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  1. Eternal Spirit

    Dominion The Generational Seeds of Reslian | Dominion of Lorta | CIS

    LORTA Lortans every day felt the remnants of history that plagued their home world. Some felt ashamed of the battle that had laid siege to the home and killed many innocent lives. Others, like the remnants of a couple of religious fanatics, felt angered by the failure of the Reslian Purge. It...
  2. Felix Aquila

    Approved Tech K-22 Kestrel Pattern Body-Armour

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a standard armour for House Aquila Image Source: Lost in Space KalEI7 Canon Link: N/A Permissions: Freebirds Industries Locke and Key Mechanics Primary Source: Body Armour PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: House Aquila...
  3. Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir

    Approved Tech Lament of the Empress | Factory Lore Challenge

    Intent: Submission to the Factory lore contest and a keepsake for those who took part in the invasion. Image Source: Object | Headers: Darth Tacitus Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: No Quarter | Sith magic | Force Alchemy Manufacturer: Ingrid L’lerim Vandiir Affiliation: The...
  4. Eternal Muse

    Faction Bibliotheca Obsidia || Knights Obsidian

    N A B O O ARX OBSIDIAN Naboo was a blessing in disguise. In the wake of the Cataclysm, the Knights Obsidian had been a midst on the brink. The majority of their comrades had been met with an ill fate: either transfigured into beasts...or mauled by the very same. The tragedy had been one that...
  5. Eternal Storm

    Major Faction CIS | Chapter of the Lotus

  6. Alban Roble

    Approved Tech RST-series Super Tactical Droid

    R S T - S E R I E S S U P E R - T A C T I C A L D R O I D OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an advanced tactical droid for the Confederacy of Independent Systems Image Source: x Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Roble...
  7. Rience

    Faction Crown of Thorns || Knights Obsidian

    APATROS Their ranks were diminished. The Cataclysm had been a sobering event for the Knights Obsidian. In but the span of a single day, thousands of their midst were wiped away. Either transfigured into terrifying beasts, or ripped apart by them. In the wake of this disaster, the order had...
  8. R

    Junction Red Red Wine | [FO] Empty Hex W of Dosuun + [CIS] Ichtor 8

    The First Order and the Confederacy of Independent Systems look to celebrate the completion of the First Order's embassy on Naboo. The completion of the embassy signifies the two nations' relations, as the CIS' embassy on Dosuun completed its construction last month. The two nations are throwing...
  9. Darth Metus

    A Father's Rage [ Part 2 ]

    DROMUND KAAS It was almost hard to breathe. Everything before the Vicelord's gaze seemed...wrong. From above, the light of day bled through ornate glass - spilling pale rays onto an ornate slab. Stone. Cold. Atop this foundation was laid a length of crimson silk. One could tell, at a glance...
  10. Darth Metus

    A Father's Rage [ Part I ]

    N A B O O The knock was an omen. Meetings. It seemed as though the Vicelord's existence was simply floating from one holo-call to the next. From the moment the sun rose above Naboo's horizon to well past its retreat, there was always some urgent matter that required his signature. His...
  11. Maren Kydd

    Character Maren Kydd

    Overview Name: Maren "Marnie" Kydd. Age: 31 GSY. Gender: Male. Homeworld: Pamarthe. Known Residence: None, star-hopper. Faction: CIS. - Occupation: Starfighter corps, Captain. Mechanic. Force Sensitivity: Force Attuned. Species: Human, Pamarthen. Height: 5'9" Weight: 160lbs Build...
  12. Chant Sindhu

    Character Chant Sindhu

    Chant Sindhu NAME: Chant Sindhu FACTION: CIS/Kingdom of Naboo RANK: Royal Guard/Starfighter Pilot SPECIES: Mon Calamari AGE: 20 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'7 WEIGHT: 123lbs EYES: Black HAIR: None SKIN: Blue with teal spots FORCE SENSITIVE: Negative STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES...
  13. Kiff Brayde

    Faction Ironing out the Deal

    C O N T R A C T S The Anthem. The headquarters of the Ministry of War situated under the waters of Lake Theed had undergone months of laborious construction. The Confederacy was not just an industrious nation, but a nation of artists and workers experts in their craft. On Geonosis, the capital...
  14. Eternal Storm

    Subfaction Defend your Home | Join Lastwall

    Lastwall Faction Page | CIS Faction Page
  15. Eternal Storm

    Major Faction Fly for Freedom | Fly for the CIS

    Credit to the amazing Srina Talon for finding this purty image.
  16. BX-4381

    LFG LFD | Looking for Droids

    I'm looking for any writers interested in joining a CIS Commando Droid platoon with myself and BX-4323 (the Captain of the Platoon). We have positions open, ranging from commanding your own squad to being a rank-and-file commando droid, which is still pretty OP whichever way you cut it. Comment...
  17. Eternal Storm

    Major Faction Pilots Wanted | CIS

  18. Eternal Ballad

    Dominion CIS Mix Tape || CIS Dominion of Har Binande

    Har Binande is a realm of passion and wanderlust. Beauty can be found in every stretch of the planet’s surface whether it be in the lush depths of nature or the striking detail of its architecture, it came as no surprise that it had become such a popular destination for those in search of...