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R.A.P. - Really Awesome Poetry

Zahori Denko
The stage was set and the light's were dim.
The light's from above the theater shined down onto the scrim.

A single Sephi took his place on the durasteel stage.
A handsome, sophisticated sephi of young age.

He looked out into the audience and took a moment to think.
He did not move, nor breathe, nor blink.

His mouth slowly opened to speak, reaching a finger out into the air towards a man.
"Join me on stage and let's see if you can lengthen these people's attention span."

@[member="Isley Verd"]
The night was getting old, but the challenge was new;
and the folks in the crowd had not even a clue
of the words that were about to be crossed like blades
in the Sechi versus Mandalorian escapade.

The finger was thrust and the words were said,
and Isley didn't let his confidence go to his head.
He simply gave a nod and stepped onto the stage,
and began to write a story for the History page.

With mic in hand, Isley cracked a grin,
that vastly contradicted the butterflies within.
Yeah, he was nervous, but it would never show,
and all he waited for was the cue to go.

This was the Sephi's show, so it was his place to start;
and to attempt to wow the crowd with what he thought was art.
Tonight was a battle like none ever seen:
a contest of rhymes that would be between
the Mando and the Sephi.

@[member="Vael'roth Kon"].
Zahori Denko
A slight smirk did grow on his face
as the Mando stepped on stage and took his place
Vael crossed his arms and looked on,
ready to see how badly the Mando would make him yawn.

Off came his crimson and ebony cape
He took his last sip of wine made from Cabernet sauvignon grape
He look into the crowd then towards the man
Vael cleared his throat as he began

"Listen up and listen well, good sir.
You have joined the stage with a poetry connoisseur.
But because you are a Mando, I will take it easy on you."
Where was Vael going with this? What is it he's gonna do?

@[member="Isley Verd"]