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Edgy Song Title [Metus]

Razelle Breuner

Rogue Element
Secundus Ando, Local Time 2800

The assembled, home-grown extremists Raz had assembled into a makeshift militia and unleashed on the local, occupying CIS had fallen apart in a violent and spectacular fashion. As unfortunate as that could be interpreted, Razelle didn't see it like that. She'd expended effort to make an impression, and that impression had been made. The personal CIS honor guard were here, murdering civilians because of the waves she had started...or at least the fire she had fanned. That was plenty of success.

The only thing that remained was getting the hell out before she was overwhelmed by a bunch of angry Confederate soldiers and mistaken for a local seditionist. Because that was categorically incorrect. She was a foreign seditionist, which technically made her a terrorist. As full as the galaxy was getting with people labeled with that sort of reputation, in Razelle's case it was pretty much spot-on. If she was caught, the punishment for her would be far worse than treason. Exeunt, stage left.

Two more of her escape routes had been compromised by the movement of troops inside the tunnels. She only had two left, and the third option to lay low for a few weeks. The first was a drilling pod - a long-range mining transport meant to get the initial team from point A to B as quickly as possible. With a full fuel cell that would get her straight up to the surface, she could set off in any direction and have extremely respectable odds of both losing any pursuit and getting away without detection. Life support, explosives, and rations in that pod meant she'd be safe enough even if something went wrong.

Perfect out. The only reason that was her last resort was because it was completely insane and possibly lethal if anything went wrong. Her plans were myriad, but she knew quite well that she couldn't possibly foresee every twist and turn that sort of caper could take. The second option was a cavern glider. She'd set up right over Camp Finale. The lack of ion signature and visual camouflage would make her impossible to find, and frankly, by this point, the CIS had already secured her rebels' little campsite. They had no reason to keep searching.

Perfect out.

Razelle hazarded a few more seconds to watch the mop-up operation, taking notes about CIS movements. Half of them seemed to work not at all unlike Sith. Mad dog infantry released in packs, driven savage and left to tear the opposition apart in close quarters. The other half was surgical. Proper, military strikes, fireteams, lockdown, securing site A before moving to site B. That sort of thing was respectable. The part where they broke bread with Sith doctrine...less so.

Was there literally anything those reckless, psychopathic assholes hadn't corrupted by now? With a sigh, Razelle shook her head and tossed a burnt stimstick over the cliffside she'd been standing above. The galaxy was really going to crap now. Best to just disappear for a bit and wait for the nasty stuff to blow over. She'd try it again in a year or two.

[member="Darth Metus"]
Darth Metus prided himself on precision.

While his tactics were indeed heavy handed, there was always an underlying method to his madness. To those on the receiving end of his offenses, one might point the finger and call him a vicious mongrel. They might point to his heritage and blame the brutality of Mandalore on what they now suffered. But the Sith's movements were well calculated. The basis for operating in these tight caverns was actually urban, riot control. Before the Sith marched a cadre of droids, shoulder to shoulder, with energy shields at the ready. Another line stood as a reserve/refreshment group and quickly stepped in when their opposition managed to score a casualty.

As for armaments, the some wielded what was expected - blasters and slugthrowers. Whilst others utilized grenade launchers, flamethrowers, and other over-the-top ordnance. The intent was to terrify with each step. To teach a brutal lesson that Rebellion would not be tolerated upon Confederate soil. That Darth Metus was not to be trifled with.

As the battle continued to rage, the Sith's group branched out from the others and continued to lay waste to the stragglers. The survivors and the wounded fell back towards the locale of [member="Razelle Breuner"], doing their absolute best to fight back while evading literal fire. For the Mastermind, there would not only be a few moments left to make her decision. The Vicelord's arrival was imminent, and with it the closure of her window of opportunity. Freedom demanded action in the now, lest she be forced to face the Sith and his forces.

All the while, Darth Metus made good on his order. There would be none left alive. It mattered not if they pleaded. It mattered not if they were wounded. It mattered not their gender or age. All Rebellion was met with fire.

Razelle Breuner

Rogue Element
Razelle's headset comlink flared to life as a horde of skittering, clamoring survivors swarmed into Camp Finale. She'd expected them to fall back to this position. It was their staging ground. Whether or not they'd used all their resources during the battle, there was still something here for them to scrounge. Far fewer returned than she'd expected, though. Either the Obsidian Knights were much more bloodthirsty than she'd been led to believe - which would have been quite the trick - or the rest had scattered into the tunnels. She would be doing the same. Most of them likely had a similar plan to what she'd thought up. The cavern opened up into a cistern that had a few small tunnels drilled into its sides. One of them had her escape route all laid out, complete with explosives to cover the tunnel behind her and prevent pursuit.

Razelle found that basically every situation could be solved with explosives.

She'd wanted to hang out for a few minutes more to observe the Confederate troop movements, but at this point she'd have no chance of getting away if she stayed any longer. Judging by the sound of blaster fire, the occupancy force would be here in minutes. Her headset chirped again as someone tried to hail her. She'd give it another thirty seconds as she readied her glider and strapped in. They'd be waiting for a response, so...

"Albatross! They cut through us like chaff! You've got some other brilliant plan, right?!" Nothing. "Albatross!! We are going to die here!!"

Finally, Raz clicked the comlink back on and gave a wheezing, quiet cough. She paused for several seconds, breathing heavily, then tried again. "...You know," she began, her voice hoarse. Wheezing. Labored. "I'm not even from here. I'm from Ando Prime. It's still-" Violent, wet coughing. She'd swallowed some water wrong in preparation for this scene. "...still funny to me how I'm never gonna see it again." Her Aqualish was perfect, but having lungs already a little wet didn't make it any easier to speak it. "I'm going to slow them down. Prepare your stand."

In Raz's left hand, she held a detonator. As she walked to the edge of the cliff, she flicked the cap off the button. "For Ando." Her thumb touched the trigger, and immediately the tunnels leading to Camp Finale erupted with literally dozens of concealed ion mines. She'd done her research - the CIS employed a plurality of droid troops. Frankly, even biological troops might be hurt by that much ion flare, and her intent was for these lambs to be slaughtered, not escape. The moment she set the bombs off, she physically broke her comm, then dropped both of them off the cliff before her and took a dive.

The glider went unnoticed with the sound of the explosions in the tunnels ahead. Silent and camouflaged, she soared off towards one of the cistern tunnels. More explosives to prep there. She'd need to wait until the blasterfire started here at the camp before she set them off, though...which was going to be a risky gamble. Her camouflaged glider would conceal the path she used up until then, but not under close inspection...

Gods she'd give anything to see how the Confederacy reacted to that. Oh well. Some things you were better off not knowing.

[member="Darth Metus"]