand by for all who need a little extra firepower from above. This is now SN-1411 signing off, over." With that now out of the way he hope that they would utilize him, otherwise he'll need to find his own activity to contribute to the objective at hand.

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The dark carpet of green perforated by thick, white mist loomed into view as the freighter rolled to one side, circling around as it approached its landing zone. I was sitting with my head resting in my hands, elbows propped up against the window. I hated this freighter. It was a little piece of junk, and it smelled funny. Why we'd come in something so inconspicuous I could only guess. It was hardly the sort of transport I would have chosen. But as the forests below rushed up to meet us, I let out a sigh and squeezed my eyes shut for a moment.

Father didn't do anything without a reason.

I knew better than to argue with him or complain about our transport's lack of luxuries. He hadn't raised spoiled brats, after all. I chewed on my bottom lip, thinking about what Izak would say if he knew what I was thinking. Actually, as my twin, he probably knew already.

Finally, the craft came to a stop, shuddering as the whine of the engines lowered in pitch until we finally came to rest in a landing zone... I had no idea where. With a deep breath I pulled myself up from my seat by the window and crossed the small craft, walking down the ramp as it descended with a hiss. My legs and feet were protected by a my boots and the spacers leathers I was wearing, but I was regretting it almost immediately as I felt the hot, muggy air hit me as if like a wet blanket. Instantly my shoulders felt heavy, my chest heaving to drag in the air so thick it could be cut with a knife. Initially I thought bitterly that Hadashah Vi'dreya was not built for the tropics.

But then I heard another pair of footsteps on the ramp behind me.

I turned, my skin already glistening with sweat, to see father walking down the ramp behind me.

The Vi'dreyas were built for any climate. I steeled myself as I saw him. So I enjoyed being a princess from time to time, there was no place for that here. Today, we were here to work. Straightening my back, I waited for him at the bottom of the ramp, glancing around me to study the foliage. My fingers moved to the blaster pistol on my hip, there only as a precaution, but it seemed quiet for now.

[member="Darth Metus"]

Ria Misrani

It's a New Day

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Nysana sat on the other side of her brother Var.

Her eyes were closed hands held her precious halberd as the dropship hummed.

She heard Srina speak, a phrase that felt so foreign to her for she had not taken the path that they had. No, Nysana rather studied the force and she studied methods of honing in the elements, a way of using the wild to her advantage. As of late, she needed to learn how to dig into her emotions and use them rather than to allow them to rule her. The younger of the two sisters wished she had come with a better message, no she came and heralded a dark era for House Talon. Aela and Iuuna were gone, slain for nothing and Nysana and held their corpses close to her body. Quietly she opened her eyes and turned to greet Srina's nod with one of her own and as the dropship came over their designated zone Nysana rose from her seat and headed for the doors.


Confederate soldiers slid the doors opened.

Nysana and Srina both leaped away from the safety of the dropship, Srina provided the lightning and Nysana let her plasma halberd fly forward. She felt the electricity surge underneath her boots as the lightning guided them to the ground. Hand extended she summoned her halbred back to her and took full advantage of the halberd's range back to back with her sister she focused her force energy into the plants and used them to hold the group of natives back.
Do not be reckless. Be like snow. Silent, and cold.

Why did it not feel the same?

Before every battle against the Dark Ones, [member="Srina Talon"] steadied her sibling. Her slender fingers would always find his cheek. Her silver gaze would seize his attention. And the gentle tone of her voice would evaporate all nerves. With but a handful of words, the elder sister created a warrior in the younger. And always, he clung to those words. They were his anchor on the battlefield. They kept him in line with what the Seekers demanded of their warriors. They allowed him to slice through Thysian after Thysian, without batting an eye.

But this day felt different. So very different. Though the warmth of her hand brought heaps of comfort to his soul, her words did not captivate him as they once did. It felt as though the whole of his being bucked against the idea of calm and quiet. Though he spoke not a word of his thoughts, his fingertips became keenly aware of the axe within their grasp. The texture of the dried blood. The roughness of the haft. These spoke to his soul...and what they said was something vastly different. Passion. Fury. Cutting Loose. Fire.


Var blinked. It felt as if he were watching through a dense fog...He was laid low upon his back. The ground was hard and hot, as if an inferno were burning underneath the pavement. Helmsplitter was not far from his grasp...but his offhand laid within something wet. A glance told him that it was blood - the crimson of a comrade's stomach that had been torn asunde beside him. His heart thundered away within his chest as the culprit for this decimation drew near. A body of flames, ash, and bone. A being caught between the jaws of death and the relief of life. It stepped ever close-

The shudder of the dropship pulled the Echani from...whatever the kark that was. "Like Snow." he breathed, rising to follow after his siblings. As Srina led the way out of the dropship, the young Talon reached and gripped his other sibling's forearm. He stalled her advance for only a second, giving her a confident squeeze before she followed suit. "This is right, Tellu." he whispered - though he was certain that his words would be lost among the screech of the dropship doors. Upon stepping out, Var squinted against the forest environment.

He was best suited for Urban warfare. But that would not matter...he would do as any Talon would: Adapt.

Reaching, his fingertips found the comm affixed to his ear. It was locked into the Knights Obsidian channel, and tuned specifically to the Executors. "Dominus [member="Daxton Bane"], we've landed treeside. Sending coordinates. The Natives..." A chorus of clicking tongues found his ears from the tops of the trees. Srina and Tellu tarried not, sprinting into the fray as the natives began to address their trespassing. "...are Engaging! Talon out."

Snow. No. Fire. Heat coursed through his veins as he broke into a Sprint. His long strides dwarfed those of his siblings, bearing him into the thick of the budding skirmish. Helmsplitter whirled within his grasp, coming up and over his head to bite into the neck of his first adversary. More clicks. More natives. No matter. They could send an entire army their way and they would lose.

Nothing could best House Talon. Nothing.

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She was a reflection of her Father.

As she sat, wordlessly within the freighter, Darth Metus looked upon his daughter. Though she would never speak a word of protest to his instruction, the Princess of Ashrath was - of course - his child. That meant that the pungent odor that had persisted throughout the whole of their trip was just as offensive to her as it was to him. That meant that the unmarked freighter would be seen as uncomfortable, unwieldy, and not worth the stack of credits he paid for it...but there was a purpose and a plan in play here. For, in the wake of his sister's demise, Darth Metus began to think about the future.

He thought about it more than planning or strategem. He pondered it beyond worrying about what moves the national powers would make. Instead, his focus was upon a world without him. A world where he fell in battle and left so many bereft of his presence. Though he had bested Death once before, the circumstances of this cheat were the furthest thing from reliable. And, in truth, the Sith highly doubted that he could pull something of that caliber off again. If this were the case, then he would be very much mortal when his number was finally drawn. And therefore, there would be no second chances.

There would truly be a world without Darth Metus.

But his presence did not have to perish with him. His power. His ambition. Everything that he was had the potential to linger long after he had faded into the pages of history. And before him laid the perfect means of accomplishing this task. But [member="Hadashah Vi'dreya"] had much to learn...So they would start with what was most important to the Sith Lord. When finally their vessel touched down upon Orcus, the pair promptly disembarked with the Princess leading the way down. Simply stepping foot on the distant world introduced Darth Metus to a column of humidity - but he addressed this by simply unclasping his poncho and leaving it aboard the ship.

When they reached the base of the ramp, they were met by an attendant Droid who bore a datapad in its clutches. And, standing in its wake...were five men. Five souls whose appearance buked against the persona that Darth Metus' Confederacy was attempting to build. Shackles and chains characterized their limbs. Freedom of movement was a delusion. They would not be leaving Orcus alive.

"Haddie." breathed the Sith, motioning towards the prisoners. "Today, you will learn the greatest tool ever known to the Galaxy. The greatest art ever found within the Force. But. As with all things of value, there is a price to be paid. And what I have to show you costs life itself. Sentient. Life."

He lowered his hand and placed it on the small of her back, guiding her towards them. "Now, these men...they are guilty of capital offenses. Execution awaits them back home - but they will serve out their sentence here. And you will grow strong because of it."

With one final nudge, he set her directly in front of the first man. He was old. Frail. And clearly malnourished. The flesh of his back was marred by ragged scars - as if a hot blade had been raked across. This was her first test.

"Kill them."

[member="Hadashah Vi'dreya"]


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It was a strange thing.

Normally, to hear someone utter that dreaded petname of mine, 'Haddie', would immediately incite rage. The nickname would make me grit my teeth, even, when I was younger, lash out and strike at anyone who dared to use it. Only my brother Izak could get away with it, and even then, only just. But when [member="Darth Metus"] addressed me, there was nothing. No anger, no vehement frustration. There was... nothing. Was it because, as strong as I was becoming, I knew I'd never land a hit on the old man if I tried? Was it because I was far more familiar than I'd like to be with what reprimands would follow such an outburst? Was it simply because he was my father? The one man in the entire universe who held my respect?

My thoughts were buried as I turned to face him, listening as he motioned towards the prisoners that stood before us, led by an attendant droid. I paid the machine no mind, watching only father as he explained.

My heart raced in my chest, father's words, deep and solemn, set my chest ablaze. To be given access to such a tool... no, not even that, for the Sith lord to consider me worthy of such an art... I swallowed, forcing my mind back into calm for the moment. Then came the price. Life. Even as he told me that the men were guilty... even as he that they were doomed to die anyway, I knew what was coming next. I let my father's touch guide me, walking with him towards the closest of the prisoners. He'd clearly lived long, and by the looks of it, not pleasantly, at least in recent times.

He turned to me, clouded, watery eyes wide with pleading, brow furrowed. His shoulders were slumped in defeat, bony back slumped. And yet... he looked at me with the tiniest glimmer of hope. Of course, I knew why. I'm a girl, technically an adult but still young enough to be looked down upon. Did he think that because of my youth I was innocent? Did he expect that because of my sex I was soft?

The heat of the tropical air suddenly turned ice cold as two words passed through my father's lips; a command that I was to obey. Staring directly into the eyes of the first prisoner, I unclipped my blaster pistol, lifting it and placing the barrel against the aged, mottled skin of his forehead. I kept my gaze firmly on his as I spoke quietly to the man behind me,

"Yes, Father."

A shot rang out, sending a cluster of birds to the sky, startled. In that same moment, a shudder raced down my spine, from the recoil, maybe? I wasn't sure. Accompanying the ringing blast was the hot spray of blood, an angry cough of liquid life splattering across my hand and arm. Then... silence seemed to befall us for a single moment, my ears ringing as the planet seemed to hold its breath, time slowing for a moment. It was almost... a moment of disbelief.

Then it ended, with a dull thud and a jangle as the body slumped to the ground.

Stepping over him, I moved my pistol to the second man. There was no glimmer of hope in his eyes. He stood taller than me. Even stood in the chains as he was, I had to raise my hand above my head to place the blaster against his temple. He whimpered... maybe a word, it could have just been dribble. I didn't care.

Another squeeze of the trigger. Another body slumped to the ground.

The third and fourth were exactly the same. One pleaded softly, the other simply closed his eyes. I kept mine narrowed in determination, studying their forms as I ended their lives in my father's name. The last man turned to me, staring desperately into my eyes. He opened his mouth to speak. A plea, perhaps? A curse? I didn't leave the time to find out.

One final shot rang out, and he slumped to the ground.

Five bodies lay in a line, connected by chains. Blood splattered up my arm, painting me with their life force. Before turning back to the sith I drew in a deep, shuddering breath. My heart was pounding, my head spinning. No, Hadashah I scolded myself, you are a Vi'drera. You are stronger than this.

Pursing my lips, I turned back towards father, holstering the pistol. I opened my mouth to speak, but decided against it. Better to remain quiet and strong, than to speak and risk my voice trembling. So instead, I simply gave him a slight nod, it is done.
He knew it would be difficult.

On the field of battle, there is a certain comfort. Perhaps it is because the average soldier wears a helmet to every sortie. Perhaps it is because the din of explosions and blaster fire drown out our conscience. Whichever the case, the average soul was afforded the comfort of ignorance when they slew in battle. Those who rose against them were warriors - just the same as they. Those who they cut down had volunteered for this, taken up arms for this, and were prepared to die for this. But in the case of this moment, there would be no comfort. And though Darth Metus had made certain to mention their collective guilt, there was nothing that would give Hadashah a reprieve from her mind this day.

And yet, despite their feeble forms and their pleading expressions, the young Vi'dreya did as she was bid. From her belt did she tug the instrument of their demise: an unremarkable blaster. It was placed flat between their eyes...and the trigger extinguished them. In the wake of the bolt exploding through their skulls was blood which caked onto her hands and forearms. Blood and the fallen carcasses of the sinners. Darth Metus stepped forward, placing a hand upon his child's shoulder. This was difficult, of that there was no doubt. But for what he had in mind, there was no other way around it. Alchemy demanded Blood.

"Good. Good." he said, giving her shoulder a confident squeeze. "What you learn today is called Alchemy. It is the art of bending all creation to your whim. To an alchemist, what you find in nature is not complete. It is simply the ingredient of something far greater."

"For where you are in your training, we will begin with Runes. These markings impart power to whatever they are engraved upon - so long as a sacrifice was made."

With his offhand, he beckoned the Droid forward. It obediently sauntered forth, casually walking over the limbs of the fallen, until coming to a halt before the young woman. Darth Metus then reached over his daughter's shoulder, pausing only to cake his fingers with some of the blood present upon her skin. Using his digits at a brush, a rune was written upon the Droid's chest piece. She would, from her studies, recognize this as the High Sith symbol for Shield.

"It seems mundane, does it not? No flair, no Sparks, no Darkness. But, having been done correctly..."

The Sith retracted his dominant hand from the woman's shoulder and loosed his lightsaber. The crimson blade sang into being with a push of his finger. A mere thrust of his wrist introduced the blade to the chassis of the droid...but the usual did not transpire. Though Sparks now leapt from the area of contact, the lightsaber simply could not cut through the Droid's body. It rattled and pressed, but the empowered chassis would not give way any longer. It had been evolved by the Rune. Promptly, he dismissed his blade with a touch of his finger and offered the weapon to her.

"Replicate what you have seen on the Droid's neck. Attempt to cut its head free."

If she succeeded, the lightsaber would not slice through like a knife through paper. If she failed, they would need a new Droid.

[member="Hadashah Vi'dreya"]