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  1. Cynthia Solus

    Approved Starship Solus Darasuum

    3D Model OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To resub Cynthia's personal ship Image Source: CS-ART X X | (Gallente > Destroyer > Algos) Canon Link: (links are in submission) Permissions: X @Alban Roble , X Mig Gred , X ADM. Reshmar Primary Source...
  2. Ijaat Mereel

    Private Dire Luck

    Location: Gardius, in Aurelian City at the personal forge of Ijaat Mereel Like some ancient mural, Ijaat stood stripped of his armor, working the controls of the forge. An apron, long discarded in the heat, sat to the side over an armless chair of battered durasteel, long since mostly stripped...
  3. Tywinn Zanzi

    Character Ulysses Yan

    NAME: Ulysses Yan aka Ulysses the Brutal FACTION: Former Death Watch member, turned mercenary RANK: Former Death Watch Major, now independent mercenary SPECIES: Human AGE: 31 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'10" WEIGHT: 287 EYES: Blue HAIR: None/bald SKIN: Sun kissed white skin FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
  4. Stone Gra'tua

    Approved Tech Gra'tua Battle Plate

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: An advanced Beskar'gam for Clan Gra'tua elite forces Image Source: Source Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Snakeworks Affiliation: Snakeworks, Clan Gra'tua Market Status: Closed-Market Model: BP-2...
  5. Haon Hafey

    Approved Tech Haon's Twin Mandalorian Heavy Blasters (C.N.)

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: After four years, give him the Heavy Blasters from a very old thread based on hunting for Calo Nords blasters while improving them in his own way. Image Source: Here Canon Link: Mandalorian Heavy Blaster Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION...
  6. Erla Kryze

    Character Erla Kryze

    NAME: Erla Kryze FACTION: None at this time RANK: N/A SPECIES: Mandalorian AGE: 32 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'4 WEIGHT: 110lbs EYES: Green HAIR: Red SKIN: Fair FORCE SENSITIVE: Not Force Sensitive STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Strengths: Competent Fighter: Erla has trained in many...
  7. Jiriad Galaar

    Public Clan Galaar's Iron Artworks (Enclave Tokens Accepted)

    F O R G E W O R K S To some the din of forges is little more than noise, but to an accomplished smith the sound of hammers striking metal is the sweetest music imaginable. In the home of Clan Galaar, this music resounds both loudly and regularly, its beskarsmiths plying their trade not only...
  8. Els Prhys

    Character Els Prhys

    Els Prhys Image Source NAME: Elsley Prhys FACTION: TBD RANK: bounty hunter SPECIES: Pantoran AGE: 25 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5’8” WEIGHT: 145ish EYES: gold HAIR: Black, short, curly SKIN: blue, gold face markings FORCE SENSITIVE: Not force sensitive. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES...
  9. Jiriad Galaar

    Ready For Judge Orar Power Hammer

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A model of power hammer for the Ji'yr Market Image Source: Space Wolves 40k Wiki page, Enclave divider by Vren Rook Canon Link: Power hammer Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Power hammer, Kinetite generator PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Jiriad...
  10. Stone Gra'tua

    Wayland Snakeworks

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Source Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: N/A CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Snakeworks Headquarters: Wayland Locations: N/A Operations: Ammunition, Armaments, Biotechnology, Medical Tech, Propulsion Research, Shield Technology, Starfighter...
  11. Hilal Vizsla

    Private Do You Wanna Build a Mandalorian Armor?

    Hilal chugged down more Cola as she continued to look over her blueprint for her armor. Her apartment was a mess cluttered with so numerous cola bottles, and crumpled paper filled of rejected ideas and math equations that went nowhere. There were also multiple holes on the walls the majority of...
  12. Hilal Vizsla

    Ready For Judge Hilal's Mandalorian Armor

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide Hilal her Mandalorian Armor. Image Source: Metroid Wiki Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Beskar, Missile, Heads Up Display, Jetpack PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Hilal Affiliation: Mandalorian Enclave Market Status...
  13. The Quartermaster

    Major Faction Mando'ade Issue 02

  14. Keatoch

    Private To Recruit a Mandalorian

    Keatoch sat at the same table he always sat at inside The Oyu'baat in Keldabe, Mandalore. He'd been here for nearly half year now, helping The Mandalorians time after time. The planet was certianly recovering but much more time was needed to make a full recovery, and with The Elysium Empire...
  15. Signal

    Character Signal the Mandalorian

    General Information: Name: "Signal" Age: 27 Species: Human Height: 6'0" Weight: 165lbs Eyes, Hair, Skin: N/A (covered by a helmet) Occupation: Bounty Hunter Force Sensitive: No Equipment: Basic Blaster, Beskar Armor & Helmet, Vibroblade, Vambrace flamethrower, and an Amban Rifle Strengths...
  16. Mevi

    Character Mevi The Mandalorian

    Mevi The Mandalorian Identification ALIASES: Mevi AGE: 27 POSITION: Bounty Hunter | Karjr HOME WORLD: Iridonia Biology SEX: Female SPECIES: Zabrak FORCE SENSITIVE: No EYES: Grey HAIR: Black HEIGHT: 5'7" WEIGHT: Average BUILD: Athletic, Muscular Relationships FAMILY N/A...
  17. Runi Kuryida

    Private Once Lost, Twice Found

    Examination & Interview/Interrogation :: Undisclosed Location, Hefi Last Known Whereabouts: Garang City, Dantooine :// Subject was last seen engaged in battle against the invading New Imperial Order on The Sith Empire-held Dantooine. Confederacy of Independent Systems' Dauntless forces...
  18. Runi Kuryida

    Approved Lore The Mandokarla

    M A N D O K A R L A P A R A G ON S Intent: To add a Culturally focused or Religious organization option for Mandalorian characters that seek to ensure the prosperity of the Mandalorian people without the focus on hunting or conflict. Image Credit: ArchZine (Dragon Head), Max Haig, Artstation...
  19. Runi Kuryida

    The Mandokarla Reference

    M A N D O K A R L A P A R A G ON S Roster Runi Kuryida, Speaker Index Resa, Kestri The Mandokarla (Company) The Mandokarla (Organization, Lore) The Mandalorian Enclave . .
  20. Runi Kuryida

    Private The Book of Yenna: Mandalorians

    Hefi V, Hefi System Zlova Rue, a 'Dark' Force User, had visited Resa from time to time. Often in order to instruct Kranak Vizsla in the ways of mental defense. After one of those sessions, however, the red woman approached the Speaker of the Mandokarla with a curious proposal. Evidently the...