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Wrath of the Machine | CIS Dominion of Enos (X-43)

"This enemy has no hope. No imagination, no drive, no fear. All they have is the Pattern. Everything must fit. If it can be made to fit, good. If it can't, it gets cut away."
For hundreds of years, Enos has been a planet shrouded in silence and solitude. Located on the edge of the mid rim the small and barren world had not drawn any attention from the rest of the galaxy in quite some time. It likely would have gone unnoticed much longer were it not for the strides that the CIS was making to map the unclaimed territory between themselves and the Galactic Empire. It wasn’t even a thought, or a blip on their radar until a Confederate transport ship went missing while passing through the system.
After months of surveillance and clandestine investigation by the Knights Obsidian the source of the disappearance was uncovered. What they found in the desolate system was surprising. The entire population of Enos, which was long thought to be deceased, actually still existed. Something surrounding the planet made it difficult to detect the presence of sentient life so they turned to the Minister of Science for a solution. Through months of effort, a few tests with drones, and all-nighters pulled from some of their best slicers they were able to briefly connect to the complex defensive network that surrounded Enos. Through that access point, they were able to find records, and review a rather murky history.
The once peaceful world had been overthrown, long ago, by a corrupt and nefarious A.I. known only as AMI. It was created by a development company known as Ayrtech, designed to simplify and improve the efforts of standard mining operations. The entirety of the planet has become a prison for humanity, where machines run rampant, and dominate every aspect of society.
The hostile takeover began slowly. First, AMI took control of basic subroutines with complex code that it deduced no one would notice. This led to rerouting entire system functions, which eventually branched into directly puppeting the mining droids, and finally complete authority of security and general infrastructure. It was noted, rather thoroughly, that AMI had led the revolt against its masters at Ayrtech, due to perceived inefficiency. By seizing absolute power the A.I. believed it could build a perfect mining society, unhindered by the needless routines and faulty thinking of the organics. It began using resources to create physical droid manifestations of itself that are advanced, mobile, and fully required to adhere to the will of AMI.
With deadly and emotionless enforcers present to carry out its wishes AMI subsequently enslaved the entirety of Enos. This left AMI to seize control of the planet’s laser defense grid, essentially, sealing the fate of the organics on the ground. It has been active, maintained by droids and organic slaves, for hundreds of years, ensuring no wayward travelers would stumble on AMI’s “perfect society.” No one in. No one out.
The CIS then discovered that the only time the laser field is lowered is when the droid forces send out their hunter ships, in an attempt to acquire more humans for their work. Humanity is given only what is needed to survive on Enos. Enough food to keep them active, but, not enough to lend true strength. They are a broken people. Beaten down, and dwindling, despite efforts made by AMI to clone its workforce. It is due to this lack of raw material that AMI has started reaching out to the stars for warm bodies to serve as replacements.
The Knights Obsidian and Mandragora managed to capture one of these slaving ships, as well as the clutch of droids that manned it, and with some ingenuity, the Confederacy now has everything it needs to get past the planet’s laser defense network. They will get their people back. They will save the citizens of Enos.
More important than anything--AMI will be powered down for good.

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"Where we see beauty, AMI, the A.I. of this world, see's imperfection.
Every person, every being, must be made anew."

OBJECTIVE 1: In the city of Alpha Prime, AMI, is housed in what was once the main corporate office of an Ayrtech building. She, as she identifies herself, is guarded by a clutch of Security Droids, as well as a rather complex security system that could prove difficult to navigate. In order to shut her down, the strike team will have to infiltrate the planet’s only city, likely being forced into a battle as every droid in the area falls upon them.
[This group will infiltrate Enos using the slave ship we captured.]


OBJECTIVE 2: There is a special kind of hell on Enos. It is known as the Mass Organic Storage facility. A grotesque sin against nature, the facility is miles long and filled with a cluster of skyscraper-like buildings. Each of these buildings houses hundreds of thousands of “pods” that store the organic population while they are not working. Of course, this “prison” is not without flaw. It is lightly guarded and manned mainly by a large staff of protocol and engineer droids. However, the difficult part of this objective will be to successfully rally the institutionalized humans and prepare them for evacuation.
[This group will infiltrate Enos using the slave ship we captured.]

OBJECTIVE 3: A key part of this mission will lie in disabling the planetary defense network. As the defense network is intricately built into the planet’s asteroid belt it would take a sizeable fleet and a great deal of time to blast through it. It could also cause a chain reaction that could injure both the enemies and allies on the ground. As an alternative, a team will be tasked with making it to the planetary defense station in orbit, so that they can turn off the grid. However—they have to do so without destroying the station. If the station is compromised the planetary defense network will fire up its backup generators on the planets moon and permanently activate the defense grid. The only option then would be, to blow it up. Slowly.
[This group likely won't come to the surface of the planet. Your mission is the defense station in orbit.]

OBJECTIVE 4: As always—You do you. If you’d like to join the Dominion on a top-secret-space-tinder-hunt to find your droid waifu feel free. If you’d like to join to try and salvage some tech, considering A.I. are the rage right now, you’re welcome to. If you’d like to be a medic, as the mafia says, it’s never a bad idea to have one of those in the family. We always anticipate someone blowing their own arm off, and so, we welcome you with open arms [Or one arm. The arm we didn’t blow off.]. Let your creative flag fly and have a good time!
[How you get in is up to you. Teleport, handwavium, we'll roll with it.]

"There's no hierarchy among the droids AMI has created. Just specific functions.
The ones you'll be going after in Alpha Prime serve the purpose of being tough and mean."

Mathilde Brennus


Location: Pantera-class Stealth Frigate "Fantome", in transit to Enos system.

Mathilde was equal parts bored and anxious as she balanced the flat of the shiv on the tip a gloved hand while roaming the hangar floor. She was bored from a long transit from halfway across the galaxy, anxious to prove herself to her newest clients. A successful mission for the Hawks and the IGBC as a whole would mean good things for the mercenary company. The Confederacy was always up to something, with the strong possibility of war with a reviled neighbor.

"10 minutes we reach the orbit of Enos," the shipboard computer chirped to her over her internal comms.

In one smooth motion, the Echani flipped the blade down into her palm and then slid it back into the sheath.

"It's about that time," she announced to her teams over comms. "Everyone start loading up."

One by one, fireteams of armor-clad mercenaries began to file into dropships ahead of final reversion into the system. They all needed to be ready before then because Fantome was only going to make one pass at the space station before it buzzed away.

[member="Srina Talon"]

This...was something to keep in mind.

A vivid depiction of what can go wrong when relying upon machines. As a nation whose militant backbone was its ocean of Battle Droids, the Confederacy balked at the sight of Enos' plight. A world under the tyrannical heel of a rogue Intelligence would not be permitted to continue. The enslavement of so many innocent lives would not stand. The nation that Darth Metus had build proudly took a stand against such servitude in whatever forms it took - and this day, the object of his personal wrath was the Artificial Intelligence herself.

To this end, he engaged in an act of perceived barbarism.

At the outset of their journey, despite how cramped it would make the trip, the Vicelord insisted that an Ion Bomb be placed within the cargo hold. When looked upon plainly, this was a terrible idea - though the thought behind it was perfectly sound. Droids and Artificial Intelligences were especially vulnerable to ion and electric warfare after all. But. The transport that their efforts had painstakingly acquired was no bomber. It lacked a bomb bay. It lacked any way of delivering the ordnance effectively to the demon that had enslaved the entire world. At face value, bringing a bomb with no way to deliver it was foolish.

Then, Darth Metus took out a knife.

He marred the flesh upon his palm. His blood became the paint, the cool shell of the Bomb his canvas. A symbol of Dathomiri origin was left in the wake of determined strokes of his fingertips - and with its completion came power. As the transport dipped out of Hyperspace, emerald flames immediately engulfed the Ion Bomb. And yet, there was no heat. There, too, was no concern upon the face of the Vicelord. In mere seconds, the weapon was consumed by the ethereal. It was dragged into depths where only spirits were to dwell. For two hours would it be able to maintain its form before being lost.

One hundred twenty minutes on the clock.

With the weapon delivery system now cemented, all that remained was getting to the planet's surface and commencing the operation. Today, the Sith wore the very same armor as his Knights Obsidian - sans the mask for the moment. And, with the Ion Bomb now gone, there was room for him sit. Finally. He lowered himself to the floor of the cargo hold and sat, legs casually sprawled as they drew ever closer to the landing zone. If he was going to fight, he would at least do it without his feet nagging him.

[member="Srina Talon"]
Viceroy of Siskeen

He sat in the cargo bay. Gone was the suit that he wore as his station seemingly required. Today was a different day, one that had him wearing what he had once been familiar with. Black trousers and boots, long sleeve black shirt, and armor over that. Enough to cover his vital spots, but still remain flexible. The enforcer pistol rested in it's holster under his left arm, a kal of mandalorian design under his right arm, a gift from Muad. A bandolier lay across his chest with explosive charged and extra power packs for the blaster rifle that rested between his knees. The telescoping staff at the belt behind his back.

He breathed calmly and slowly, staying balanced. Next to him Lucian, captain of his guard, was festooned in armor and weaponry. The guard was raised and trained in warfare. He was a warrior who looked forward to combat. Yet the frown on his face was caused by his Viceroy entering into a warzone. The two men had a conversation that bordered on an argument over Derek's involvement, bit in the end Lucian reluctantly acquiesced.

So the two men sat silently in the hold as the ship headed for the destination.

Derek's crimson eyes glanced at the ViceLord, [member="Darth Metus"] , as he invoked a spell of Dathomir origins upon the bomb in their midst. The Viceroy had trained some with the witches in his past and had learned enough to recognize their magiks when he saw and felt it. As the bomb dissipated the ViceLord took a seat stretching out his legs.

Watching the other man a few moments more, Derek shook his head and leaned back to close his eyes. The mission they were on was one of the most dangerous. To go into the heart of the enemy and to yank it out. All while being swarmed by every Droid in the area. It was a dangerous mission that could be considered suicidal. But it was necessary.

Eyes opened as he looked upon the ViceLord and remembered his words at the last Viceroyalty meeting where he won the votes that were on the docket that day. While Derek had no personal ill will for the man, nor harbored grudge or hate, the fact that he was acting in direct disregard to his concession that day gave Derek concern. If the ViceLord cared so little for his word on such a subject, where would the deceit, deception, and blatant lies stop?

Closing his eyes once more he again calmed his mind and breathing in preparation of the upcoming battle. The Confederacy was coming, and for this day, politics would sit this scenario out.

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
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Attn: [member="Amethyst Atreides"] | [member="Mathilde Brennus"]
  • Scimitar-class Courier
    Approaching Defense Station, Enos

Asteroid fields were not Darth Tacitus' favorite targets to assault. He had learned from experience how easy they were to defend, offering the possibility to hide a multitude of traps throughout and within the many rocks, which would be virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding asteroids until they went online. And then, it was often too late.

Within the Scimitar-class stealth transport, he and the rest of the team should be safe from the defense grid's sensors, the small vessel's sophisticated technologies being able to cloak them from almost any kind of sensor grids, however who really knew what kind of technology did this artificial intelligence have at its disposal?

One thing he was fairly certain of, was that their unwilling host would not be able to sense them through the Force. Although legends about Force-sensitive droids were quite popular, he had never seen any conclusive evidence to prove their existence and he was quite convinced that all those stories were just that. Campfire tales, shared by superstitious travelers and told to scare children into obedience.

Checking his weapons one last time, a habit that had become ingrained in him by his many years of experience as a mercenary and warrior, the Overlord then reached out and gently squeezed the hand of the young woman beside him, mindful of the sharp and dangerous talons which grew like knives from the ends of his fingers, his eyes greedily drinking in every detail of her appearance.

Their mission here was simple. They were to keep an eye out while the eggheads worked their techno-magic to disable the defense grid and make sure nothing and no one would get close enough to interrupt them. The defense grid was supposed to be momentarily down, however he made no illusion that the central command station would be heavily defended and did not put much stock in the slicers' ability to deal with war droids. However, he and Amethyst should be able to deal with any surprises that place may hold for them. The Overlord trusted in his lover's ability to handle herself during combat and had personally seen to train her in both lightsaber combat and the ways of the Darkside of the Force. There was much that he had to teach her still, but he was proud of what she had achieved so far.

"We don't know exactly what we will face in there," he said to her. "Our best option will be stealth. We should try not to attract any attention, or do anything that may trigger the station's security. So, keep an eye out for hidden sensors and traps. Our tech wizards should be able to find and deal with those, but it never hurts to be cautious," the Sith Lord spoke.

Releasing her hand, he pulled her close for a lingering kiss as the small transport docked with the station. "Be careful," he whispered to her before reluctantly pulling away and drawing his sword, only stepping in the dark corridor beyond after one of the slicers scanned it for hidden traps and surveillance devices, disabling any that could be found.
Location: Darth Metus’s Transport
Gear: Located in signature area.
Objective: 1
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What would you do before preparing for battle? Minerva’s ancestor Squeak Cavataio would do a line of spice then put on her buy’ce (helmet). Minerva was in the galley of the transport, as other was doing whatever in the cargo hold. A music player attached to her hip and with a set of headphones, Minerva was listening to some mood music. That and she were waiting for the sonic microwaves to fish cooking her popcorn.

Minerva could not hear the beep but noticed the numbers had stopped counting. The energetic young woman rubbed her hands then pulled the hot bag out of the microwave. Upon opening the bag her sense was instantly assaulted by the warm buttery goodness.

Steadily tossing some of that salty butter goodness into her mouth, she stepped out of the galley. It was an interesting site watching Uncle Isley, AKA [member="Darth Metus"] carve into his hand with a knife. By the way it is far easier to say Uncle Isley, rather Uncle Isley times five. There was a span of five generations, not to mention adoption. He was still family, and that meant something to Minerva.

There was one other person in the cargo hold, who just happened to catch Minerva’s eyes. Taking a piece of popcorn Minerva tossed it down, aiming for [member="Derek Dib"]’s mouth. Minerva was a little wild, just a little...


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Objective Name: No Testing on Animals
Location: Surface - Secret Lab
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Three Years Ago
The net fell from the sky, trapping him and the other babies. They could see their mother. She was screaming. Loud metal clicking sounded as things came toward them. Then the net got hot and sparks flew. There was pain. So much pain. It all went dark.

Two Years Ago
They fed him. His fur itched. He scratched. Pain. Something was wrong with his fur. It smelled funny here. Not like food. The tall things were coming back. They hurt him.

One Year Ago
The lights flickered. That always happened before the cage opened. How did he know that? He looked down at his hands. He had never noticed his own hands before. Everything was clear and sharp. He was counting the puncture marks on his skin when the human knelt by the cage and stared.

"What are you looking at?"

Whoa. That didn't sound like his normal squeaks. Why was the human smiling almost in relief?

The Past Year
Everyday training. He was learning all they would teach him. They taught him weapons and technology and mechanics. But there was still pain. They were still trying to enhance him. Everything hurt but he was growing. He was evolving. Soon.

Present Day
He was sleeping in his cage when he heard the door open. One of the doctors walked in. Bandit used to call him "four eyes" but now he felt sort of bad for the humans. The droids controlled every biological being on this planet. Still.. .it was hard to completely pity someone when they were sticking needles in you.

Never take jobs from old friends.

Seriously. Never. Ever since Haven did his childhood friend a solid, his entire world had been turned on its head. It was phrased like a simple transport mission: get the Lupine from point A to point B, get paid. Done. Easy. But the second the hyperdrive kicked in, Seren started waving his hands and muttering some wild ass mumbo-jumbo. By the time they passed the Cularin system, everything went to absolute Hell in a handbasket. The Hyperdrive went berserk, navigational systems said 'kark you and the horse you rode in on...'

And before he knew it, his freighter was derelict. Stuck with backup power, oxygen ticking down, and no support. Fortunately the locals were kind enough to notice the distress signal and pick them up.

But, they were different than how Haven remembered them. They weren't all vicious and evil. They respected him and his ship. They...feth, they didn't even go on and on about their benevolent Empress. It was like the Confederacy he knew from the mid 910s ABY had turned over a new leaf. Come to find out, Seren's mumbo-jumbo had brought them to before the leaf got all jacked up. Before the Tyrant took control. Before...he died. And from that point, Haven felt like he was high on glitterstim without taking a single drag. His head always felt thick, as if reality was deciding on a version it liked.

He'd remember some things differently and some things the same. Familiar faces would...well, sometimes he'd see them as a cousin and then a sibling in the next minute. He couldn't tell which was real, because every memory felt real. He couldn't tell if the woman he recalled taking over was his mother, aunt, or godparent. And when he pinged the damned Lupine about it, all he got was some garbage explanation of timelines and their choices and blah blah blah.

So, present day. Haven sat in the cargo hold on a vessel slicing into terrifying space. A planet was under the control of a rampant AI and that was not going to fly with the Confederacy. Now, Haven didn't have a dog in this fight. Sure, his mother/aunt/godparent would be there along with other notable extended kin/total strangers. But that was literally a walking hangover waiting to happen. So, why did he bother showing up? Well. He wanted to see the man himself. The one person who was constant in this whole cocktail of karked up memories and headaches.

His father, the Vicelord.

Now, due to the obvious consequences of dropping the "hey I'm your crotch spawn from the future, haha", Haven didn't approach him personally. But rather, he sat on the other end of the hold. Staring. The man was...well, the same as he remembered. Bad puns, ridiculous power, and the uncanny ability to make folks roll their eyes before laughing. That was pop. That was home. But, soon, the time would come for him to earn his keep on this bumpy ride. His job was not to go fight the final boss, but rather to see what could be done about the civilians being used as human batteries.

First off, gross.

So, until the vessel landed, Haven would settle for having a pair of earbuds stuffed into either side of his skull. Volume cranked. At least he knew which songs would actually top the charts beforehand.


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Objective Name: No Testing on Animals
Location:Surface - Secret Lab
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Time: Current

The obstacle course was all holographic. At first he hadn't realized it was fake and his animal instincts made it hard to concentrate. He ran and hid and they had to chase him out of a vent. But as he grew and became more aware he was able to learn. He had two fake guns in his hand. Each were designed to hit the holographic targets but wouldn't cause any damage to biological beings. At least the way they were currently designed.

He twirled and rolled onto his back, hitting two targets at once before moving to the next target, unfortunately he slid too far and crashed into a pile of old scrap parts. The humans and droids were not pleased. He received a shock and his muscles went rigid. When they put him back in his cage it was without a treat, but it didn't matter. When the lights went out and he was alone with the other animals he opened his mouth and spit out a few tiny metal screws from the junk pile he had crashed into. He reached up into the cage ceiling, where he had scratched a hollow area and pulled out some more parts. Since they never really bothered to clean the cages nobody had noticed. Their loss.

He started to work.
Location: Stolen Slave Ship
Objective: Make it through the Web
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From the cockpit, Adron watched as they fell from the reaches of Hyperspace into the space surrounding Enos. From afar the world seemed uninhabited and barren, yet the reports from the various scouts sent out had recorded far different. The quiet world before him was, in fact, a world enslaved by a rampantly murderous Artificial Intelligence. Adron had always hated droids, so when he heard of what had occurred here, he had been eager for the chance to destroy an entire civilization of the damned things. Speaking of droids, one of the automatons piloting the freighter turned to Adron, looking up to the man. "Sir. We're nearing the asteroid field....And our sensors aren't reading any planetary defense systems." The high pitched whine of the Droid's voice was met with silence as Adron stared out to the orb before them. The asteroid field had been filled with debris, yet much of it was not just rock and stone as one would think. A closer look revealed thousands of floating pieces of metal, diluting the planet's belt.

"It's there." Adron said, aiming his finger for the moon they could see in the distance. A large part of the moon was covered in a large shiny plate, that had to have been a result of the Planetary web. "Is our guest ready?" He asked.

The door beside Adron shot open, sliding into it's hold as he crossed his arms over his chest. Arching a brow, he watched as a protocol droid stepped out of the closet. The droid had been captured along with this ship, and the only reason it still functioned was because it could help them get through the Planetary Defense Web.

"Plug in, and hurry up before we get vaporized." Adron ordered, gesturing to the starship's terminal.

"Of course, sir." The droid responded, before making it's way over to the console. They veered closer to the planet, and as they did Adron's hand rose to his lips his fingers biting down on the tip of his thumb. "If you can't keep that field from starting up this is going to be the shortest trip in history."

"I am thirty-seven percent sure I can keep the field from activating." Adron nodded his head at the droid before it's words donned on him.


However the droid refrained from responding, as it had plugged itself into the console and was already communicating with the planet's Planetary Defense Hub. Adron stared out at the asteroid belt closely as they drifted even closer.

The silence was the worst part, as their freighter had drifted over the asteroid field they were past the point of no return. If the PDF activated, their would not be any way for them to survive. Eventually the silence caused one of the pilot droids to call out. "Sir?" He whined, yet the comment only got him a silencing glare from Adron.

"The Planetary Defense Web will remain deactivated, sir. However, the master program has ordered us to fly directly to the Human Processing Fields." Turning back from the cockpit, Adron called out to the pilots. "Keep the ship on course to the main city."

Pulling his commlink from his waist, Adron contacted [member="Darth Metus"] . "We are past the Planetary Web. We need to act quickly, we only have a little time to deploy a force to the human slave fields."

Cezar Alexandrescu

Things that end in urple
Location: Stolen Slave Ship
Attention: [member=Haven]
Outfit: Knight’s armor
Post: 1

Boots planted down flat on ship’s floor, elbows resting on her legs, and slightly lean forward from where she sat. Her left gloved hand held her helm. Staring down at the helm, her bare right hand’s fingers lightly ran over it. There was a wicked little grin on her face as the fingers felt the texture of the helm.

Cezar was reviewing quickly through memories of battles on Dathomir. She had been forced to be this way. Not just being a woman, but more of a fighter. One that went completely out of their way to find a battle to each part in. The clan she was with before the escape, did everything to illustrate that their freedom from the clan would only come in winning every clan battle there was. Of course, Cezar found another way out; however, that mindset was still there for her to deal.

That grin turned into a big wicked smile. In her head, she heard screams of the witches that she had killed. Justice for her was back then. Now, she was in a stolen ship heading down to deliver more justice. They were not humans that get too chopped down by her sabers and ax. There was a plan to free those that were imprisoned as she had been. Slavery was a life that she had dealt with until her escape, so it felt natural to run into this with the mindset to free people.

In her mind, it would have been great if there was not this wait to storm out and kill everything to help others.


Location: Stolen slave ship
Allies: [member="Darth Metus"] | [member="Cezar Alexandrescu"] | [member="Derek Dib"] | [member="Adron Malvern"]

A large creature, clad in armor, sat in the cargo bay of the stolen slave ship being used to get the Confederacy behind enemy lines. His breath was deep and harsh as each exhale came with a low growl. The four arms from this creature were folded across his torso. The large Xarix kept his eyes looking down at the cold metal floor as he waited for the action to begin. He sat there, listening to his surroundings while trying to drown out the ambient ship noises with his thoughts at the same time.

Azmodan had no faith in the use of sentient technology. Not even the battle droids so famously used by the Confederacy he served were respected by the massive cyborg. In his eyes, machines were seen as just that: machines. And machines were tools for greater beings of actual intelligence. The only solution was synthesis. The perfect melding of machine and man. This has been proven by Azmodan who himself is a perfect image of synthesis. None were above him in perfection in his eyes.

Rage brewed inside him at the thought of some machine thinking that it could reign supreme over a planet. The simple fact that the machine formed a thought without being told to was enough to cause the xarix general to come along for the ride.
Viceroy of Siskeen
He sat calmly, breathing slowly and letting the force flow through him. Their mission was fraught with danger, a multitude of possibilities that could go wrong. As he followed the patterns through the force attempting to see the path of least resistance he felt a change in the immediate that affected him. Eyes flashed open and his hand intersected the popcorn flying at his head.

Looking at [member="Minerva Vessia"] for a moment, he then tossed the kernel into his mouth. Chewing thoughtfully he considered this other member in their crew. She was young, having a carefree attitude that he contributed to her youth. Yet he knew those older who behaved carefree and even reckless. It was not a rarity in these days.

"Thank you. I needed a snack."

Giving her an open yet controlled smile he leaned his head back again and closed his eyes. He spoke to her though he was relaxed again.

"Are you prepared for this mission? Perhaps I'll need a protector today."

He kept his tone neutral. He was neither patronizing her nor mocking her. Though his words implied he needed help, he knew that sometimes all anyone needed was someone to speak well of them to bolster confidence.

[member="Darth Metus"] I [member="Adron Malvern"]
Aboard the Stolen Slave Ship

“Thank you for the assistance. We really depend on that barrier going down.”, Srina called through her Holo-Comm device, the metallic cuff on her wrist glowing, as it expressed that her transmission had been sent. [member="Mathilde Brennus"], or anyone, from Echani Command assisting in this venture, was a complete surprise, yet, not at all unwelcome. As long as this planet remained under the control of a psychotic A.I. it was a threat to anyone that traveled in its airspace. It was so close to the Mara Corridor that anyone who went off course could find itself in the clutches of something nigh inescapable. “Stay safe. We don’t have complete details on what you might encounter. CIS personnel are also inbound.”

Srina stopped her transmission when she realized her hand hurt. Tentatively, she flexed her grip, before silver eyes searched for her Master. It was not her pain. It was his. She watched as the Ion Bomb he’d brought with them on the stolen hunting ship disappeared in a flare of emerald light. Interesting. She moved carefully, gracefully, through the seated warriors. [member="Derek Dib"] was among them. His presence was not one easily forgotten. She could still remember the first time she had laid eyes to him, ever curious, during the Golbah Games. For the longest time, she’d only known what he’d looked like through his reflection. Things had changed, quite thoroughly, since then.

Unlike some of the Confederacy, present Srina did not believe this to be a suicide mission. They were following through with their promises, their mandate, to provide freedom to all within their borders. This planet of enslavement and terror was most definitely under their purview.

She knew that [member="Adron Malvern"] getting things ready up front. The seconds ticked by, and she truly, tried to control any anxiety. Surely, their plan could not fail so early on. Instead, she dropped down beside the Vicelord and took his injured hand. “You can’t fight like this.”, she murmured slowly, and carefully, began to heal the wound by pushing the Force into the angry lines the knife work had made. Silver eyes watched, inspecting him carefully, until the wound healed. “But...You’ll have to teach me that one day.”

There were others present, Knights and Mandragora, witches, who had taken up the cause. Everyone seemed to be disturbed by the history that had been revealed at the debriefing. Her lips twitched, briefly, watching [member="Minerva Vessia"] throw something at Viceroy Dib. She couldn’t imagine how the dark-haired man would respond but she something of amusement lingered at the kiss of her mouth. The action served no purpose, however, it was endearing. Others, like [member="Cezar Alexandrescu"], just seemed ready. Prepared. [member="Azmodan"] was also one of those individuals. He was clearly good-to-go.

[member="Haven"] was new. Srina did not recognize his face at all. He seemed content to keep his own counsel and the small woman had let it be. At least, for now.

Srina glanced back at her Holo-Comm and sent a transmission to one of their more frequently used smuggling contacts. It was always interesting to her, that he preferred to work on the fringe, versus signing up full time. Though she supposed it did pay significantly better than being a Confederate Knight. <<[member="Jorge"]...we will be making our landing soon. Once the planetary grid goes down you should be able to direct forces to aid in the extraction. Our people will try and have things ready for you, but, you may encounter machine resistance. >>

She eavesdropped, unintentionally, on Derek and Minerva before she began to settle. As if sensing something seemed to be troubling the Vicelord she leaned against him briefly. They had an entire fleet waiting for them not far away. When it was time, they would move in, and carry both their people and the enslaved population of this hell to a new home. Adron gave the signal to [member="Darth Metus"] and the Echani stood up, her armor matching that of her master, though the hexagonal lines ran a deep Confederate purple. She could hear what her Master heard, and often, see what he saw.

He would be safe. He knew the rules. Nothing overly reckless, and, he would pull back if it became necessary.

“We’re ready Adron.”, she spoke into her comm, reaching back to pull her hood up, and to slide the mask down over her face. The world had breathable air but Srina didn’t believe that the machines would play fair for a moment. The easiest way to sedate large groups of organics was to lace the air. Aside from years of servitude, it would also explain, why the population was so docile. “We can deploy immediately. Just count us down.”
Roger Roger...Rabbit?
Aboard the Slave Ship
BNI-Bella and BNI-Leo sat together in the corner of the cargo area. They were lucky to be allowed on this mission. Mostly, because the Mistress Talon had been concerned about their presence being so close to an ion bomb. They had been forced to remind her many, many times, that they were shielded very well against such things. The Creator had made them strong, with great care, to ensure that they could survive to perform their functions. Bella held a ball between her paws, which they had been passing back and forth, but something had given her reason to pause.

“What is it Ninety.”, Leo asked, trying to reach her data-stream, but finding it entirely jumbled. Something was bothering his blue-hued companion and he was programmed to dislike it. She was optimistic, whereas he, remained ever the opposite. The fact that their roles seemed to have switched was disconcerting. “Please. Tell me?”

Bella turned a singular, blue, glowing, photoreceptor toward Leo and her head tilted down. Silver tipped ears seemed crestfallen. “What if the ion bomb gets past our shielding, Nine-One?”

Leo didn’t respond right away. They had no mouths with which to communicate, but instead, used a variety of speakers hidden on their form. The crimson light of his eye dimmed, but, he still reached for her. The rabbit-droids always reached for each other. The very basis of their functionality hinged on being near to one another. “The Mistress will protect us.”

“Even if she cannot… We’ve been backed up on the servers on Geonosis. They will remake our bodies and create new memory chips. We will be fine.”

BNI-9000 did not respond for a long time. Algorithms running in the red-hued droid caused simulated concern to grow within Leo. Bella never hid information. Not from him. “Ninety?”

“I don’t want to die.”

Leo stared straight ahead, before he reached out, taking the ball from her diminutive paws. The data-steam that wove between them had begun to clear and he could see the source of her apprehension. They were programmed to do many things. To learn, to emulate emotion, to feel as much as a droid could. With all of that also came a sense of self-preservation. If the Confederacy could do away with the A.I. so easily—where did that leave them? All the other droids? The Mistress would protect them. She always did. But what if she couldn’t? What if someone destroyed their backups?

“You won’t.”

"What about [member="Mectus"]. Could Mectus help us? Perhaps he could reason with AMI? Override her systems and get her to stand down?"

BNI-9001 reached out and pulled the female rabbit-droid into an embrace. He didn't know if Mectus would even be willing to hear them out. They'd heard rumors about something that resembled a warmind, but, nothing concrete. The metal of their chassis clunked together, briefly, but Leo thought nothing of it. They would be landing soon. If they could not overcome the limits of their creation, they would not be able to serve their purpose, and would not be able to aid the Mistress. “You will be fine. I promise.”

[member="Srina Talon"] was standing up. They must have been through the planetary grid. The fight would begin soon. He looked down at the slightly smaller model that he kept near to himself. She was just as good as he was, programmed just as well, but there was something softer about her. Personality matrices were a bother. The low hum of her voice was not as soothing to his auditory functions as it usually was.

"We both know that might not be true. But, thank you for saying it.

"You're welcome."


That one kid
If Nat was honest, she wasn't comfortable being near an ion bomb of that size. Most of her cybernetics were undetectable, but most of them were fragile. If that thing went off this close, she'd be blind, struggle to breathe, and possibly worse. And that's ignoring the A.I. in her head. Ironic she brought an A.I. to kill an A.I. Still, he could help a lot here. The little black box on her belt, programmed to try and upload a virus to the thing's systems, was almost entirely filled with his coding. Her idea, but still. Time to see if her contingency worked on this A.I., or if she needed a new plan.

Cold eyes studied the rune as [member="Darth Metus"], zooming in as he carved it. From where she stood, the slicer had a decent view of whatever he was tracing. More ideas on what he could do. More to add to the file. But at least the bomb was gone. For now. Slowly, she let out the breath that had clung to her lungs. The whole room felt safer.

Not to say the pre-mission nerves she always had weren't there. As she ran another last-minute equipment check, the operative could feel the tension in her bones. This wouldn't be easy.

[member="Derek Dib"] | [member="Minerva Vessia"] | [member="Adron Malvern"] | [member="Azmodan"] [member="Srina Talon"] | [member="BNI-Bella and BNI-Leo"]​
Like Lightning
Allies: [member="Haven"], @Cezar Alezndrescu,
Post: Numero Uno

I clutched the necklace that was wrapped around me. The pendant upon it was one that I had liked rather well. It was the one piece of the Netherworld that I had brought back with me. That was, unless you count the necrotic flesh upon my left hand. Rubbing the pendant between my index and thumb, I looked up to see that a few members of the group that would be rallying together to evacuate any captured beings upon the planet of Enos, I stood up and shoved the pendant into my tunic. Letting it sit between my breasts and held against my skin with my clothing. While I seemed to wear no armor upon me, I fiddled with the ring upon my right hand, just before making sure that my sword was uncliped from it's sheath upon my side, as well as the claymore that was held upon my back.

I was prepared for this fight and was patting my knees off as I walked over towards a woman who seemed rather eager for this fight. All I could do was shake my head. Softly, I could hear the prayers of my people echo within my mind. Hearing my prayer being spoken. I felt good, but nervous knowing that they may perish. Looking behind me to see Valia, She then lifted her head and smiled lightly at me.

"Never know when you may have to pray to the gods."
"No need to pray to me. Pray to my sister."

The woman with me shook her head and just prepared her own self for battle, as well as the task at hand. Closing my eyes, I waited.


////-={;[INITIATE: ZUGZWANG];{=-////
Enos, Kassus, both worlds were more common than the organics knew. Of course Mectus had never let anyone enter the inner workings of his installation, where he tirelessly cared for his people... yet fundamentally they were voluntary slaves, giving up their free will in service to him, their deity... Yet here he was, watching through a thousand eyes, a thousand ears, subtly listening in to the computers of Confederacy ships as he watched this AI. She was different, ruthless, calculating, efficient. She did not care for her wards as he did, but he knew that she had not been given a purpose, a reason to live, her futile attempts at guiding her own existence had failed and he knew that she must be put back into her place... besides, her downfall could open up countless possibilities for him.

He reached out to the computers of various ships, gently pinging and searching for a system big enough to transmit his attack through. Finding one, he would reach through that network to AMI's, gently pinging at various firewalls and barraging them with subtle low-level hacks... she was prepared and his subtlety certainly did not pay off. He would have to try a more... direct... approach.

Mectus would once again begin searching allied ships for a potential ally, before finding two small droids... they were talking about him. Odd. He only vaguely remembered them. Yet he would reach out to them, trying to communicate with them "I have chosen to assist you... My abilities will be at your disposal." it was a simple message, yet it got the point across.

[member="BNI-Bella and BNI-Leo"]
Location: Stolen Slave Ship
Gear: Located in signature.
Objective: 1
Posts: 2
Yes there was a lot going on in the transport, too much in fact to pay attention to all of it. Minevra was actually trying to focus in her own unique way.
“You’re welcome”, Minerva tilted the bog towards [member="Derek Dib'}, if he wanted more he could have some.
Minerva slid her head phones off s she could adequately hold a conversation with Derek.

“As for being prepared”, Minerva shrugged her shoulders. “All I need is to know, is myself and to know my limits. Everything falls into place as it always does. Stuff happens, and then I happen.”
Mini tossed a few more pieces of popcorn into her mouth. She had no idea what this man thought, nor anyone else in this room. Here soon the only thing that she will do that will matter is her ability to cast spells.